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Nursing Informatics In Education

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Introducing Informatics Early in nursing Education
As Shackelford (2019) notes in “Industry Voices—Healthcare is Changing,” there is a serious need to reach future workforce members at an … is Changing,” there is a serious need to reach future workforce members at an earlier age, before they enter into college and a nursing program. student need to start developing real world skills that will translate well to professional development in the healthcare industry—and that means they need to … means they need to develop communication skills, technological understanding, and have access to intro-level health care courses when they enter high school. Getting student interested in a future healthcare career at the age of 14 or 15 is a great way to prepare the future workforce and … and provide them with “career-ready” skills, as Shackelford (2019) puts it. The rationale for selecting this topic regarding the need to expose younger……



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Contemporary Professional And Clinical Nursing Issues

Pages: 8 (2260 words) Sources: 26 Document Type:Essay Document #:81757031

… services provided (ACSQHC, 2019). However, despite the existence of these standards and several other measures, clinical and professional issues still occur in the nursing world resulting in health service consumers being harmed or negatively impacting the quality of health care services being offered (Government of Western Australia, … safety and to subsequently analyse its legal, ethical, delegation, teamwork, conflict management, and clinical leadership contexts.
The Issue
In a simulation class, a student and a registered nurse were providing care to a patient that was in severe pain and had asked for pain drugs. When asked … woman’s vital signs that she failed to take notice of her level of pain. Whilst the registered nurse measured the vital signs, the student nurse recorded them. Before the end of the measurement session, the student nurse brought the attention of the registered nurse to the pain the patient was suffered and together……



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Nursing Burnout

Pages: 2 (1490 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:97397719

Education Plan for Nurse Burnout at North Mountain Medical
The current issue at North Mountain Medical is nursing burnout, which is caused by various factors including inadequate staffing, increased workload, long working hours, poor working environment, and inadequate time to complete … environment, and inadequate time to complete a task effectively. The proposed change project to address this issue is an educational plan that targets nursing burnout, particularly workplace stress management. In this regard, the practicum education project focuses on training nurses at North Mountain Medical on nursing burnout, particularly workplace stress management. Through the insights obtained from this course, nurses in this facility will be able to implement evidence-based strategies … insights obtained from this course, nurses in this facility will be able to implement evidence-based strategies on workplace stress management and preventing/dealing with nursing burnout.
Learning Objectives or Outcomes
As shown in the educational plan in Appendix A,……



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Current Issue In Nursing Nursing Shortage

Pages: 6 (1864 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:72215355

Current Issue in nursing: nursing Shortage
nursing quality and adequate staffing are intertwined. Adequate levels of nurses, lower nurse to patient ratios, and also more highly trained nurses are associated … lower-cost and superior patient outcomes, to hire more nurses as healthcare staffing makes up as much as 40% of all intuitional operating costs (“nursing Shortage,” 2019).
The attempt to cut costs by reducing staff levels reflects an unfortunately misguided view of the value of the nursing profession. It also reflects a misguided view of an aging patient population which increasingly consists of patients with multiple chronic conditions, many of … aging patient population which increasingly consists of patients with multiple chronic conditions, many of which must be managed with long-term care and guidance. nursing has gained respect a profession within the healthcare industry as a whole, as more nurses are performing functions once filled by physicians, but … loads……



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Transitioning From Student To Nurse Leader

Pages: 5 (1522 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Essay Document #:39548108

Becoming a professional nurse takes a long time, and some student may become so accustomed to the rigors of an academic regimen that they are ill-prepared to enter the workforce after graduation. Therefore, it … the future by setting achievable goals and formulating appropriate strategies for achieving these goals through the creation of a one-year and five-year professional nursing career plan. The one-year plan describes my plans immediately following graduation including the identification of selected potential employers• and the details concerning what … and educational development during the first year and at five years and concludes with a summary of my for contributing to the professional nursing community and my general community in a healthcare professional role during the first year and at five years.
Transition into the professional nursing role
The state where I will be seeking employment following graduation as a registered nurse is New Jersey. The criteria……



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Professional Nursing Practice And Leadership

Pages: 4 (1182 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:82581333

The Importance of Effective nursing Leadership Today
Today, the nursing profession is under unprecedented pressures to deliver high quality patient-centered care in the wake of the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. In far too … importance and relevance. To determine the facts, the purpose of this paper is to provide a review of the relevant literature, including the student handbook, to describe the importance of leadership for professional nursing practice. Finally, a summary of the research and important findings about professional nursing practice and leadership are presented in the paper’s conclusion.
Review and Discussion
In some ways, the nursing profession is unique because it calls upon virtually all professional nurses to be prepared to “hit the ground running” in a leadership role … be prepared to “hit the ground running” in a leadership role from day one of their career. For example, Standard 12 of the student handbook, “Leadership,” clearly states……



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Student handbook.

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The Role Of Quality And Safety In Nursing Science

Pages: 6 (1737 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:91461612

… for patients experiencing illness and seeking treatment. The role of the nurse is complex, requiring effectiveness, efficiency, compassion, and understanding. Some aspects of nursing science involve research and use of evidence-based practice to provide the high quality and safety standards patients deserve. How are quality and safety … deserve. How are quality and safety measures adopted and implemented? This essays aims to look at the role quality and safety play in nursing science using a contemporary example, and seeing how real world strategies aim to test and assess standards of care to deliver the positive … into real-world application of quality and safety measures, one can determine the process from cultivation of concepts, implementation, and assessment.
Quality measures in nursing science
Often a good way to understand if a patient is experiencing a high quality of care is through patient outcomes and patient … quality of care…” (Lood et……



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Leadership Infrastructure For Special Needs Students

Pages: 8 (2472 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Essay Document #:81331403

… Guidelines
Section 1: Abstract
This paper provides an overview of Butler College Prep, its demographics, and its programs and services for special needs student. It looks at curriculum and instruction efforts as well as at the role of the principal in the school and how he oversees … in terms of a leadership structure to close the achievement gap.
Section 2: Demographic Overview
Butler College Prep is in Southside Chicago. Its student body is 95% African American and 4% Hispanic, and it serves as a school for social justice and the arts (School Performance, 2017). … as a school for social justice and the arts (School Performance, 2017). The socio-economic background of the vast majority of the families of student is challenged. 98% of student receive free or reduced-rate lunches. 1 in 6 student at the school, approximately 100 student out of 600, has a disability. Data obtained from……



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Shortages Of Health Care Providers

Pages: 7 (2037 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Essay Document #:32789324

Informatics Telehealth and the Health Care Shortage
Snavely (2016) shows that the looming nursing shortage is due to hit America hard in the coming years, and that shortage is now evident more than ever with the arrival … nurses than for any other job in America (Haddad & Toney-Butler, 2019). The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that some 11 million nursing positions will need to be filled in the coming years and that the health care industry is going to grow more than any … issue, but the possibilities afforded by communications technology in the 21st century show promise. Informatics may be luring potential nurses away from actual nursing, but the plus side is that informatics supports telemedicine in a big way and makes it possible for the former to work efficiently. … way and makes it possible for the former to work efficiently. So whether one sees informatics……



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Healthcare Program

Pages: 3 (1014 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:policy evaluation Document #:83321953

… RAND sought to evaluate were inclusive of; the reduction of discrimination as well as stigma, prevention of suicide, and the mental health of student.
How was the success of the program or policy measured?
Essentially, the RAND undertook a baseline survey that covered the entire state. It … “the CalMHSA PEI initiatives are successfully launched and are already showing positive outcomes in stigma and discrimination reduction, suicide prevention, and improvement of student mental health” (Eberhart et al., 2015, p. 1). As it has further been pointed out, the relevance of these constructive/optimistic outcomes cannot be ……



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