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Coronavirus And The Courts

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… to the expression “the people” is needed. I disagree with this conclusion: “the people” is not an expression that changes meaning from one amendment to the next but rather…[break]…the obvious since the media is not doing its job and the lawmakers are not doing their job. The … in the 21st century cannot expect to win a lawsuit against a tyrannous regime by appealing to his Constitutional rights under the 5th amendment! How utterly sad! And yet here we are: so little is the respect shown to the Constitution and to the spirit of the ……


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Right Of Informed Refusal For Minors

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...Fourteenth amendment End-of-Life Decision Making for Minors When the Minor Should be the Decision Maker
Today, the right of adults to refuse medical treatment when they feel it is not in their best interests is universally acknowledged, and physician-assisted suicide is even legal in nine states and the District of Columbia (Physician-assisted suicide, 2019). A growing number of health care providers are also maintaining that the right to refuse medical care extends to young people as well, but this issue is particularly contentious because the vast majority of adults in the United States believe that children need and deserve special protections that preclude end-of-life decisions. Drawing on a virtue theoretical framework, the purpose of this paper is to examine the arguments in support of and against allow minors to make end-of-life decisions for themselves, followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning this issue in the conclusion.
Review and……



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