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Disaster Preparedness At A Department Of Veterans Affairs Medical

Pages: 5 (1408 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:41586923

Today, the U.S. Department of veterans affairs (VA) operates that nation’s largest health care network, including 170 major medical centers that provide health care services of some type to more ……



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Veteran Benefits Administration

Pages: 8 (2549 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:40459915

The veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) is an agency within the U.S. Department of veterans affairs (VA) and its purpose is to provide financial aid as well as other kinds of assistance to veterans in need, to their families or to their survivors as the case may be. Some of the various kinds of assistance include compensation … deficiencies and introduce effective practices.
Strategic Goals of the Organization and Social Needs It Addresses
The strategic goals of the VBA are that veterans will come to the organization for financial assistance and support to improve their lives. The goals can best be seen in the VBA’s … their lives. The goals can best be seen in the VBA’s vision statement, which shows that the organization strives to ensure “that the veterans whom we serve will feel that our Nation has kept its commitment to them; employees will feel that they are……



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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. (2014). Retrieved from sp" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">

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Veterans Back Pain Exercise And Therapy

Pages: 10 (3010 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:policy evaluation Document #:22049018

PICOT Question
Low back pain is a common health challenge for both active and former military service members. Among the military veterans, low back pain places higher risk and has been indicated to be bear the potential for long-term disability (Bagg et al., 2017). There … to be bear the potential for long-term disability (Bagg et al., 2017). There is a lack of effective treatment strategies, and thus, military veterans rely on pain management strategies and other medical strategies, e.g., medical imaging, opioids, injections, and surgery. To both the Department of Defense (DoD) … and other medical strategies, e.g., medical imaging, opioids, injections, and surgery. To both the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veteran affairs (VA), the costs of care for members with low back pain have been on the rise; necessitating the need for research on the … therapy. Moreover, it compares the above with……



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Veteran Benefits Administration

Pages: 8 (2465 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Implementation Paper Document #:56829115

Technology Proposal/Implementation Paper
A: Introduction
The Department of veterans affairs (VA) remains a vital entity in as far as the provision of key services to veterans in the country is concerned. The Veteran Benefits Administration (VBA), to a large extent, concerns itself with the administration of U.S. Department of … the country is concerned. The Veteran Benefits Administration (VBA), to a large extent, concerns itself with the administration of U.S. Department of Veteran affairs’ programs. This is more so the case with regard to the provision or advancement of various forms of support to not only veterans and survivors, but also their dependents. Towards this end, some of the main programs that VBA administers include, but they are not limited … “the VA Records Management Program lacks several basic records management fundamentals.” The relevance of VA records cannot be overstated when it comes to veterans’ benefits government accountability. In that……



Aziz, A.A., Mohammad Y., Mokhtar, U.A. & Ambari, D.I. (2017). Establishing Policy for the Implementation of Electronic Document and Records Management System in Public Sector in Malaysia: The Influencing Factors. Advanced Science Letters, 23(11), 10732-10736.

National Archives and Records Administration (2016). Department of Veterans Affairs Records Management Program: Records Management Inspection Report. Retrieved from 

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (2020). About VBA. Retrieved from sp" target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">

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Gender And Veterans Differences In Access To Mental Health Care Services

Pages: 10 (2880 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:literature review Document #:16426783

Does Gender Affect the Utilization of Mental Health Care Services among veterans?
The decision one takes when choosing a career poses a lifelong effect on his own life as well as of his family members. … mental health problems despite lower overall costs incurred by women in comparison to army men. It is important to understand that V.A. (Veteran affairs) mental health costs based on gender differ among veterans of the army. The thesis statement of the following literature review highlights that there is a gender difference in the utilization of health … The thesis statement of the following literature review highlights that there is a gender difference in the utilization of health care services among veterans, specifically military women. Although women's presence is large, since they are either young or belong to minorities, but the benefits they get against … literature review is presented to……



Adams, R.E., Urosevich, T.G., Hoffman, S.N., Kirchner, H.L., Figley, C.R., Withey, C.A., Boscarino, J.J., Dugan, R.J. & Boscarino, J.A. (2019). Social and psychological risk and protective factors for veteran well-being: The role of veteran identity and its implications for intervention. Military Behavioral Health, 7(3), 304-314. 

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Study Document

How PTSD Affects Combat Veterans

Pages: 4 (1280 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Case Study Document #:45113003

Part 1– Case Analysis: Traumatization of Combat veterans
Today, despite ongoing efforts by the health care community and policymakers to reverse the ugly trend, dozens of combat veterans take their own lives every day, and many of these victims suffered from various trauma-induced conditions including most especially post-traumatic stress disorder or … purpose of this paper is to provide a review of the relevant literature concerning the effects of exposure to war on U.S. combat veterans. To this end, a discussion concerning the demographics for this population and the pervasiveness of the problem and an analysis concerning whether particular … and systems could be impacted and/or are already involved are followed by a summary of the research and important findings concerning traumatized combat veterans in the conclusion.
What are the demographics for this population and/or how pervasive is the problem?
A growing body of evidence confirms that … in the……



Beks, T. (2016, April). Walking on eggshells: The lived experience of partners of veterans with PTSD. The Qualitative Report, 21(4), 645-651.

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How To Help Stop Veteran Suicides

Pages: 1 (363 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:95328557

Advocating for Social Change: Techniques and Tools
According to the U.S. Department of veterans affairs (VA), on average, about 20 veterans commit suicide every day (Suicide among veterans, 2016). The transition from active military service to civilian life frequently exacerbates any existing mental health disorders, and far too many veterans fail to seek the help they need to cope. In this regard, Albright and Borah (2017) emphasize that, “Mental health concerns such as … American public, it is reasonable to suggest that many people would want to help if they were aware of the staggering number of veterans who die from suicide each year and knew how to help stop this problem. Some of the action steps that can be taken … E. V. (2017, Spring). Mental health practice with military- and veteran-connected populations. Best Practices in Mental Health, 13(1), 11-13.
Spiva, D. (2019, January). veterans 50 percent more likely……



Albright, D. L. & Borah, E. V. (2017, Spring). Mental health practice with military- and veteran-connected populations. Best Practices in Mental Health, 13(1), 11-13.

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Suicide among veterans. (2016). Department of Veterans Affairs. Retrieved from https://www.

Study Document

Mental Health Access For Veterans

Pages: 2 (708 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:74878688

A Gap in Equity Related to Mental Health Access for veterans
Describe a specific gap in the delivery of healthcare. Include the specific population affected by the gap
A specific gap that is existent … that is existent in the delivery of healthcare takes into account a shortfall in equity that is associated with mental health accessibility for veterans.
Briefly describe the history of this gap in access to healthcare. Has this been an issue historically, or is it a modern issue?
… which gave rise to a discharge of other than honorable. Imperatively, for a veteran to obtain healthcare benefits from the Department of Veteran affairs (VA), they have to be honorably discharged or to be given an official release. This condition or stipulation gave rise to…[break]…problems with anger … in the course of this time of social and economic stress (Hester, 2017). Furthermore, the gap in accessibility gives……



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Clinical Informatics

Pages: 11 (3264 words) Sources: 12 Document Type:Essay Document #:78574553

… information is shared. The Privacy Act of 1974 regulates how information is collected by the federal government, which means that nurses working in veterans affairs have to follow these regulations. Then there is also the Conditions for Coverage of Specialized Services by Suppliers, which is part of Medicare ……



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