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The Rise Of The Opium Trade In Afghanistan Following The US Invasion

Pages: 14 (4271 words) Sources: 15 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:85024812

… counterterrorism operation in Afghanistan? Numerous negative consequences of the mission followed: the liberation of the poppy fields and the spike in the heroin trade around the world that decimated communities, including American ones back home (Felbab-Brown, 2017); the rise of the Islamic State throughout the Middle East … like that which occurred on 9/11. Al-Qaeda was identified by the US as the international terrorist group behind the attacks on the World Trade Center. The Taliban rather more appropriately fit the definition of an insurgent group in Afghanistan, a group whose purpose was focused on the … were ignorant about Afghanistan” (Whitlock, 2019). It is difficult to see how there is strategy at all in the containment of the heroin trade, since the fields used to farm poppies have grown in size by 4x since the US invasion of Afghanistan. Were the US genuinely … endless stream of bureaucrats implementing……



Almukhtar, S. & Nordland, R. (2019). What Did the U.S. Get for $2 Trillion in Afghanistan? Retrieved from 

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Free And Fair Trade Issue

Pages: 3 (910 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Essay Document #:11500705

… farmers relief worth billions of dollars. However, Democrats established a measure that omitted this promise due to the impact of President Trump Administration’s trade policies and the coronavirus pandemic. The move generated a dispute between Republicans and Democrats at a time when they were almost reaching a ……



Cochrane, E. (2020, September 21). Democrats and Republicans Clash Over Spending Bill to Avoid Shutdown. The New York Times. Retrieved October 7, 2020, from 

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Canadian Reciprocity Treaty Of 1854

Pages: 10 (2920 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Essay Document #:12980829

… Treaty (1854)
The 1854 Reciprocity Treaty is one of the most famous economic treaties in Canadian history. The Reciprocity Treaty was a trade treaty that was signed between the economy of the United States and what was then known as the Province of Canada (Quebec and … Canada (Quebec and Ontario) and other smaller provinces of the then British North America. The treaty was a forerunner of the Canada-United States trade agreement of 1989. It was primarily intended to facilitate free trade in primary products such as coal, fish, timber, barley, oats, and wheat. The parties signed it on 5th June 1854, and it went … prices as American goods and take all the money home without paying duties.
According to historians, the Reciprocity Treaty also significantly increased the trade between Canadian regions and the United States. As per official statistics, trade between Canadian regions and the United……



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Confidentiality Breach And Unfair Dismissal Law

Pages: 5 (1435 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Memorandum Document #:19305184

… perspective, breach of a confidentiality agreement is deemed to have occurred in those instances whereby an employee discloses material information, such as a trade secret, that they had committed not to disclose. More specifically, in the words of Bagley (2012), “an individual misappropriates a trade secret when he or she (1) uses or discloses the trade secret of another or (2) learns of a trade secret through improper means” (333). It is therefore clear that in the presented scenario, Jennifer did indeed disclose the trade secret of Greene’s Jewelry. It is on this basis that Greene’s Jewelry sues this particular former employee for breach of the confidentiality agreement. … on this basis that Greene’s Jewelry sues this particular former employee for breach of the confidentiality agreement. Following the enactment of the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016, Greene’s Jewelry is in a…[break]…(Justia, 2020).
C. Facts to be Determined

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Influence Of The PRC With Great Power Competition Globalization

Pages: 6 (1708 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Essay Document #:99402887

… state that most influences contemporary international security. The globalization of the Communist superpower projects brings employment and economic growth. Since joining the World Trade Organization, China has become an increasingly influential participant in the global economy, and has used this increase in wealth to finance its other … economy, but did so without opening up much else in Chinese society (“The Internationalization of China’s Economy). By 2001, China joined the World Trade Organization, and at that time it was already growing its economy rapidly. Since that point, China has become an economic powerhouse, and this …
The US takes the perspective that it does not wish to exclude China from world affairs, and championed China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization. Further, many Western countries switched from recognition of the Kuomintang as the legitimate rulers of China to the CPC, thereby lending further … (Global Times, 2018). While some……



Chatzky, A. & McBride, J. (2019) China’s massive Belt and Road Initiative. Council on Foreign Relations. In possession of the author.

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NIC (2017) Paradox of progress. National Intelligence Council. In possession of the author.

Pollack, J. (no date). Competing visions: China, America and the Asia-Pacific Security Order. In possession of the author.

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Law In Business

Pages: 4 (1189 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Annotated Bibliography Document #:54751488

Law in Business
Source: Saunders, K. M., & Golden, N. (2018). Skill or secret? — the line between trade secrets and employee general skills and knowledge. Journal of Law and Business, 15(1), 61-99.
This article primarily focuses on how employees should treat … secrets and employee general skills and knowledge. Journal of Law and Business, 15(1), 61-99.
This article primarily focuses on how employees should treat trade secrets legally. The authors argue that as agents or former agents of companies, employees should not disclose trade secrets or any other important confidently information to anyone. Neither should they use it. However, an employee is free to utilize general skills, … general skills, knowledge, and/ or experience that he or she may have gained on a current or former job without being accused of trade secret misappropriation. This law is related to two legal concepts: employee mobility and protect competition. Nevertheless, the……


Edelman, M. (2018). Lack of integrity? Rebutting the myth that U. S. commercial sports leagues have an intellectual property right to sports gambling proceeds. Journal of Law and Business, 15(1), 1-16.

Franck, J-U., & Peitz, M. (2018). Suppliers as forgotten cartel victims. Journal of Law & Business, 15(1), 17-59.

Saunders, K. M., & Golden, N. (2018). Skill or secret? — the line between trade secrets and employee general skills and knowledge. Journal of Law and Business, 15(1), 61-99.

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Weapons Of Mass Destruction WMD Antifa

Pages: 13 (3787 words) Sources: 12 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:67320498

...Trade Weapons of Mass Destruction
An electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack could crash the American economy and bring virtually every industry to a standstill—such is the reliance of modern business upon the digital infrastructure. Thus, considering an EMP attack is something that government should take very seriously. As more and more of the world becomes dependent upon cyber infrastructure for the maintenance of other systems, the complexity of the security services of a country grows and intensifies. Is it possible therefore that there is an overreliance upon technology and that this overreliance can actually compromise a country’s progress and increase its risk of falling into ruin should a sudden attack like an EMP attack hit where it hurts most? Absolutely—and both state and non-state actors know that, which is why either one could conduct a high altitude EMP attack upon the US. The consequences would be devastating.
Non-state actors are just……



Chatfield, A. T., Reddick, C. G., & Brajawidagda, U. (2015, May). Tweeting propaganda, radicalization and recruitment: Islamic state supporters multi-sided twitter networks. In Proceedings of the 16th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (pp. 239-249).

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Maras, M-H. (2014). Transnational Security. Florida: CRC Press.

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Supply Chain Management In Canada

Pages: 11 (3384 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Case Study Document #:46307784

… approach for custom design clients and use the McCray approach for bulk buyers; 3) the company should expand into U.S. markets now that trade war with China has developed and in the U.S. there will be an opening to penetrate the market and fill a gap left … there will be an opening to penetrate the market and fill a gap left by China’s absence.[footnoteRef:2] [2: Robert Channick, “Fallout from China Trade War,” Chicago Tribune, 2019.]
5. The decision to reduce Krebbler operations should be made so as to compete with low-cost competitors; however, ……



Channick, Robert. “Fallout from China Trade War,” Chicago Tribune, 2019. 

Krebbler Furniture Case Study, Supply Chain Management Association. Digital File.

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Transnational Feminism And Sexual Politics

Pages: 2 (711 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Essay Document #:31982497

Globalization has opened up international markets for almost all good including sex trade. It has also made it easy for traffickers to move women from one country to another and force them to join the sex … It has also made it easy for traffickers to move women from one country to another and force them to join the sex trade. According to Brewer (2009), with the increasingly integrated world economy has allowed human trafficking to thrive. Human trafficking thrives since the perpetrators make … country through elaborate money-laundering schemes using underground banks. Prostitution has now become a globalized commodity with women being forced to partake in the trade against their wishes (Watson, June 18, 2009). The perpetrates lure the women with the promise of jobs and a lucrative life and they ……



Brewer, D. (2009). Globalization and human trafficking. Topical Research Digest: Human rights and human trafficking, 2009, 46-56.

Griffith, A. (May 02, 2017). Stop “Saving” Women: A Transnational Feminist Approach. Retrieved from

Valoy, P. (January 28, 2015). Transnational Feminism: Why Feminist Activism Needs to Think Globally. Retrieved from 

Watson, C. (June 18, 2009). The globalization of sex. Retrieved from 

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Effectiveness Of The War On Drugs

Pages: 14 (4146 words) Sources: 18 Document Type:Reaction Paper Document #:69451857

… beverages. Altering human brain and body, drugs have a wide range of effects including pain relief, stimulation, and relaxation. Drugs have also been traded on the global commodities market for centuries, with the most infamous being opium and tobacco: both of which became so lucrative they led … infamous being opium and tobacco: both of which became so lucrative they led to political and military skirmishes. Government intervention in the drug trade is a new phenomenon, traceable to the Opium Wars first and then to the initial controls placed on chemical compounds as scientific research … and addiction in order to provide effective interventions and better educate the public. The literature also directly discusses the economics of the drug trade, and the financial implications of the war on drugs versus ending the war on drugs. A deeper historical and political analysis shows that … and addiction in order to……



ACLU (2020). Against drug prohibition. Retrieved from: 

“America is At War,” (n.d.). Retrieved from: 

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Farabee, D., Prendergast, M. & Anglin, M.D. (1998). The effectiveness of coerced treatment for drug-abusing offenders. 62 Fed. Probation 3 (1998).

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