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Federal Government Policy Program Social Security

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federal government Policy Program: Social Security
It should be noted, from the onset, that the federal government has in place a number of programmes and policies to enable it accomplish its various obligations and objectives in diverse sectors of the … policies are meant to promote the wellbeing of citizens. To a large extent each and every economic sector has specific/special policies. Examples of federal government policy programs include, but they are not limited to energy independence, welfare, Social Security, healthcare programs, etc. This text concerns itself with Social … a 2014 Economic Report of the President, program evaluation was defined as a key tool for the further improvement of programs of the federal government (Council of Economic Advisers, 2014). Under most circumstances, program evaluations are undertaken by persons who are not internal to the program. To a ……



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Agency Theory And The Limitations Of Representative Government

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The Political Nature of the federal Budget Process
The federal budget process is overseen by US Congressmen, who are fundamentally immersed in the political nature of government. As Elwood (2008) notes, members of Congress are influenced in three ways: 1) by money that is used to finance their political campaigns; … by obtaining the votes necessary for reelection; and 3) by obtaining expert advice on topics that are of personal importance to them. The federal budget process is particularly impactful on the first two and vice versa. For example, “the ability to funnel money into a congressional district … diverted in ways that will benefit them, their political career and their political cronies. This paper will discuss the political nature of the federal budget process.
Politics and Agency Theory
The political nature of the federal budget process is tied to the political nature of government in general. The budget……



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Obesity And Role Of Government

Pages: 6 (1668 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:81197776

… a very difficult public health problem to solve (Mitchell, Catenacci, Wyatt & Hill, 2012). To reduce obesity, there is a need for the government and relevant authorities and agencies to work together. There is also a need for regulations, policies, laws, and campaigns to trigger social changes … social changes that will sustainably reduce the incidence of obesity in the long term (Swinburn, 2008).
What Is Being Done?
The United States federal government reduced the incidence of obesity, one of its top help priorities about ten years ago. The government did this by launching long term programs to turn the tide against obesity as time goes by. Early in the year 2010, the … to fight the problem of obesity (AAFP, 2010).
Between 2004 and 2006, a national action plan against obesity was developed by the commonwealth government of Australia. The plan was supposed to provide the roadmap for……



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Governments Procurement Methods In Integrated Public Service

Pages: 8 (2291 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:45996468

Integrated Public Service
PPPs, as they have come to be popularly referred, are methods of procurement by government where there is a larger number of stakeholders involving the government, the private sector, and the general public is securing services and, or goods. The model focuses on the delivery of services, products, and … to the public. The procurement strategy is known as the Public-Private Partnership. As the name suggests, the program is meant to encourage the government to involve the private sector and the general public in the provision of public services. There are conflicting views regarding the process of … integrate them and demonstrate how PPPs can work best for the two under the integrated partnership. The two organizations are drawn from the government and the private sector, respectively. The two companies will enter a long term arrangement in which the private organization uses private capital to ………



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Federal Reserve Operations And Market Impact

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What tools are used by the federal Reserve to implement monetary policy?
Monetary policy refers to the actions undertaken by the federal Reserve, which is the central bank, to control credit and its flow within the United States economy. Significantly, what occurs with money and … States economy. Significantly, what occurs with money and credit influences interest rates and also the performance of the nation’s economy as a whole (federal Reserve Education, n.d).
The federal Reserve presently utilizes numerous tools in the implementation of monetary policy about its statutory obligation to nurture maximum employment and stability in prices. … are the tools:
1. Open market operations (OMO)
The Fed carries out OMO in domestic markets. The terminology open market implies that the federal Reserve does not decide on its own concerning the kind of securities dealers it will carry out business with on a certain day. … on price.



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The Government S Economic Policies Effect Good Or Bad Economy

Pages: 4 (1226 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:48706943

Public policy is government decisions and actions designed to deal with problems and issues affecting the public (Madimutsa, 2008). The U.S. government policy areas include monetary policy, immigration, intellectual property, national defense, and welfare. This paper will review the impact of monetary policy on the … will review the impact of monetary policy on the U.S. economy.
Monetary Policy
Monetary policy is classified as the procedure by which the federal Reserve uses monetary policy tools to regulate the money supply, exchange rate, and interest rates (the price of money) to stabilize the economy … years, they have relied on open market operations and the discount rate (Labonte, 2020). Open market functions indicate the selling and buying of government securities in an open market to influence short-term interest rates.
Monetary policy can either be an expansionary policy or contractionary policy. Expansionary monetary … prices of their goods and services.



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What Is Public Administration Today

Pages: 8 (2502 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:response paper Document #:69284084

… do so the administration may very well do as it pleases without suffering any political repercussions (Savoie, 2006). The private administration is a non-government operation; the public administration is a government operation. Typically the public administration is organized bureaucratically while the private administration is organized hierarchically or with an egalitarian principle.
The advantages of … are a complete disaster. So the lack of transparency is a major issue with respect to private administration.
The significance of administrative federal from the federal, state and local perspectives ranges from setting quality standards to deciding which projects to put in motion. At every level, administrative federal means something a little different. For example, at the federal level, it means having the power to set the scope of a project or policy (Rubinstein, 2015). At the state or local level, … to pursue based on what the will of one’s constituents appears……



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Democracy In America In The 21st Century

Pages: 7 (2223 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:23576697

“Where Do We Go From Here?”
Democracy was meant to be government by the rule of the people. Athens is most famous for being the ancient city-state to represent democratic government and in a way the city-state was best situated for democracy: the people were educated and keen on performing their civic duty—at least … what is seen today, where various organs of the state operate unseen and through unelected (i.e., appointed) officials who control the strings of government and have their pockets padded by insiders and lobbyists of various big businesses. Democracy is the buzzword of many an authoritarian government the world over today, yet democracy is hardly seen in reality. Both Mansbridge and Dahl talk about a free market system—and Friedman essentially … run amok, and the world is now living under a global command economy whose terms are dictated by a triumvirate of central banks, government leaders……


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Incident Command System ICS

Pages: 9 (2818 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:51934248

… Every agency and individuals involved in disaster relief have a unique communication process, hierarchy, and language of operations. Conflicts and uncertainty surround various non-government and government organizations on resource distribution and authority. The need for a more collaborative and open management system led to the development of ICS and … Firstly, the Incident Action Plan is responsible for assigning individuals and group functions and roles in economic, community, and ecological restoration processes across federal, state, and local disaster recovery hierarchy levels. Secondly, despite external alignment with outside organizations, such as volunteer groups or organizations that do not … relationships, transitioning command authority procedures, and communication plans from a single management level to another. The structure of the ICS puts emphasis on federal administrators’ vertical integration, localities and liaisons, and disaster relief workers at the ground level into a cohesive communication system of management (Cole, 2000).



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Veteran Benefits Administration

Pages: 8 (2549 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:40459915

… to show veterans that their service has not been in vain or gone unnoticed—each soldier’s commitment is valued and in exchange the U.S. government ensures that each solder is taken care of upon returning to civilian life; 2) it provides compensation, insurance and other benefits to veterans; … comes from other places, too.
For example, the VBA also relies upon the assistance and partnerships of various organizations and departments within the federal government, such as the Small Business Administration, Department of Education, Department of Labor, and Office of Personnel. It also collaborates with third party organizations ……



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