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FBI Drugs And WMDs

Pages: 11 (3378 words) Sources: 13 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:66505511

… Cole Bombing in October 2000 was a prelude to the intense focus on the spread of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) that the FBI took up in earnest one year later in the wake of and in response to 9/11. With the killing of several crewmen and … (both foreign and domestic) that revealed a pressing need for a counterproliferation strategy. When the USS Cole was hit in Aden harbor, the FBI began focusing on suspects who would later be tied to 9/11 and the spread of terror cells throughout the Middle East.[footnoteRef:2] It was … improve counterterrorism strategy?” this literature review will focus on identifying sources that can help to answer that question, including covert operations that the FBI has engaged in to help prevent the proliferation of WMDs throughout the world. [2: Joseph Chinyong Liow, "The Mahathir administration's war against Islamic … diplomatic initiative, foreign assistance, security……



Arnold, Aaron and Daniel Salisbury, “The Long Arm,” Belfer Center, 2019. https://www.belfercenter.org/publication/long-arm

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The FBI Counterproliferation And Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Pages: 6 (1839 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:33590628

The FBI, Counterproliferation, and Weapons of Mass Destruction
The United States government significantly increased activities in programs involved in the protection of the nation and … anthrax attack in Washington DC that led to the death of five people and the infection of 17 other people. As per the FBI’s account, the investigation into the attack was one of the most complex operations the bureau had faced. The result of the investigation was ……



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Security Of Computers Data

Pages: 2 (729 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:20542054

FBI Digital Forensic Services
Requirements for employment as a member of an FBI CART
In order for one to become a member of the FBI CART team they need to have exceptional problem solving and analytical skills, thorough understanding of computers and computer systems and cyber and computer … analytical skills, thorough understanding of computers and computer systems and cyber and computer crime investigation. This is because CART offers assistance to the FBI field offices when it comes to the search and seizure of computer evidence. This team is charged with the performance of forensic examinations … when it comes to the search and seizure of computer evidence. This team is charged with the performance of forensic examinations for all FBI seizures that are related to technology and computers. Therefore, computer forensics is a mandatory requirement for this position. The potential candidate should have … possible settlement using any means……



Federal Bureau of Investigation. (July 2, 2019). Workers’ Compensation Fraud.  https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/workers-compensation-fraud-conspirators-sentenced-070219 

Kentucky RCFL. (June 6, 2013 ). Louisville Man Guilty of Harboring 20,000 Images of Child Pornography.  https://www.rcfl.gov/kentucky/news 

Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory. (n.d.). About the RCFL. Retrieved from  https://www.rcfl.gov/about 

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Criminal Profiling Of Serial Killers

Pages: 12 (3545 words) Sources: 10 Document Type:Essay Document #:59713406

… Masters
Criminal profiling allows law enforcement to develop their understanding of particular types of crime, criminals, criminal behaviors, and crime-ridden areas. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program is one data set tool used in criminal profiling (FBI, 2019). However, criminal profiling is not an exact science but rather more of an art and there is a high degree of subjectivity … help raise awareness about what is going on.
The Process of Criminal Profiling
The primary task of profiling serial killers falls to the FBI's Behavioral Unit and the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) (Van Aken, 2015). Although profiling assists investigators, it is not 100% a … is not 100% a reliable source, and is understood more as an investigatory tool than as a prosecutorial tool (Van Aken, 2015). The FBI’s NVAVC has definitions and typographies that can be used to assist law enforcement investigations……



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Pages: 12 (3490 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:question answer Document #:11133529

...Fbi Question 1: Construct an assessment of ONCIX strategy, prevention and detection concerning either insider threats, or, economic threats.
Preventing and detecting insider threats is one of the core aspects of the ONCIX strategy. As a new premier counterintelligence and security agency in the U.S. government, ONCIX needs a strong understanding of how to identify and deter insider threats. According to its strategy, “the most effective safeguard against insider threats is a knowledgeable, trusted workforce which is confident that their privacy and civil liberties are respected.”[footnoteRef:2] Making sure that its employees are trustworthy and invested is the first line of defense against insider threats. Gathering data from multiple sources is another line of defense in the ONCIX strategy to mitigate the risk of malicious insiders. The basis of the approach is to use a whole-person, whole-of-career concept that so as to analyze data and to identify anomalies that present themselves. Anomalies……



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Van Cleave, Michelle. “Strategic Counterintelligence: What Is It and What Should We Do About It ?” 2007. CIA Center for the Study of Intelligence. https://www.cia.gov/library/center-for-the-study-of-intelligence/csi-publications/csi-studies/studies/vol51no2/strategic-counterintelligence.html

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Gangs Formation And Functioning

Pages: 9 (2774 words) Sources: 15 Document Type:Essay Document #:94080589

… for every 100,000 individuals) goes beyond the overall rate of murders in almost every nation in the EU (Pyrooz & Densley, 2018). The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) claims that as many as 33,000 motorcycle gangs, prison gangs, and aggressive street gangs are currently offending across the … Bureau of Investigation) claims that as many as 33,000 motorcycle gangs, prison gangs, and aggressive street gangs are currently offending across the country (FBI, n.d.), several of them being highly organized and advanced. Further, they all resort to violence for maintaining their control over localities and boosting ……



Alleyne, E., & Wood, J. L. (2013). Gang-related crime: The social, psychological, and behavioral correlates. Psychology, Crime & Law, 19(7), 611-627.

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The Ethics Of Clandestine Operations

Pages: 11 (3151 words) Sources: 14 Document Type:literature review Document #:69864024

… Romans (Sheldon 1997, 299). Today, there are many different facets to clandestine operations, and many agencies that use them—from the CIA to the FBI to the NCS (the National Clandestine Service)—and those are just to name a few of the ones in the U.S. Every developed nation ……



Arnold, A. and D. Salisbury. The Long Arm, 2019. Retrieved from https://www.belfercenter.org/publication/long-arm

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(2004): 257-269.

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Fraud And Abuse In Healthcare

Pages: 1 (353 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:94252025

… leaders need to treat all forms of waste and deception with equal severity.
Healthcare fraud is alarmingly common, with major cases resulting in FBI investigations. Just yesterday, ten retired NFL players have been charged in a case involving “alleged nationwide fraud” on a healthcare benefit program designed … retired NFL players have been charged in a case involving “alleged nationwide fraud” on a healthcare benefit program designed specifically for NFL players (FBI, 2019). Cases like these illustrate the high stakes involved in healthcare fraud, showing that the lure of financial gain leads multiple stakeholders to … and frequency of fraud and abuse, the ideal way of addressing the issue if by creating an ethical culture in the organization.
FBI (2019). Healthcare fraud news. Retrieved from https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/white-collar-crime/health-care-fraud/health-care-fraud-news
and Abuse: What’s the Difference?” (2007). The Rheumatologist. 1 Nov, 2007. Retrieved from https://www.the-rheumatologist.org/article/fraud-and-abuse-whats-the-difference/
Magellan Healthcare (2019). Fraud, waste, and abuse.……



FBI (2019). Healthcare fraud news. Retrieved from https://www.fbi.gov/investigate/white-collar-crime/health-care-fraud/health-care-fraud-news

“Fraud and Abuse: What’s the Difference?” (2007). The Rheumatologist. 1 Nov, 2007. Retrieved from  https://www.the-rheumatologist.org/article/fraud-and-abuse-whats-the-difference/ 

Magellan Healthcare (2019). Fraud, waste, and abuse. Retrieved from  https://www.magellanprovider.com/education/fraud-waste-and-abuse/fraud-waste-abuse-faqs.aspx 

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Coronavirus And The Courts

Pages: 8 (2481 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:21023640

… effect of this decision is that Sweden has weathered the appearance of the novel coronavirus just fine (Baker). Elsewhere in the US, the FBI and the Department of Health and Human Services have raided the offices of a health clinic that was treating coronavirus patients with vitamin ……


Works Cited

Allen v. Harrison (2016).  https://law.justia.com/cases/oklahoma/supreme-court/2016/111877.html 

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Roe v. Wade (1973).  https://www.oyez.org/cases/1971/70-18 

Zucht v. King (1922).  https://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/260/174/

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Counterintelligence Issues Within The United States

Pages: 18 (5457 words) Sources: 29 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:72238996

… because of the problems that arise. Valentine (2016) details these problems very well in his work on abuses within the CIA, FBN and FBI. Unkefer’s (2013) memoir of counterintelligence in the FBN supports Valentine’s claims and shows how dangerous and corrupting the lack of moral limits on ……



2020-2022 National Counterintelligence Strategy of the United States. 2020. Washington, DC: National Counterintelligence and Security Center

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