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Families Of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pages: 7 (2023 words) Sources: 12 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:27788997

… programs are established to help meet the special needs of these children while promoting and enhancing their academic growth and achievements. In addition, family members play a critical role in the development and growth of these children with respect to meeting their special needs. Mereiou, Bland & … in children has become more prevalent. This condition is characterized by difficulties in social communication and behavior as well as impaired child and family functioning. Consequently, children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders need intensive educational, healthcare, and behavioral services in comparison to normal children. These intensive services … to utilize childcare patterns that meet the children’s needs. Some of the major issues faced by families of children with ASD include adverse family employment and financial stressors (Zuckerman, Lindly, Bethell & Kuhlthau, 2014). These issues are primarily attributable to the complexities associated with providing care for … issues relating to the condition.……



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Family Business Reliance Industries Ambani Family

Pages: 8 (2546 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:16675031

Reliance Industries was founded by the Ambani family in the 1960s in Maharashtra, manufacturing synthetic fabrics. The company went public in 1977. Chairman and MD of the company is Mukesh Ambani … in Maharashtra, manufacturing synthetic fabrics. The company went public in 1977. Chairman and MD of the company is Mukesh Ambani and the Ambani family controls 46.32% of the company’s shares, which are listed on the National Stock Exchange of India. The company currently oversees 158 subsidiaries and … was granted the telecoms, entertainment, financial and energy sections of the firm.
Criteria Used by Academics to Assess How to Manage Professionally a Family Business
There are many differences between the family-owned firm and the professionally managed firm. The family will have a personal stake in the success of the business while professional managers will only have an interest that is “limited to … (Daily & Dollinger, 1991, p.……



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Experiential Family Therapy

Pages: 7 (1974 words) Sources: 13 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:26144504

Experiential family counseling focuses on role playing and other multisensory techniques, allowing members of the family to step into the shoes of one another through role play exercises to better understand one another, develop empathy and work out issues … exercises to better understand one another, develop empathy and work out issues together (Tuttle, 1998). This paper will identify leading figures in experiential family counseling, historical and current events, assumptions, development of the theory, concepts, and techniques that relate to my own approach to counseling. Similarities and … events, assumptions, development of the theory, concepts, and techniques that relate to my own approach to counseling. Similarities and dissimilarities between the experiential family counseling and other leading theories will be explored and the paper will conclude with a discussion of what new knowledge I acquired.
Leading … explored and the paper will conclude with a discussion of what new knowledge……



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How Do Marriage And Family Therapist View Fathers As Being The Single

Pages: 6 (1680 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:29707714

...Family Abstract
Children in the 21st century have to confound with a fundamentally different cultural and social environment in the course of their growth and development—one of the most notable developments in the increase of single-father families. Single fathers are also, commonly, the legal guardians of their children. Various reasons lead to these situations. Some single parents may opt to be in such a state by choice. Others are forced into the situation by circumstances such as the loss of their partners or separation. It has also been observed that single parents commonly experience a range of challenges, including stress. Single parents face challenges that emanate from the sheer parenting responsibility. Other sources of stress could include but not limited to, financial obligations and coping with their situations. Children of single parents may find it hard to cope and maybe confused because the rules in one household may not be the……



DeJean, S. L., McGeorge, C. R., & Stone Carlson, T. (2012). Attitudes toward never-married single mothers and fathers: Does gender matter? Journal of Feminist Family Therapy, 24(2), 121-138.

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Parent Family And Engagement Advocacy Event Plan

Pages: 5 (1604 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:48140575

… conferences along with the direction of occupational guidance information for making intelligent decisions (Amoah, Kwofie & Kwofie, 2015).
This paper discusses a parent, family engagement event that would be about career counseling of students and their career readiness when entering a college. This event would be directed … choices and whether those choices would be viable for them.
Meetings would be arranged with the team so that the program and family needs could be devised properly ahead of time. The event would be arranged in January 2021, and for that, meetings would be scheduled … or too long?
· Too long
· Just about right
· Too short
8. Would you recommend this event to your friend or family members?
1 (not at all likely to recommend) to 5 (most……



Amoah, S.A., Kwofie, I. & Kwofie, F.A.A. (2015). The school counselor and students’ career choice in high school: The assessor’s perspective in a Ghanaian case. Journal of Education and Practice, 6(23), 57-65. 

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US Department of Education. (2007, October 16). College and career guidance and counseling.

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Raising Families In The 1950s After World War II

Pages: 6 (1711 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:94465868

… to an end, there was a complete reversal in these roles, with the women playing the housewife role in taking care of the family and bearing children, whereas the men took up the role of going to work and providing for the family. The age group of 65 years and above is a progressively increasing population. The cohort is referred to as Baby Boomers and encompasses ……



Baernholdt, M., Yan, G., Hinton, I., Rose, K., & Mattos, M. (2012). Quality of life in rural and urban adults 65 years and older: findings from the National Health and Nutrition Examination survey. The Journal of Rural Health, 28(4), 339-347.

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Screening For Depression Among Minority Young Males Attending A Family

Pages: 4 (1228 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Article Review Document #:56012700

In the article Screening for Depression Among Minority Young Males Attending a Family Planning Clinic, Ruth S. Buzi, Peggy B. Smith, and Maxine L. Weinman sought to determine depression among males who attended a family planning clinic and if there were variations in depression based on service requests and sociodemographic. This paper, therefore, is an evaluation of this … a sign of weakness. This, therefore, warranted the study by Buzi and her colleagues to assess the depression among males who attended a family planning clinic and if there were variations in depression based on service requests and sociodemographic.
The study utilized a cohort study design … a diverse group of participants?
The purpose of the study was to assess the status of depression among young males who attended a family planning clinic and determine how depression varied with sociodemographic and service requests. Based on this purpose of study,……



Buzi, R. S., Smith, P. B., & Weinman, M. L. (2014). Screening for depression among minority young males attending a family planning clinic. Psychology of Men & Masculinity, 15(1), 116.

Gissane, C. (2013). What kind of data do I have? Physiotherapy Practice and Research, 34(2), 123-125.

McHugh, M. L. (2013). The chi-square test of independence. Biochemia medica: Biochemia medica, 23(2), 143-149.

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The Immigrant Advantage

Pages: 5 (1640 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Book Review Document #:54416483

… and one…[break]…issues could also be addressed.
I find all these customs useful and appealing in my own life. I come from a Catholic family so I can appreciate the idea of sacrificing for the greater good. In my family there is respect for the individual but also for the duty one owes to others, and I like the idea of courting based … like I need that, though I appreciate the custom and I like the communal aspect of it. The idea of sharing space with family is also one that I would not mind—so long as there is enough space. I grew up in a small home with a … in terms of their cultural customs and ways of doing things. Whether it is saving money, engaging in courtship or sharing space with family members, there is something to be said for these methods. I would like to……


Works Cited

Kolker, Claudia. The Immigrant Advantage. Free Press, 2011.


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Technology Divorce And The Impact Of Social Inequality On Marital

Pages: 10 (2883 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:95594472

… meaning of divorce and how it has become so popular in the modern world. It also discusses the most significant difficulties for a family that can both lead to and result from divorce.
The fact that family sizes are shrinking and diversifying while half of all marriages end in divorce (Pew Research Center, 2015) shows that something is happening in … shrinking and diversifying while half of all marriages end in divorce (Pew Research Center, 2015) shows that something is happening in the American family that is altering the way families are thought about and the way marriage is viewed. Marriage, love and romance between two people has ……



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Abusive Relationships

Pages: 7 (1965 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Essay Document #:80010609

Abusive Relationships, Patterns of Violence, the Future of the Family
Part 1
Some women remain in abusive relationships for different reasons. Some are scared to leave. Others feel that they still love the … of abuse is normal and they will go on living with it.
Part 2
The most influencing factor impacting the future of the family will be culture. As the culture of today becomes more and more open to cohabitation, childbirth outside of marriage, and more closed off … becomes more and more open to cohabitation, childbirth outside of marriage, and more closed off to the principles and values of religion, the family itself is going to change more and more. Today’s families tend to be mixtures of previously families that busted up: the busted up … of previously families that busted up: the busted up families get together with other busted up families and form mixed……



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