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Public Policy of Agriculture Farm Bill 2018 Essay

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Every five years, the congress introduces and revises the farm bill which aims to facilitate the farmers of America. The Bill or the Agricultural Act of 2018 has been introduced to provided subsidies to farmers and improve their conditions. It has allocated $867 billion for this policy to incentivize the farmers (Aid, 2018).

This Farm Bill of 2018 is of immense benefit to the public and catered to so many areas of farmers. The 2014 Farm bill which issued Farm Ranch and Assistance Network wasn't funded in the time of 2014 so in 2018, it was promoted and adjusted for a few changes. It deals with the mental health and stress of the farmers (Aid, 2018). It is a good initiative to be funded since it deals with the long term sustainment of the farmers’ health, improving the performance of the farmers. There are also farmers' protection programs where they are provided with the crop insurance.

Moreover, the Bill also has allowed the production of Hemp, giving the Hemp farmers an equal share within the programs and incentives as hemp is claimed to have biodegradable properties that can have range of benefits in the production of various goods (Queck-Matzie, 2018).

However, there has been down sides to this policy as well. Government should have given measures like supply management and pricing policy to improve the farming conditions of the farmers instead of allocating tax money on them, which will just benefit the mega farms and not the poor farmers (Aid, 2018). The farm bill has the potential to be exploited by the wealthy…

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…for the small scale farmers as it heavily supports the wealthy farmers/land owners making it very hard for the small scale farmer to survive which such harsh policies like price cuts and benefits that the mega farm gets due to the subsidies which rule out the small scale farmer from the picture based on competitiveness. Also, there has been budget deficit of $1.09 trillion (Amadeo, 2019) caused due to certain factors, a lot of programs and policies have been under funded like Medicare (Us, 2019) which required the budget allocation rather than allocating the tax money on farmers, because of which only rich are getting richer. There could have been other policies that would have helped the farmers, making the environment conducive for the small and new farmers to enter and compete within the market…

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