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Book Notes

Having trouble figuring out a work of literature? Behind in your assigned reading and need to catch up, fast, for a quiz, test, or other assignment? No problem. We have you covered.

Our book notes provide a comprehensive overview of some of the most frequently taught books in high schools and universities across the United States. Each book note provides detailed information about what happens in each chapter, an introduction to major and minor characters, an analysis of the themes in the book, and an analysis of each of the main characters. Armed with that knowledge, you will be better prepared for whatever assignment or discussion your instructor has prepared for you.

Of course, we are not going to tell you to read our book notes and skip the assigned reading. As comprehensive as our book notes are, they simply cannot contain all of the information contained in the original reading. If they did, they would no longer be able to offer you a quick and easy-to-understand overview of the source material. There are plenty of teachers out there that search through the source material and then scour all of the study guides out there to try to quiz you on obscure quotes or details in the book. Unfortunately, we cannot promise to have you covered when faced with all of those potential scenarios.

However, if you need help catching up on or understanding the plot of a book, understanding characters and their motivations, or even understanding how English written in another era would translate into modern English, our book notes are an awesome resource. Used on their own, they can help a student get by in a pinch. Used in conjunction with the reading, they can help a struggling student master new material and excel in their coursework.