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Influence Of Political Interests Groups On The Educational Policy

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Budget and Resource Allocation Influence of Political Interest Groups on the Educational policy Making Process
State support for public education has wavered over time as a consequence of other competing interests. This is more so … including, but not limited to, healthcare (i.e. Medicaid). There are, however, variations from state to state. There is need for educational theorists, education policy practitioners and various other stakeholders in the education framework to better comprehend the various political forces having an impact on state fiscal policy. This text concerns itself with the influence of political interest groups on the educational policy-making process, with regard to budget and resource allocation. The context of this particular discussion will be Florida and Texas.
Interest groups do … we could have public-interest advocates and single-issue advocates (Anderson, 2003). While the latter could largely focus on issues that could be described as single-policy (i.e. K-12 education),……



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Fiscal Health Of Public Administration

Pages: 8 (2386 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:response paper Document #:45658914

Five future trends in Public Administration are 1) global interconnectedness and self-sufficiency; 2) changes to public health policy; 3) incorporation of advanced technology into administration; 4) more grassroots advocacy; and 5) emphasis on sustainability (Florida Tech, 2019). The first trend—the global … climate change and even though not everyone agrees it is happening, the problem will not go away and it will be a major policy focus in the coming years for public administrators.
According to VCU (2019), public personnel administration is the practice of “acquiring the best folks you ……



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Public Policy Of Agriculture Farm Bill 2018

Pages: 2 (712 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:94429716

… Agricultural Act of 2018 has been introduced to provided subsidies to farmers and improve their conditions. It has allocated $867 billion for this policy to incentivize the farmers (Aid, 2018).
This Farm Bill of 2018 is of immense benefit to the public and catered to so many … properties that can have range of benefits in the production of various goods (Queck-Matzie, 2018).
However, there has been down sides to this policy as well. Government should have given measures like supply management and pricing policy to improve the farming conditions of the farmers instead of allocating tax money on them, which will just benefit the mega farms and ……



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Israel And United States

Pages: 8 (2543 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Policy Proposal Document #:35099199

Introduction: the policy Problem under Consideration
When it comes to foreign policy, there are many different issues in foreign policy that the government needs to address—from tensions regarding missile treaties with Russia to wars in the Middle East to money given to the … fund a human rights violator by continuing to give billions of dollars every year to an apartheid state in the Middle East. A policy change is clearly needed on this issue if America is going to be able to have any moral high ground to condemn other … This shows how beholden to a foreign state that engages in human rights violations the U.S. actually has become.
To change the current policy towards issue, a new policy should be established, one that is based on the idea of ending all foreign aid to Israel. This would be a sign that … order to increase transparency for……



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Pages: 8 (2288 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:financial analysis Document #:63475461

… this period. According to the 1999 Annual Report, the company earned $1.309 billion in 1998, and steadily grew this figure through the 2008 fiscal year, when it recorded revenue of $10.383 billion (Macrotrends, 2019). The 2009 fiscal year saw a decline in revenue, for the first time since the company went public. But since that point, the company restored its … grown in a similar long-run positive trajectory. In 1998, net income was $68 million. This figure grew to $672 million in the 2007 fiscal year. The recession hit, and net income dropped to $311.7 million, and only increased slightly in 2009. For the most part, since that … Sheet
Decisions regarding the financing of this steady growth should be reflected on the company’s balance sheet. At the end of the 1998 fiscal year, Starbucks had just under $1 billion in total assets, about one-third of which were current……



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Income Inequality And Poverty

Pages: 5 (1391 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Annotated Bibliography Document #:25579678

Cyrek, M. (2019). Government social spending in the EU countries: efficiency in poverty and income inequality reduction. Equilibrium. Quarterly Journal of Economics and Economic policy, 14(3), 405-424.
This paper explains the disparities in the social efficacy of government expenditures in EU nations. In general, the nations with higher social ……



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Immigration Reform

Pages: 5 (1424 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Essay Document #:73100593

… is that President Trump wants to build a border wall to stop illegal immigration. Many radical Democrats want more of an open borders policy where immigrants can come into the country, receive services (like free health care) and even vote, without ever having to go through a ……


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Federal Reserve Operations And Market Impact

Pages: 4 (1239 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Essay Document #:28039044

What tools are used by the Federal Reserve to implement monetary policy?
Monetary policy refers to the actions undertaken by the Federal Reserve, which is the central bank, to control credit and its flow within the United … of the nation’s economy as a whole (Federal Reserve Education, n.d).
The Federal Reserve presently utilizes numerous tools in the implementation of monetary policy about its statutory obligation to nurture maximum employment and stability in prices. The following are the tools:
1. Open market operations (OMO)
The … excess cash. The rate of interest paid is the feds funds rate Federal Reserve, 2017).
For example, at the culmination of the 2013 fiscal year, the central bank necessitated banking institutions to maintain reserves equivalent to zero percent of the initial $13.3 million in the bank deposits. … market operations are the most flexible monetary tool, and as a result, most often employed by……



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Canadian Reciprocity Treaty Of 1854

Pages: 10 (2920 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Essay Document #:12980829

… by respective legislative bodies. The Home Government tried as much as possible with little success to reconcile the Reciprocity Treaty with the economic policy of free trade that had been adopted by Great Britain. However, this was near-impossible because the treaty was much popular than the universal ……



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Military Aviation Lack Of Training Personnel And Equipment

Pages: 6 (1677 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Capstone Project Document #:77103001

...Fiscal policy Introduction
The aviation field within the armed forces has serious problems as almost all the related services are making reports that they have training, pilot retention, and general machinery maintenance challenges (Burke, 2018; Deal, 2019; United States Government Accountability Office, 2019). The reason for this malaise is not clear but there are two possible originating problems that are just as common to military aviation as they are to the other branches of the military. First, military aviation was dedicating insufficient resources, including time, to maintenance. The period of the War on Terror had many specialized personnel in many departments working around the clock to ensure things were running smoothly. Maintenance issues were, therefore, rarely a problem. With most of the maintenance work being done by contractors, pilots were left to fly several hours with some accumulating upwards of 100,000 hours within a year (Burke, 2018). The situation after the war……


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