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Public Safety And Public Relations

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… and their property. Over 286,000 individuals are employed in this sector, which can be segregated into the following two key segments: commercial and governmental organizations. Federal, regional, state, and local level governmental public safety organizations agencies have outnumbered commercial ones all through the course of the past decade. Most individuals working in this sector are … organizations agencies have outnumbered commercial ones all through the course of the past decade. Most individuals working in this sector are hired by governmental organizations, including the fire department, police department, and sheriff's department. Some federal level public safety institutions include the CIA, FBI, Department of Homeland … public guidance, risk assessment, and risk management, a fixed Scientific Panel or Committee must be established, capable of advising local, state, and national governments on public health emergency management, such as:
· Monitoring of risk factors which may be expected to result in extreme toxicant……



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The Practice Of American Public Policymaking

Pages: 5 (1629 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:86627986

… the ends of the state—not the people. The state is conceived as an entity unto itself, while in America there idea behind the government is that it is supposed to be for and by the people (Mizaur, 1993). Yet here in the outset of the book on ……



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The American Friends And The Peace Movement

Pages: 8 (2337 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:47374510

… hostility towards Communism increased during the Red Scare, the AFSC increased its own political activism and communicated its issues to the United States government regarding the latter’s containment policy. The AFSC called for a de-escalation of tension between the US and the Soviet Union. Not surprisingly, considering … during World War II, the organization worked with delegates of the other religious groups such as the Mennonites and Brethren to manage the governmentally settled Civilian Public Service (CPS) arrangement of work camps for faithful dissenters (Ingles, 1992). The AFSC resettled European outcasts in the United States, … resettled European outcasts in the United States, and by building up a regional office in San Francisco the organization also opposed the US government’s Japanese-American internment policy and moved more than 4,000 Japanese-American understudies from the internment camps (Ingles, 1992). In 1947, after another round of taking … War I. Alike the British……



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Major Issues Facing The European Union

Pages: 9 (2744 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:70288459

… that arise from year to year. This paper will describe a few of the challenges and show why the larger issue of representative government in modern Europe is now coming face to face with an increasing wave of nationalism and a push by some member states to … can the EU weather the coming social, political, and economic storm that is gathering overhead?
The reality is that managing a modern representative government among dozens of diverse peoples and nations is not as easy as was envisioned fifty years ago. Moreover, the fact that so many … the immigration crisis are all signs that the EU is facing a potentially fatal moment. Should the collective tide turn against the representative government that is the EU, it could be torn to tatters in relatively……



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Counterintelligence Issues Within United States

Pages: 13 (3766 words) Sources: 16 Document Type:Essay Document #:41694312

… is being tasked with too many objectives that are foreign to its mission. The issues identified by Tromblay (2017) are that “the U.S. government has attempted to partner with the private sector on counterintelligence (CI) awareness and response, [but that] these efforts have been plagued by a … Bernardi (2013) states, “Usually, information control generates an escalation of counterintelligence measures, because information control on the part of one State invites other governments and agencies to counteract, by means of countermeasures against espionage and deception” (50). In this context, the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (2020) ……



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How To Conduct A Policy Analysis

Pages: 7 (2176 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Essay Document #:80712198

… Israeli settlements have been installed. The bill would allow the U.S. to sanction countries that boycott Israel and it would allow the federal government to prohibit any individual who operates in interstate commerce in the U.S. from joining a boycott like the BDS Movement, which is international … social welfare because it would deny one of the Constitutional rights to Americans—the right to free speech and the right to protest foreign governments that are themselves opposed to human rights, as the UN resolution of 2016 showed was clearly the case in Israel. The full extent ……



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Poland S Position In Europe

Pages: 3 (958 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:77800582

...Government Poland is geographically situated in central Europe and is bordered by the Russian Federation and Baltic Sea in the north, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine in the east, Slovakia to the south, and Czech Republic and Germany in the west. Poland has 70 mountains that reach more than 6,500 feet high, all of which are located in the Tatras, the mountain range that serves as a natural border between Poland and Slovakia in the southern portion of the nation. There is also another mountain range—the Beskids, which forms part of the natural border between Poland and the Czech Republic and stretches all the way to the Ukraine in the east. There is also the Sudetes, which stretches from the north down to the Glubczyce Plateau. The Bieszczady Mountains in the southeast and the Gorce Mountains are small formations. The Vistula Dalta is the lowest point in Poland, 6 feet below sea……



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Artificial Intelligence In Public Administration

Pages: 4 (1120 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Essay Document #:20627371

… (AI) in public administration is a concept that is growing around the world. As Dhasarathy, Jain and Khan (2019) show, AI can help governments to solve complex public-sector issues in more effective and efficient ways. This paper will describe AI technology, the goals of its usage, challenges ……



Dhasarathy, A., Jain, S. & Khan, N. (2019). When governments turn to AI: Algorithms, trade-offs, and trust. Public Sector Practice, January.

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Israel And United States

Pages: 8 (2543 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Policy Proposal Document #:35099199

Introduction: the Policy Problem under Consideration
When it comes to foreign policy, there are many different issues in foreign policy that the government needs to address—from tensions regarding missile treaties with Russia to wars in the Middle East to money given to the state of Israel, … & Walt, 2007). The AIPAC lobby has been identified by Rep. Ilhan Omar as playing a part in corrupting the democratic principles and government of the U.S. by using money and campaign funds to essentially “buy” politicians to vote in favor of legislation that benefits Israel. Omar ……



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Fiscal Health Of Public Administration

Pages: 8 (2386 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:response paper Document #:45658914

… of jobs have been appearing in recent years.
Fourth, telehealth systems can provide virtual care to patients who receive medical benefits from the government but cannot drive long distances or overcome obstacles related to time and distance to receive check-ups and other types of care. Telehealth systems ……



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