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Theory Gap Theory-Practice Gap Nursing in the Research Paper

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Theory Gap

Theory-practice gap

Nursing in the contemporary society needs a lot of skills, knowledge and even proficient practice. Unfortunately, there is lack of implementation of what the text book says/research findings in the daily practice application of the nursing profession. Unfortunately this goes even to the ethical spheres where the nursing practice ethics are not observed and implemented in the nursing profession. Almost all nurses find themselves in this theory-practice gap once in a while, though it is generally claimed that the nursing students are more prone to find themselves in this situation (Scully, 2011).

The stand I adopt on the entire issue is that there is a significant gap between the theory and the practice that is experienced in the daily nursing arena. This gap does a lot of injustice to the growth and development of nursing practice since the theoreticians and the research outcomes are hence left to be at the lead without implementation. There are various factors that can lead to this phenomenon in the healthcare fraternity. Some of the reasons that I consider to be contributing to the gap is lack of apt training and seminars once findings have been made. This is in the light of difficulty in coordinating the training among the vast numbers of nurses and this has to do with finances. There is also the complacency due to traditional ways of tackling health issues. The nurses may feel if the traditional way solves a given problem, then there would be no need to change to the new approach. There are several bureaucracies as well that must be followed within the healthcare practice before any new discovery or research findings are implemented, this makes it very hard for most noble findings to be put in practice.. The other factor is the ever changing patient needs within the nursing practice that is experienced by the changing adaptability of the body, the metamorphosis of bacteria and viruses and other related factors. These are issues that constantly contribute to the…

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Margaret G.A., (2013). Florence Nightingale's Influence on Nursing. Retrieved September 7, 2013

Scully, (2011). The theory-practice gap and skill acquisition: an issue for nursing education. Retrieved September 7, 2013

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