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TikTok Platform And Application Walkthrough

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...Censorship Platform or app walkthrough – TikTok
Social media has significantly transformed human interaction, and this is mainly due to the continuous innovations and applications that are being integrated into its ecosystem. One of such applications is the famous TikTok app. Developed and launched by ByteDance, a Beijing based company, TikTok offers its users a platform for creating and sharing lip-sync videos, short music, and looping videos, among others. Emerging in 2018 as the first most-downloaded Chinese app in the United States, TikTok has an approximate global userbase of over a billion people. In the context of its economic and infrastructural status and significance, TikTok is explored in this paper as regards its ownership, revenue (and source of the revenue), and market attributes.
According to the platform concept proposed by Poell et al. (3), TikTok is a multi-sided market platform. This is because it efficiently connects the end-users, content……


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How Media Coverage Of Operation Desert Storm Was Influenced By The

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...Censorship The Effects of Operation Desert Storm on Human Behaviors, Human Expression and Ethics
In early 1991, the United States launched Operation Desert Storm in response to Saddam Hussein’s invasion and occupation of Kuwait while the American public held its collective breath to see whether Hussein’s threat to wage “the mother of all battles,” including threats to use chemical weapons of mass destruction, would come to fruition. Although the Iraqi military was never able to live up to their leader’s claims, the political and social fallout from this successful prosecution of this regional war by the United States had long-term implications for American political and military leaders alike. This topic is important to analyze today because the Middle East remains a global hotspot with the very real potential to erupt in other conflicts with Western powers in general and the United States in particular. To determine the facts, the overarching……



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