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Gender And Veterans Differences In Access To Mental Health Care Services

Pages: 10 (2880 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:literature review Document #:16426783

Does Gender Affect the Utilization of mental Health Care Services among Veterans?
The decision one takes when choosing a career poses a lifelong effect on his own life as well … life as well as of his family members. The deployment decision of a career that the person has to face sometimes harms his mental health and family both (Brooks & Chopik, 2020). For example, if the person belongs to the army, he might be deployed in a … if the person belongs to the army, he might be deployed in a war zone, which later would have disastrous impacts on his mental health in the form of stress, depression, and excessive use of alcohol, etc. The intensity of trauma might increase if the diagnosis is … conflict areas of war while being in the army, the medical costs might be higher (high outpatient and pharmacy……



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Anxiety Disorders

Pages: 1 (345 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:70841508

Anxiety disorder is a term used to refer to a group of mental illnesses that cause significant distress, which affects an individual’s ability to continue living normally. However, individuals experiencing substantial anxiety due to various factors … substantial anxiety due to various factors in their lives are usually confused whether they are having normal reactions or suffering from an anxiety disorder. There are different kinds of anxiety disorder including specific phobia and adjustment disorder. Anxiety disorder refers to a mental illnesses that generate significant distress and affects an individual’s normal living while adjustment disorder refers to stress-related conditions due to difficulties coping with changes in life circumstances (Mayo Clinic, 2017). For instance, a person could suffer from … stress-related conditions due to difficulties coping with changes in life circumstances (Mayo Clinic, 2017). For instance, a person could suffer from an adjustment disorder after the loss of a job or death……



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Separation Anxiety Disorder SAD

Pages: 5 (1574 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Evidence Based Practice Document #:75175545

Separation Anxiety disorder (SAD) causes significant impairment in kindergarten studies, social functioning, and family relations among children. This paper is a case study of SAD in … of the annotated literature review, it is concluded that CBT is highly effective as a SAD treatment among preschool children diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Hence, it is recommended that Chloe should undergo a CBT counseling program. The initial treatment goal for Chloe is to help her recognize … Practice)
Annotated Bibliography
The manifestation of anxiety early in childhood is an indication of significant distress and disturbances in life. Separation Anxiety disorder (SAD) causes significant impairment in kindergarten studies, social functioning, and family relations among children (Schneider et al., 2011). SAD has been shown to … functioning, and family relations among children (Schneider et al., 2011). SAD has been shown to be a major risk factor for adulthood anxiety disorder, panic disorder,……



Minde, K., Roy, J., Bezonsky, R., & Hashemi, A. (2010). The effectiveness of CBT in 3–7 year old anxious children: Preliminary data. Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 19(2), 109.

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Van der Sluis, C. M. (2016). Anxiety disorders in young children: Parent and child contributions to the maintenance, assessment and treatment. (Ph.D. Thesis, University of Amsterdam).

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Autism Spectrum Disorder And Childhood Onset Schizophrenia

Pages: 4 (1078 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Article Review Document #:26962012

… of increased internalizing and externalizing problems.
Youth with childhood and adolescent schizophrenia would have less social support than children with autism spectrum disorder.
Children with the least amount of social support would report the lowest level of functioning
Independent Variables
Diagnosis and level of perceived functioning
… recommendation that future studies make use of child reporting too. The researchers have also recommended that there should be an inclusion of other mental disorder. This will reveal if children with other mental disorder do receive more or less social support when compared to children……


Allen, A. R., & Pidano, A. E. (2017). Childhood Schizophrenia and Autism: An Empirical Study of Perceived Social Support. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 26(6), 1664-1670.

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Intake Information For Mental Health

Pages: 9 (2605 words) Sources: 13 Document Type: Document #:76744601

… intake information
Presenting Problem:
The patient is a Caucasian female that is 29 years old. She presented the symptoms and signs of a mental health condition. Apart from having sleepless nights, she stated that she often felt sad, had crying spells almost daily, and that she was … and that she tries to be the best mother to them.
Depression DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria
The criteria has been chosen for diagnosing the mental health condition the patient is experiencing. DSM-5 lists the following criteria in making a depression diagnosis. The patient must experience more than five … and analytical decision-making models including fast system 1 and slow system 2 (Kahneman, 2011).
However, when the “explicit diagnostic criteria” was introduced in mental health care research and was later adopted in the DSM-III for clinical practice, it turned things around. It helped therapists to avoid the … factors e.g. stress. Studies have……



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Mental Health Access For Veterans

Pages: 2 (708 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:74878688

A Gap in Equity Related to mental Health Access for Veterans
Describe a specific gap in the delivery of healthcare. Include the specific population affected by the gap
A specific … gap
A specific gap that is existent in the delivery of healthcare takes into account a shortfall in equity that is associated with mental health accessibility for veterans.
Briefly describe the history of this gap in access to healthcare. Has this been an issue historically, or is … this gap in access to healthcare. Has this been an issue historically, or is it a modern issue?
A gap in accessibility to mental care has been a historical issue that has protracted into the present times. This gap in equity goes back to the mid-20th century … mid-20th century during the Vietnam War. Thousands of recruits within the military armies that participated in the war developed symptoms of post-traumatic stress……



American Public Health Association. (2014). Removing barriers to mental health services for veterans. Policy, 201411.

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Mental And Physical Health Needs And Resources For Young Adults And

Pages: 1 (330 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Essay Document #:67650449

Adolescent choices can determine outcomes that emerge later in life. Setting aside congenital conditions that adversely affect adolescent physical or mental health, adolescents and young adults also face risks related to lifestyle choices. Those risk factors increase among some demographic cohorts, especially low- and … and young adults also face risks related to lifestyle choices. Those risk factors increase among some demographic cohorts, especially low- and middle-income groups. mental health is a major concern among adolescents and young adults, which is why numerous community-level task forces address these concerns. In fact, the … why numerous community-level task forces address these concerns. In fact, the American government’s Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP, 2020) lists mental health disorder at the top of the list of concerns for adolescent population health.
In “Peer-facilitated community-based interventions for adolescent health in low-and middle-income countries,” ……



ODPHP (2020). Adolescent health. Retrieved from: 

Rose-Clarke, K., Bentley, A., Marston, C., & Prost, A. (2019). Peer-facilitated community-based interventions for adolescent health in low-and middle-income countries: A systematic review. PloS one, 14(1).

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The Biology Of Anxiety And Mood Disorders

Pages: 5 (1573 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:91249886

Biological Factors in Anxiety and Mood disorder
Anxiety and mood disorder are serious mental health and medical conditions that require professional treatment from healthcare providers to achieve a complete and lasting recovery. Given the significance of treatment … Heimberg, Fresco & Ritter, 2008). A critical component in the treatment of these conditions is understanding their underlying biological factors. Anxiety and mood disorder have a strong biological basis, which is critical in treatment approaches. An understanding of the biological basis of these conditions help in development … of the biological basis of these conditions help in development of effective treatment approaches. This paper examines biological factors in anxiety and mood disorder and their role in preventing and treating these disorder.
Anxiety disorder and Mood disorder
Villaggi et al. (2015) state that anxiety disorder and mood disorder are among the most prevalent psychological or mental health disorder. In this regard, the lifelong……



Jacofsky, M.D., Santos, M.T., Khemlani-Patel, S. & Neziroglu, F. (n.d.). Biological Explanations of Anxiety: Part II. Retrieved October 24, 2019, from 

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Villaggi et al. (2015). Self-Management Strategies in Recovery from Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Global Qualitative Nursing Research, 2, 1-13.

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PTSD And Bipolar Mental Health

Pages: 2 (744 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Case Study Document #:14470597

… not only ineffective, but can be potentially dangerous, particularly if mixed with conventional medical treatments such as antidepressants (Kelak, Cheah, & Safii, 2018). mental health issues such as posttraumatic stress disorder can be confusing and frightening for a family, and using traditional medicine may be comforting to people like Jeanette’s mother. It may also … people like Jeanette’s mother. It may also be less traumatic to think of her daughter as cursed rather than as suffering from a mental illness.
Clinicians must be culturally sensitive. Seeking spiritual comfort is a natural and accepted part of treatment. On the other hand, some spiritual … the aforementioned herbs) can be counterproductive and delay needed conventional medical treatment. Additionally, posttraumatic stress is a neurobiological issue as well as a mental health issue. Its symptoms can be extremely severe and involve unlearning ingrained fear-based responses. “PTSD was found to be associated with deficits……



Abdallah, C. G., Averill, L. A., Akiki, T. J., Raza, M., Averill, C. L., Gomaa, H., Adikey, A., & Krystal, J. H. (2019). The neurobiology and pharmacotherapy of posttraumatic stress disorder. Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology, 59, 171–189. Retrieved from: 

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Eating Disorder

Pages: 8 (2261 words) Document Type:Case Study Document #:71757003

Eating disorder/Electrolyte Imbalances Case Study
What data from the histories are relevant and has clinical significance to the nurse?
Relevant data from present …
Self-injurious behavior (SIB)
Sexually abused as a child
Citalopram 20 mg PO daily
Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI)
Reduction of depressive and eating disorder symptoms and protection against recurrence.
One disease process often influences the development of other illnesses. Based on your knowledge of pathophysiology, (if applicable), … data: Emaciated appearance, generalized weakness, depression symptoms, lack of eye contact, suicidal ideation, and poor insight and poor judgment.
Clinical significance: Diagnosis of mental health issues affecting the patient.
Rhythm interpretation: Regular heart rate since the interval between the R waves is regular.
Clinical significance: Identification of … potassium per hospital protocol

Potassium Chloride 10 mEq IVPB (x4) each dose over 1 hour. Recheck potassium per hospital protocol

Assessment and referral mental health assessment

1:1 sitter/security……

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