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Enron Corporate Scandal And Microeconomics

Pages: 3 (975 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:38293784

… is a board term used to refer to government policies that regulate the market. Market regulation is evident in the discussion regarding the energy sector in California. As noted in the video, California is one of the most regulated markets in North America. However, Enron took advantage … one of the most regulated markets in North America. However, Enron took advantage of the existing market regulations in California relating to the energy sector to steal billions of dollars from people as it emphasized on making profits. The company identified loopholes in market regulations in California … dollars from people as it emphasized on making profits. The company identified loopholes in market regulations in California that resulted in a year-long energy crisis, which cost the State $30 billion. Ken Lay, one of Enron’s bosses, believed in capitalizing on every loophole or opening to engage in … it would go about……


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Weapons Of Mass Destruction WMD Antifa

Pages: 13 (3787 words) Sources: 12 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:67320498

… to go without some sort of major retaliation. That retaliation could come in the form of a transnational cyber attack on the nation’s energy infrastructure. After all, Iran has many non-state actors that it patronizes and can outsource an attack to. Much of the Arab community in … decades of war.
One question that one might ask is this: would the threat of cyber terrorism and cyber war upon the nation’s energy infrastructure be as great or exist at all if the U.S. were not so insistent upon attacking the energy infrastructures of other nations, from Venezuela to Syria to Iraq and so on? It seems that perhaps the real cause of transnational threats … other nations, from Venezuela to Syria to Iraq and so on? It seems that perhaps the real cause of transnational threats to America’s energy infrastructure might start right at home, with America’s own foreign……



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Shareholder Vs Stakeholder Theory

Pages: 11 (3224 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:76323348

… simply justifying whatever choices one wanted to make regardless of how it impacted others. Today, businesses are not held accountable, and the 2008 crisis showed as much. Their cronies are all in positions of power in the government, looking out for them rather than for any type ……



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Papa Johns Strategic Analysis

Pages: 7 (2158 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Essay Document #:51025972

… the brand, and 5000 stores with which to bring this new product messaging to the market.
The company has already experienced a major crisis event, but should still anticipate some sort of economic downturn. While Papa John’s fared well during the last downturn, it should not expect … learned anything the past year, it is that there is a commitment right from the Board to move swiftly in the event of crisis, and take dramatic action to strongly counter any problems that the company has. If it can apply that approach to its corporate strategy,……



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Enterprise Risk Management In Wells Fargo During The Pandemic

Pages: 15 (4587 words) Sources: 15 Document Type:Essay Document #:32848070

… role in managing loan products, using interest rates to attract savers, and offering investment advice. “No single risk associated with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis can be managed in isolation,” as Beasley (2020) points out (p.2). This means that from an ERM perspective the problem has to be … bundled and sold to investors: that was the idea that helped fuel the home buying spree leading up to the 2008 global economic crisis. The bubble burst when creditors began defaulting on loans and the price of credit default swaps skyrocketed. Moral hazard came back to bite ……



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Hurricane Maria And Puerto Rico S Emergency Management

Pages: 11 (3177 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:67675163

...Energy crisis Introduction
Hurricane Maria was the strongest hurricane to strike Puerto Rico in nearly a hundred years when it made landfall on the tiny island state in September of 2017 (Amnesty International, 2018). Maria followed upon the heels of Hurricane Irma, which had struck the island only a mere matter of weeks before. Nearly 3000 died as a result, according to Puerto Rico’s Governor and tens of thousands of people were displaced and forced to take up temporary shelter that gradually took on a character of permanence as the island struggled to cope with the devastation of the Category 4 hurricane (Amnesty International, 2018). Losses were estimated at some $90 billion. The fact that Puerto Rico was still reeling from the damages caused by Irma, which hit on September 6th, meant that local organizations were ill-prepared to cope with a second larger hurricane on September 20th. Irma had already “caused the……



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Family Business Reliance Industries Ambani Family

Pages: 8 (2546 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:16675031

… company, essentially breaking the firm into two separate companies. Mukesh was granted Reliance Industries while Anil was granted the telecoms, entertainment, financial and energy sections of the firm.
Criteria Used by Academics to Assess How to Manage Professionally a Family Business
There are many differences between the … across sectors and industries. The company has grown itself from a small textiles firm into a giant of industry, spanning from everything from energy to entertainment and fashion. The company has succeeded so well because it has been family-owned from the beginning. As scholars have shown, when ……



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Career Counseling

Pages: 8 (2777 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:22553329

… careers. My current job as a teacher still reflects who I am, and my interest in helping others. I have a lot of energy, and the work environment suits me even though it is restrictive and bureaucratic. In the future, I will recognize different ways of……



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Electronic Health Records EHR

Pages: 8 (2498 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Essay Document #:76313206

...Energy crisis Introduction
An electronic health record (EHR) is a person's authentic health record that is shared among various agencies and offices (Hasanain, 2014). The role of EHRs is getting to be expanding persuasive as progressively tolerant data winds up computerized and bigger quantities of customers express a need to have portable access to their health records. It is an electronic form of a patient's paper record. EHRs offer the upside of making data about patient consideration accessible, in a protected way, to numerous approved clients (Kierkegaard, 2019). In spite of the fact that EHRs change in content and usefulness, they are regularly intended to incorporate the therapeutic and treatment accounts of the patient, just as the patient's findings, meds, vaccination dates, radiology pictures, and lab and test results, among other data. EHRs can possibly coordinate data from various sources and give a progressively thorough perspective on patient consideration despite the fact……



Gagnon, D., Simonyan, E.K., Ghandour, G., Godin, M., Labrecque, M., Ouimet, M.R. (2016). Factors influencing electronic health record adoption by physicians: A multilevel analysis, Int J Inform Manage, 36, pp. 258-270.

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