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The US Sentencing System Disparities And Discrimination

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… other groups, this phrase does not mean much. This is because they face discrimination at sentencing and other stages of the criminal justice system. For example, the poor in the United States in America are more likely to be arrested, more likely to get low-quality legal representation, … likely to get maximum sentences than the rich. The paper’s goal is to investigate sentencing discrimination and disparities in the American criminal justice system (Spohn, 2008). 
Sentencing Disparities and Discrimination
Despite the increased focus on discrimination and leadership changes at the federal justice department, disparities and discrimination … focus on discrimination and leadership changes at the federal justice department, disparities and discrimination persist at different levels of the American criminal justice system. This, in no way, means that the American criminal justice system is set up to discriminate against certain populations in the United States intentionally. What it means is that……



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Reforming The Criminal System

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… worst record in the world: the U.S. is only 4.4% of the world’s population, but it makes up 22% of the entire planet’s prison population. 716 people for every 100,000 in the U.S. will be incarcerated; moreover, 70% of those in prison will be there simply because they cannot afford to pay for bail (ACLU, 2019). Since most people live paycheck to paycheck in the … in the U.S. The American Gulag is like that of the Soviet Gulag: people lose their entire lives once they disappear into the system, where they become basically slave laborers for the corporations working for pennies on the dollar while incarcerated (Pelaez, 2019).
Advocacy groups that support … that support bail reform are The Sentencing Project, which is a Wasington, D.C.-based national reform group that focuses on racism in the justice system and lower in the prison population; The Marshall Project, which is……



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Private Prison Industry And Mental Health Of Inmates

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My view of criminal justice has changed completely. Before this course, I was under the impression that the criminal justice system might be flawed—but what system is perfect? Now I have a much better understanding of the nature of that system and the reasons it is not just imperfect but in major need of reform if not total re-development. The reason I say that … like law abiding citizens (i.e., life course theory), and so they end up convicted of crimes and incarcerated. Yet once they are in prison, they are treated like chattel slaves of corporations who pay pennies on the dollar for their labor (Pelaez, 2014). They are not rehabilitated. … their labor (Pelaez, 2014). They are not rehabilitated. They do not receive mental health treatment.
That is a major problem. The criminal justice system is supported by for-profit private prison that make money off incarceration. That to……



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Analyzing The Speeches Of Angela Y Davis

Pages: 7 (2294 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Essay Document #:45885685

… on these themes. [1: Angela Y. Davis, The Meaning of Freedom (San Francisco, CA: City Light Books, 2012), 196.]
The Rise of the prison-Industrial Complex according to Davis
Angela Davis describes the rise of the prison-industrial complex as being “accompanied by an ideological campaign to persuade us once again…that race is a marker of criminality.”[footnoteRef:2] In other words, the … complex as being “accompanied by an ideological campaign to persuade us once again…that race is a marker of criminality.”[footnoteRef:2] In other words, the prison complex is there to herd blacks into a system, whereby they are branded like cattle—marked as being lowlifes, degenerates, trouble makers—and then re-introduced into society among the “civilized” set. Upon re-introduction into … before they were arrested; at which point they are now doubly repulsive to “civilized” society: they are both black and ex-convicts. Thus, the prison complex is there to serve a purpose: it……



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Prisoners Restorative Justice Rehabilitation

Pages: 1 (325 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:question answer Document #:21610665

Q1. In the United States there is a constant argument against “coddling” prison. This includes such “luxuries” as television and exercise/fitness programs. What are the pros and cons concerning these activities?
But there is no evidence … such “luxuries” as television and exercise/fitness programs. What are the pros and cons concerning these activities?
But there is no evidence that making prison as miserable as possible acts as a deterrent or rehabilitates prison. In fact, having an outlet for physical and mental energy may be useful, versus allowing such undirected energies into less fruitful channels, such … mental energy may be useful, versus allowing such undirected energies into less fruitful channels, such as engaging in covert criminal activities within the prison. In fact, instead of merely offering access to gyms and television, an even more structured approach may be preferable. This might include access … an even more structured approach may……



10 keys to improving conditions in overcrowded prisons. (2020). Restorative Justice. Retrieved from: 

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Violent Crime Control And Law Enforcement Act Of 1994

Pages: 6 (1724 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:26986613

Crimes in the U.S.
Contrary to US civil law, the nation’s criminal law represents a legal system which deals with penalizing those who perpetrate criminal offenses. Among the many criminal laws of the nation is its 1994 Violent Crime Control … of the time, Bill Clinton. The act served to allocate several billion dollars towards hiring more law enforcement officials and expanding the nation’s prison system. It was partially a reaction to horrifying criminal incidents during those years, like the shocking mass shootings that took place in California and … larger number of crime prevention initiatives, which included initiatives aimed at counteracting violent acts against females. Still further, the act did away with prison Pell grants as well as other academic initiatives for prison. At present, certain entities are advocating for the reestablishment of jail academic initiatives and prison Pell grants. Finally, the law included establishment of boot-camp- like……



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Indigenous Health Of Australians Closing The Gap Prime Ministers

Pages: 8 (2442 words) Sources: 15 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:36662199

… higher than that of non-indigenous deaths. This has, however, also been linked to the disproportionately huge number of indigenous people in the Australian prison system (Weatherburn, Fitzgerald, & Hua, 2003). With that said, between 2005-2007 and 2015-2017, the gap in life expectancy between indigenous males and non-indigenous Australian ……



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Solitary Confinement And Mental Health Issues In Corrections

Pages: 11 (3163 words) Sources: 16 Document Type:Essay Document #:96033944

Functions, Issues, and Objectives in Corrections
The functions of the historical state correctional system have changed since the founding of the nation more than 200 years ago. The Jacksonian Era, the Era of Reconstruction and the Progressive … Progressive Era on up to the reform of the 1970s all effected different changes to the function—i.e., the goals and activities—of the correctional system. Pennsylvania’s state correctional system was the first to introduce solitary confinement as a way of removing the deviant element from society. This was part of William Penn’s … resolve to reform himself and become a better contributing member of society. Today, solitary confinement is a controversial option in the state correctional system and not one that is used with the same goal in mind as when Pennsylvania instituted the reform-minded approach to corrections. This paper … goal in mind as when Pennsylvania instituted the reform-minded approach to……



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Gender And Crime

Pages: 1 (351 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Essay Document #:68489150

Gender and Crime
Problem of Equality in the Criminal Justice system
Why Women Need Special Gender Specific Programs in prison
Some of the biggest hurdles the criminal justice system faces in implementing programs and policies that effectively address the needs and experiences of female offenders are that this population is so small … include child care services, separate dwelling places for pregnant offenders, mentor programs tailored for women so that they can get out of the system and not become recidivists, and substance abuse treatment resources. There is also the need to promote support system for women so that they can build and develop healthy and supportive relationships.
These are challenges because women have different social needs than … different social needs than males and their interaction style is different and thus places unique requirements upon program providers within the criminal justice system. They are vulnerable to sexual harassment, and……



Bloom, B., & Covington, S. (1998, November). Gender-specific programming for female offenders: What is it and why is it important. In 50th annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology, Washington, DC.

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Importance Of Ethics Within The Criminal Justice

Pages: 6 (1652 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:18050591

Without any set moral guidelines and stipulations, a country’s criminal justice system is not capable of accurately meeting the needs of its people. The role of the system is to penalize poor conduct and make sure that victims of crime are well compensated for any of their losses (Braswell, McCarthy & … crime are well compensated for any of their losses (Braswell, McCarthy & McCarthy, 2017; Souryal & Whitehead, 2019). Ethics are valuable in such system because they offer both the victim and the accused fair justice application (Kramer, 2018). In this essay, the significance of ethics within the … offer both the victim and the accused fair justice application (Kramer, 2018). In this essay, the significance of ethics within the criminal justice system is discussed. Also, instances of unethical behavior, as well as the legal responsibilities suffered by the doers of such action, are presented.
Importance … by……



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