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Principles Of American Democracy

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Why American Democracy Has Failed and Why the Anti Federalists were Right
The Declaration of Independence, written in 1776, asserted that “all men are created equal.”[endnoteRef:2] It was an Enlightenment notion: Thomas … different matter altogether as the ancient city-state was smaller by an order of magnitude: it was essentially the type of government that the Anti-Federalists envisioned for themselves.
Yet, equal respect in the context of public decisions is nonetheless a hallmark of American Democracy as far as the ……



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Democracy In America In The 21st Century

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… level—i.e., at the state level) and authoritarianism or centralized power emerged at the beginning days of the nation. The debate was between the Federalists (who called for central power in the form of a federal government) and the Anti-Federalists (who called for autonomous governments among each and every state). The Federalists won the day and the centralized government, which started off small, grew over the decades and centuries into a behemoth of a machine … it was dead from the get-go and Jefferson knew as he was the one who predicted a tyranny of the Judiciary should the Federalists get their way in shaping the constitution of the nation.
In fact, the limitations of democracy should be all too apparent at this ……


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Effect Of War Of 1812

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… the British and French against the U.S. The economic sanctions were used as fodder by the war hawks in the U.S. (mainly the Federalists) like Henry Clay. As a result, Madison declared war against England and started off by attacking Canada.
The outcome of the war was … to make it more difficult for war to be declared in the future and the Hartford Convention essentially put an end to the Federalist Party, which was main source for hawkishness in the U.S. The Hartford Convention demanded reparations for New England as the war had caused … Hartford Convention demanded reparations for New England as the war had caused New England trade to suffer substantially. This in effect delegitimized the Federalist power, especially as the Treaty of Ghent had shown that the war had been essentially fought for no good reason at all (Dwight, ……



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Promises Of Democracy Capitalism In Ukraine

Pages: 9 (2599 words) Sources: 10 Document Type:Essay Document #:25483588

...Federalist Alternate Titles:
Rise of the Oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine
How Boris Berezovsky Fled Russia and Supported a Coup in Ukraine
The “expulsion” of Boris Berezovsky from Russia under the Putin Regime sparked a chain of events that led to Ukraine’s upheaval. Though considered an “expulsion” by the Russian billionaire, Berezovsky was actually summoned to appear for questioning by the Prosecutor General but chose to remain in exile in UK and obtain political asylum there (BBC, 2012). The story is worth telling because what followed in the geopolitical spat between Berezovsky and Putin impacted Ukraine and millions of lives there, and the telling reveals the fragile nature of the democracies of Eastern Europe in general in the post-Soviet era. For it was Berezovsky who vowed revenge against Putin and immediately began meddling in Ukraine politics as a way of getting back at the new head of Russia—with the help……



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Coronavirus And The Courts

Pages: 8 (2481 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:21023640

...Federalist The Right to Due Process and Privacy in Times of Coronavirus
One of the major problems in the US and the wider world is the dissemination of news or information that is accepted uncritically as gospel truth because it comes from a trusted source, a trusted outlet, a trusted organization, or a professional with the right sort of credentials that get people to assume trust. With regards to the coronavirus there is a great deal of misinformation and a great deal of legitimate questions and points that are raised by professionals, doctors, scientists, researchers and people with extensive backgrounds in epidemiology and health care that are not promoted in the mainstream media because those questions and points do not provoke fear and hysteria, which are the main drivers of the lockdown. Governors across the US have used fear and hysteria, rather than common sense, as justification for locking down……


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The Supreme Court And The Constitution

Pages: 3 (1029 words) Document Type:Essay Document #:67413964

...Federalist Is the Constitution Still Relevant? No—What Matters is Who Has the Power to Decide What the Constitution Means
The Constitution is relevant when people want it to be, and irrelevant when they do not want it to be. For instance, everyone become a Constitutionalist when he starts arguing that habeas corpus (Article I), due process (5th and 14th Amendments) and freedom of speech (1st Amendment) are important. But at other times people argue that gun rights (2nd Amendment) should be overturned and arms confiscated and banned, or that safety should come before the right to privacy (3rd, 4th and 5th Amendments). Thus, people are generally torn about what parts of the Constitution are relevant and what parts are not. Typically, when it comes to themselves, they want the protections of the Constitution—so if they feel that society poses a threat to themselves, they generally want the right to bear arms.……


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