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Nursing Leadership And Partnerships Unions

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… collective bargaining that aims to improve personnel working conditions, hours, benefits, and wages (Full Beaker, 2017). When it comes to the field of nursing, unions work more rigorously in the event of a dearth of nursing staff, as nursing practitioners do not wish to jeopardize their jobs in a period of job scarcity (Marquis & Huston, 2017).
I am a cardiac nurse … cardiac nurse employed at XYZ hospital. In my workplace, unions have a central part to play. Union involvement in our hospital system benefits nursing staff as well as the overall healthcare system. Unions’ presence improves job security, wages, salary rise, education reimbursement working conditions, and seniority advantages, … one; however, every nurse is capable of learning to lead within the bounds of his/ her role. A union’s presence would influence how nursing leaders communicate with subordinates (i.e., nursing staff). nursing leaders possess skills like conflict management/……



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Holistic Care And Nursing How To Care For The Whole Person

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Personal Philosophy of nursing
Having a personal philosophy of nursing is important because it provides the nurse with an understanding of the framework that will be applied in the nurse’s own career of … patients. Personal understanding is the bedrock of growth and development. So it is appropriate to stop and consider how one’s own philosophy of nursing aligns with one’s view of the nursing metaparadigm. This paper will identify the factors that have influenced my development of my personal nursing philosophy. It will also discuss my thoughts regarding the nursing metaparadigm. Finally, it will examine the nursing theory that is most compatible with my personal philosophy.
Factors Influencing the Development of My Personal nursing Philosophy
Factors that have influenced the development of my personal nursing philosophy are 1) my education, and 2) my own experience and understanding of nursing. My education has taught me the basics of nursing……



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Culture And Nursing

Pages: 11 (3252 words) Sources: 14 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:16877652

… of the group before the desires of the individual. Nurses can use and understand culture by utilizing models like Leininger’s transcultural model of nursing, by adopting a patient-centered care strategy, or simply by developing their cultural competencies. In doing so, nurses can promote safe, effective, and quality ……



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Dorothea Orem S Self Care Deficit Theory

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My specialty area of NP practice is family nurse practitioner. My choice of nursing theory on this front is the Dorothea Orem’s self-care deficit theory. To a large extent, this happens to be one of the most … on this front is the Dorothea Orem’s self-care deficit theory. To a large extent, this happens to be one of the most popular nursing theories owing to its succinct description of some concepts of great relevance to nursing practice. In essence, the theory advances the need for individuals as well as families to further their health and wellbeing by embracing the … by Orem in the 1960s. It was, however, not until 1971 that Orem outlined the theory in one of her published works titled, nursing: Concepts and Practice. As Simmons (2009) observes, Orem was convinced that the focus of nursing should be on how to affect people’s natural ability for self-care.……



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Nursing Burnout

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Education Plan for Nurse Burnout at North Mountain Medical
The current issue at North Mountain Medical is nursing burnout, which is caused by various factors including inadequate staffing, increased workload, long working hours, poor working environment, and inadequate time to complete … environment, and inadequate time to complete a task effectively. The proposed change project to address this issue is an educational plan that targets nursing burnout, particularly workplace stress management. In this regard, the practicum education project focuses on training nurses at North Mountain Medical on nursing burnout, particularly workplace stress management. Through the insights obtained from this course, nurses in this facility will be able to implement evidence-based strategies … insights obtained from this course, nurses in this facility will be able to implement evidence-based strategies on workplace stress management and preventing/dealing with nursing burnout.
Learning Objectives or Outcomes
As shown in the educational plan in Appendix A,……



Howe, D. (2018). Evidence-Based Education Program to Reduce Nurse Manager Burnout. Retrieved from Walden University website: 

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Nursing And Adaptive Response

Pages: 7 (1974 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:38392120

...Nursing theories Introduction
Adaptive response refers to how the human body protects itself from injury or infection. It is the third line of defense after inflammatory response and innate immunity (Huether & McCance, 2017). Advanced practice nurses should understand patient’s adaptive responses to alterations caused by disease processes. This paper explains the pathophysiology of tonsillitis, irritant contact dermatitis (ICD), and stress responses as determined from scenario 1, 2 and 3 (see Appendix A). In addition, it presents the mind map of tonsillitis that shows epidemiology, pathophysiology, risk factors, clinical presentation, diagnosis, and adaptive responses.
Scenario 1: Acute Tonsillitis
The conclusion from scenario 1 (see Appendix A) is a 2-years-old female patient suffering from on and off fever, sore throat, and swallowing pain for three days. Physical examination shows the patient’s throat is red with 4 tonsils, diffuse exudates, and palpable tender anterior cervical nodes. Patient's vital signs reveal a heart rate of……


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The Role Of Quality And Safety In Nursing Science

Pages: 6 (1737 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:91461612

… for patients experiencing illness and seeking treatment. The role of the nurse is complex, requiring effectiveness, efficiency, compassion, and understanding. Some aspects of nursing science involve research and use of evidence-based practice to provide the high quality and safety standards patients deserve. How are quality and safety … deserve. How are quality and safety measures adopted and implemented? This essays aims to look at the role quality and safety play in nursing science using a contemporary example, and seeing how real world strategies aim to test and assess standards of care to deliver the positive … into real-world application of quality and safety measures, one can determine the process from cultivation of concepts, implementation, and assessment.
Quality measures in nursing science
Often a good way to understand if a patient is experiencing a high quality of care is through patient outcomes and patient … quality of care…” (Lood et……



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Role Of Descriptive Epidemiology In Nursing Science

Pages: 6 (1672 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Essay Document #:28360370

… over time. Descriptive epidemiology is therefore capable of generating etiological research hypotheses (Liu, 2018). This paper discusses the role of descriptive epidemiology in nursing today.
Descriptive Epidemiology
Descriptive epidemiology refers to a method of data organization and analysis with the goal of understanding the differences that exist … useful in the formulation of hypotheses on various health-related topics (Richards & Cai, 2016). Such hypotheses are useful in the testing of various theories and to draw associations between various health outcomes and disease determinants.
In science today, epidemiology plays several roles including the identification of emerging … and place are important concepts in epidemiology. Data is usually compiled and analyzed based on these three factors. This is especially true in nursing (Katzmarzyk et al., 2017). Further, accounts created about the health of a population are also expressed using tables, graphs, and maps.
With ……



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Contemporary Professional And Clinical Nursing Issues

Pages: 8 (2260 words) Sources: 26 Document Type:Essay Document #:81757031

… services provided (ACSQHC, 2019). However, despite the existence of these standards and several other measures, clinical and professional issues still occur in the nursing world resulting in health service consumers being harmed or negatively impacting the quality of health care services being offered (Government of Western Australia, … what happened (Ben Natan, Sharon, Mahajna, & Mahajna, 2017). Lack of consistency in medication administration can negatively impact both the patient and the nursing team (Davies et al., 2019).
Impact of the issue on the nursing team.
Quite a number of factors can compromise medication safety and negatively impact the nursing team. In this case, the nursing team could end have having negative feelings such as doubt, guilt, and shame (Yung, Yu, Chu, Hou, & Tang, 2016). The nursing student was operating out of their normal scope of practice and the registered nurse allowed it occur to help the student learn……



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Pediatric Nursing And Gastroenteritis

Pages: 11 (3217 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Case Study Document #:91020805

...Nursing theories Gastroenteritis
Gastroenteritis only shows relatively mildly in children and lasts for a few days. On many occasions of the illness, parents manage it at home and may not even seek professional help. While many children who develop gastroenteritis do not need specialized care, still, they end up in hospital facilities and are admitted as inpatients. Such patients are kept in hospital for a significant period. This is a notable strain on the health sector. Admitting these children in the hospital also poses a risk of infecting other children who have been admitted on other issues at the hospital. Some of these at-risk may be highly vulnerable due to their health conditions (Hockenberry & Wilson, 2019).
The recommended approaches for managing Gastroenteritis keep evolving. There are new management strategies and treatments proposed every day. Some of the proposals could be controversial. New approaches are being tested for fast rehydration using intravenous……



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