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Depression In The Military

Pages: 11 (3156 words) Sources: 11 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:55497619

The military and Mental Health
The military provides an opportunity for men and women to serve their country. However, in the conduct of that service there are certain risks that … women to serve their country. However, in the conduct of that service there are certain risks that can damage the mental health of military servicemen. Those risks can be associated with PTSD incurred from situations in combat, abuse, drug addiction, or lack of a positive value system … lack of a positive value system that causes a soldier to deteriorate from within as he has nothing beyond his duty in the military to give him meaning or to sustain him through the long hours, months and years. Some servicemen go to their doctors for assistance … veterans returning from the Middle East has been increasing exponentially in recent years. One way that leaders have been trained to deal……



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Military History

Pages: 7 (2223 words) Sources: 11 Document Type:Essay Document #:42630182

The Past Present and Future of Warfare Impact of Technology and Strategy
military tactics and strategies are essential in warfare. Without the right tactics and strategy, it is impossible to win wars. By definition, military strategy is the planning, coordination, and implementation of military operations to meet some set objectives. Tactics can be defined as short-term military strategies in the field of operations in terms of the equipment to use, how to use them, and troop movement. According to renowned … terms of the equipment to use, how to use them, and troop movement. According to renowned Carl von Clausewitz, who was a distinguished military strategist and theorist, the strategy is how to utilize battles to win wars and tactics is how to utilize troops and weaponry in … theorized, defined, or utilized in different ways at different times in history. In this work, it is my argument that……



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Military Aviation Lack Of Training Personnel And Equipment

Pages: 6 (1677 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Capstone Project Document #:77103001

… Office, 2019). The reason for this malaise is not clear but there are two possible originating problems that are just as common to military aviation as they are to the other branches of the military. First, military aviation was dedicating insufficient resources, including time, to maintenance. The period of the War on Terror had many specialized personnel in many departments … do on a typical day is not aircraft maintenance.
As less man hours are directed at maintaining aircraft, a second problem arises: the military ends up with fewer aircrafts that are in good enough a condition to fly. As fewer planes are availed to pilots to fly, … pilots to fly, they end up flying less and this reduces the urgency for training and retraining. This is especially true for non-deployed military aviation units (Burke, 2018). With fewer training sessions, pilots tend to make more mistakes. All the……


Reference List

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Advantages Of Using Military Airpower

Pages: 1 (337 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Essay Document #:56771290

AirPower capabilities have made it the “easy call”
I agree with what you say about the article by John Garofano. Senior military leaders need to have a combination of both military analysis and political relevancies. However, I believe that there is also a need to have a critical analysis of the importance of airpower … political relevancies. However, I believe that there is also a need to have a critical analysis of the importance of airpower before any deployment. military leaders will receive gratification only if they properly understand the cost implications of deploying airpower (Garofano 2000). Airpower can be deployed easily and … the cost implications of deploying airpower (Garofano 2000). Airpower can be deployed easily and most senior leaders have been overly reliant on this deployment to justify their continued use of airpower.
The recent event that took place in Iran regarding the shooting down of the UAV……



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The Assassination Of Qassem Soleimani The Iranian General

Pages: 11 (3286 words) Sources: 13 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:89148612

… of the attack. Nevertheless, the National Security Advisor of the Trump Administration, Robert O' Brien, invoked the 2002 Authorization for the Use of military Force when the war against Saddam was launched. O'Brien also stated that the move was consistent with the constitutional authorities of the President … seems that the world view of President Trump of International Relations is limited. He is not tactical in decision making. He sacks key military and political figures in an unorthodox fashion and thus undermines his administration's ability to deliver trusted service to the American nation and the … as an exception or aberrational target in conventional warfare as defined by Colonel James Terry. He was a General that was involved in military operations in the Middle East by militias and a trusted agent of the Iranian state in its military actions across the region. Therefore, the strike was not state-sponsored terrorism……



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Mental Health Access For Veterans

Pages: 2 (708 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:74878688

… into the present times. This gap in equity goes back to the mid-20th century during the Vietnam War. Thousands of recruits within the military armies that participated in the war developed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the culmination of their military duties. In definition, post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health illness caused by the undergoing and coming into contact with petrifying events (Hester, ……



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Gender And Veterans Differences In Access To Mental Health Care Services

Pages: 10 (2880 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:literature review Document #:16426783

… decision one takes when choosing a career poses a lifelong effect on his own life as well as of his family members. The deployment decision of a career that the person has to face sometimes harms his mental health and family both (Brooks & Chopik, 2020). For … statement of the following literature review highlights that there is a gender difference in the utilization of health care services among veterans, specifically military women. Although women's presence is large, since they are either young or belong to minorities, but the benefits they get against men are … a literature review is presented to provide sufficient background on the selected topic.
Literature Review
A Definite Need for Mental Health Care for military Veterans
Various studies have now emerged which prove that military veterans who have served in conflict seas like Iraq and Afghanistan need special mental health care. The reason for……



Adams, R.E., Urosevich, T.G., Hoffman, S.N., Kirchner, H.L., Figley, C.R., Withey, C.A., Boscarino, J.J., Dugan, R.J. & Boscarino, J.A. (2019). Social and psychological risk and protective factors for veteran well-being: The role of veteran identity and its implications for intervention. Military Behavioral Health, 7(3), 304-314. 

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Incident Command System ICS

Pages: 9 (2818 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:51934248

… resource distribution and authority. The need for a more collaborative and open management system led to the development of ICS and its widespread deployment (Lutz and Lindell, 2008).
With increased popularity, the ICS system is increasingly assessed through scholarly studies. According to Lutz and Lindell (2008), inter-organizational … need arises, the structuring mechanisms with role switching, and system resetting as the disaster response requires; standardized rules, tools, and routines maintenance; and deployment of reliable management methods as the major factors responsible for ICS model’s success. Cardwell and Cooney (2000) put emphasis on standardization as the … before the disaster can generally improve an individual’s working climate for disaster response teams. Shared experiences and inter-organizational training can further increase ICS deployment to promote cooperation between individuals and organizations working on disaster response techniques, plans, and community development (Lutz and Lindell, 2008).
According to Cole … potential issues such as multi-agency……



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Creating A Culture Of Diversity Healthcare For Veterans

Pages: 5 (1407 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Essay Document #:39849745

… and expectations of this group. Be it the Gulf or Afghanistan war; there is a significant mental and physical toll of war and military occupation on soldiers. These conditions of instability tend to worsen with increasing age, as is likely in veterans of the WWII, Korean, and … on soldiers. These conditions of instability tend to worsen with increasing age, as is likely in veterans of the WWII, Korean, and Vietnam military occupations. Given the diversity of modern care delivery, design, and intervention programs, the lack of adequate care services/programs for our veterans (of any … relative to recent views and ideas, and this is easily identified in their communication, attitude to rules and commands, values, etc. However, besides military culture, this group has other negative commonalities: post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), drug addiction and abuse, mental disorders, brain damage, and other major traumas … finally, implementation is not as……



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Veterans Health Administration Organizational Excellence. (2018). What’s the forecast for VA innovation in 2018? Retrieved from:

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Law Of War

Pages: 3 (843 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Essay Document #:24882465

… adopt control measures that guarantee security to the protected persons. Likewise, article 28 outlines that areas with protected person don’t imply immunity from military operations. Further, article 32 cautions the use of excessive measures to inflict physical suffering to the protected persons a guideline that the commander … Breaches
The Geneva Convention defines acts as grave breaches if they are perpetrated against property of protected persons. GC defines acts unjustified by military necessity such as inhumane treatment, torture, forced biological, willful killing, experiment, extensive property destruction, and willfully inflicting injury and suffering to the body ……



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