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The Differences In Religions And Their Burial Rituals

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… Each religion has different sects as well. Christianity was dominated essentially by Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox for most of its history, but protestant Christianity introduced myriad sects over the past five hundred years. Judaism has also seen various sectarian movements arise, but can generally be divided … does not have to be conscious for the sacrament to be administered but does need to conscious to make a last confession.
In protestant rites, the sacrament is typically not provided. Neither Calvin nor Luther had anything but disgust for the sacrament, considering it a manmade institution … sacrament, which is considered highly important among both Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox at the time of death, is largely ignored among protestant.
The Jewish ritual at the time of death focuses primarily on preparing the body. This includes the practice of washing the body, ritual … as a result of culture……


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Female Artists In History

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… back from the regard it had held for women during the Renaissance. Part of that may have to do with the advent of protestant and Enlightenment philosophy, both of which tended to be somewhat sexist and tyrannically patriarchal.
The Renaissance did not deny a woman artist’s … enough of that. Respect for womanhood, however, was linked to respect for the Virgin Mary, revered as the Mother of God. Once the protestant reformation (and its general dislike of the Virgin Mary) had wrecked the whole of Christendom, tension between the sexes grew by leaps and bounds ……



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