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Having a problem putting together the information that you are learning in a class? Whether you are struggling because your instructor and you have different styles, have missed some classes, or simply find the material to be somewhat challenging, a well-written study guide can help organize the information that you need to learn. They can be invaluable tools for improving your grade and your subject matter comprehension, especially if you use them in conjunction with your own lecture notes and class materials. A study guide is not mean to replace your coursework. Instead, it is meant to provide a great organizational framework for a particular class. In addition, study guides are generally going to cover the information that students can expect to encounter in specific classes. How specific these study guides are depends on the subject and the course level, as well as what the instructor chooses to emphasize in lectures or on tests. Usually, the very best study guides are tailored specifically to a course and an instructor’s approach to that course. A basic study guide provides students with at-a-glance access to the facts, formulas, definitions, timelines, and figures that are most likely to influence particular coursework. Our study guides organize these material in a way that helps stimulate critical thinking, and can be easy to access, whether you are studying for a test beforehand, or using a study guide to help you in an open book test, while doing homework, or while preparing a research paper or project.

TEAS Study Guide

This TEAS study guide will help you when taking your test of academic skills for nursing school. This guide explains the TEAS and features practice questions.

SAT Study Guide

This SAT study guide will help you when taking your scholastic aptitude test. This guide explains the SAT and features an SAT practice test, practice questions, tips, and more

GED Study Guide

This GED study guide will help you when taking your test for a graduate equivalency degree. This guide explains the GED and features an GED practice test, practice questions,

ACT Study Guide

This ACT study guide will help you when taking your American College Testing entrance exam. This guide explains the ACT and features an ACT practice test, practice questions

LSAT Study Guide

This LSAT study guide will help you when taking your law school admissions test. This guide explains the LSAT and features an LSAT practice test, practice questions.

Common Core Study Guide

This guide will provide all the information you need for common core. What is common core, common core standards, common core sheets,

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