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Nurse Practitioners Collaboration With Physicians

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...Nursing Nurse practitioners play a crucial role in the modern healthcare system given their responsibilities in administering patient care. One of the critical components in the delivery of healthcare services in the modern healthcare setting is collaboration between different stakeholders. Modern healthcare environments and settings are characterized by the establishment of a multidisciplinary team that provides patient care. Consequently, nurse practitioners are required to collaborate with others, particularly physicians in their respective roles in the care delivery process. Stewart & DeNisco (2019) states that collaboration among healthcare providers or clinicians is based on shared goals and decision making, mutual relationships, and use of collective knowledge of all stakeholders involved in the care process.
Collaboration with physicians has tremendous impacts on the practice and job satisfaction for nurse practitioners. The collaboration changes the practice of nurse practitioners by shifting their focus to patient-care, holistic care. When collaborating with physicians, nurse practitioners help……



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Nursing Informatics In Education

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Introducing Informatics Early in Nursing Education
As Shackelford (2019) notes in “Industry Voices—Healthcare is Changing,” there is a serious need to reach future workforce members at an … is Changing,” there is a serious need to reach future workforce members at an earlier age, before they enter into college and a nursing program. Students need to start developing real world skills that will translate well to professional development in the healthcare industry—and that means they … out what to do academically and professionally, having received little guidance otherwise (Shackelford, 2019). This paper will discuss why introducing informatics early in nursing education can have a positive effect on professional development and the healthcare industry overall. It will also include a discussion of how informatics … the future in the conclusion.
The Issue
There is currently an increasing demand in the healthcare industry for newly graduated nurses who posses nursing informatics……



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Nursing Burnout

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Education Plan for Nurse Burnout at North Mountain Medical
The current issue at North Mountain Medical is nursing burnout, which is caused by various factors including inadequate staffing, increased workload, long working hours, poor working environment, and inadequate time to complete … environment, and inadequate time to complete a task effectively. The proposed change project to address this issue is an educational plan that targets nursing burnout, particularly workplace stress management. In this regard, the practicum education project focuses on training nurses at North Mountain Medical on nursing burnout, particularly workplace stress management. Through the insights obtained from this course, nurses in this facility will be able to implement evidence-based strategies … insights obtained from this course, nurses in this facility will be able to implement evidence-based strategies on workplace stress management and preventing/dealing with nursing burnout.
Learning Objectives or Outcomes
As shown in the educational plan in Appendix A,……



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Nursing Leadership And Partnerships Unions

Pages: 1 (356 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Essay Document #:98109838

… collective bargaining that aims to improve personnel working conditions, hours, benefits, and wages (Full Beaker, 2017). When it comes to the field of nursing, unions work more rigorously in the event of a dearth of nursing staff, as nursing practitioners do not wish to jeopardize their jobs in a period of job scarcity (Marquis & Huston, 2017).
I am a cardiac nurse … cardiac nurse employed at XYZ hospital. In my workplace, unions have a central part to play. Union involvement in our hospital system benefits nursing staff as well as the overall healthcare system. Unions’ presence improves job security, wages, salary rise, education reimbursement working conditions, and seniority advantages, … one; however, every nurse is capable of learning to lead within the bounds of his/ her role. A union’s presence would influence how nursing leaders communicate with subordinates (i.e., nursing staff). Nursing leaders possess skills like conflict management/……



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Current Issue In Nursing Nursing Shortage

Pages: 6 (1864 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:72215355

Current Issue in Nursing: Nursing Shortage
Nursing quality and adequate staffing are intertwined. Adequate levels of nurses, lower nurse to patient ratios, and also more highly trained nurses are associated … lower-cost and superior patient outcomes, to hire more nurses as healthcare staffing makes up as much as 40% of all intuitional operating costs (“Nursing Shortage,” 2019).
The attempt to cut costs by reducing staff levels reflects an unfortunately misguided view of the value of the nursing profession. It also reflects a misguided view of an aging patient population which increasingly consists of patients with multiple chronic conditions, many of … aging patient population which increasingly consists of patients with multiple chronic conditions, many of which must be managed with long-term care and guidance. Nursing has gained respect a profession within the healthcare industry as a whole, as more nurses are performing functions once filled by physicians, but … loads……



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Holistic Care And Nursing How To Care For The Whole Person

Pages: 6 (1655 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:84476580

Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Having a personal philosophy of nursing is important because it provides the nurse with an understanding of the framework that will be applied in the nurse’s own career of … patients. Personal understanding is the bedrock of growth and development. So it is appropriate to stop and consider how one’s own philosophy of nursing aligns with one’s view of the nursing metaparadigm. This paper will identify the factors that have influenced my development of my personal nursing philosophy. It will also discuss my thoughts regarding the nursing metaparadigm. Finally, it will examine the nursing theory that is most compatible with my personal philosophy.
Factors Influencing the Development of My Personal Nursing Philosophy
Factors that have influenced the development of my personal nursing philosophy are 1) my education, and 2) my own experience and understanding of nursing. My education has taught me the basics of nursing……



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Culturally Competent Patient Care Advanced Practice Nursing

Pages: 5 (1514 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Essay Document #:73535366

Culture in Advanced Nursing Practice
Culturally competent nurses can assess the psychological, spiritual, physiological, social, environmental, and epidemiological data on a particular cultural group to provide … on a particular cultural group to provide culturally sensitive and patient-centered care. Since Madeleine Leininger first proposed that cultural competency was essential to nursing, various means of incorporating cultural learning and assessment have been incorporated into advanced nursing practice. Culture includes but is not limited to ethnic, linguistic, religious, and national heritage, and can also include subcultural domains, age, socioeconomic status, … the advanced practice nurse to understand the complex intersections between health status, cultural needs, disease prevalence, spirituality, agency, and more.
Culturally Competent Advanced Nursing Practice
Since Madeleine Leininger first proposed that cultural competency was essential to nursing, various means of incorporating cultural learning and assessment have been incorporated into advanced nursing practice. Cultural competency is important in nursing because “culture……



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Improving Medication Safety And Nursing Care

Pages: 4 (1193 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Essay Document #:71997701

… Patient safety is influenced by many factors including medication safety, which is identified as one of the most common type of errors in nursing practice (Getnet & Bifftu, 2017). Given the increased focus on patient safety and better outcomes, nurses face the need to enhance medication safety … (Getnet & Bifftu, 2017). Given the increased focus on patient safety and better outcomes, nurses face the need to enhance medication safety and nursing care. However, the healthcare environment is characterized by numerous interruptions that could compromise medication safety and nursing care. Nurses experience different kinds of interruptions in their work including during medication administration. Therefore, reduction of interruptions in nursing work is vital to improve medication safety and nursing care. This quality improvement project demonstrates how this can be achieved by using Plan-Do-Study-Act methodology.
Problem Statement
Patient safety is widely recognized as … in turn affects patient outcomes. As a……



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Specialty Certification In Nursing

Pages: 4 (1150 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:50266025

… which a nongovernmental agency validates, based upon predetermined standards, an individual nurse’s qualifications for practice in a defined functional or clinical area of nursing.”  Essentially specialty certification indicates a nurse has competence and advanced knowledge within a specialized field. The Institute of Medicine (2010) has called for ……



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Culture And Nursing

Pages: 11 (3252 words) Sources: 14 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:16877652

… of the group before the desires of the individual. Nurses can use and understand culture by utilizing models like Leininger’s transcultural model of nursing, by adopting a patient-centered care strategy, or simply by developing their cultural competencies. In doing so, nurses can promote safe, effective, and quality ……



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