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Marketing Strategy Creation For OPG

Pages: 6 (1941 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Essay Document #:63904043

Marketing Driven Strategy
In a market driven strategy the customer is the focal point, which means that everything the bar and grill does should … customer value. If there is a match and the pub can do it, the steps should lead to superior performance and a successful marketing driven strategy.
Positioning is key to this process and as Trout and Rivkin (2006) argue, a company must differentiate or die, which is … process and as Trout and Rivkin (2006) argue, a company must differentiate or die, which is what OPG aims to do with its marketing strategy. Using customer benefits and product characteristics as a marketing positioning strategy is the way to go for OPG. OPG’s strengths are its location and its food. Its location in the community is … reason to be loyal to the pub, to buy pub merch, and to promote the pub by word of……



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Healthcare Marketing

Pages: 11 (3219 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:80789957

When it comes to healthcare marketing there are certain restrictions that have to be followed under U.S. law. For example, the FDA has rules for companies that want to … to be spread publicly in violation of the privacy rights of patients (Lane, 2019). Moreover, aside from issues of compliance, the nature of marketing has changed to such an extent within the last few decades that much of advertising itself has migrated from old media to new … care by altering where patients go for information about health and healing. In this new complex landscape of regulations and changing technology, healthcare marketing faces new challenges. Fortunately, old formulas can still apply. This paper will describe the strategies and tools that can still be effective in … new challenges. Fortunately, old formulas can still apply. This paper will describe the strategies and tools that can still be effective in healthcare……



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Effect Of Digital Marketing On Competitiveness Of Automobile Companies

Pages: 7 (2171 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:71991463

In the research article “Effect of Digital Marketing on Competitiveness of Automobile Companies in Kenya” by Eva Nkatha Kigunda, the objective was to assess how digital marketing strategies affected the competitiveness of automobile companies in Kenya. The digital marketing strategies included in the study are search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, social media marketing (SMM), and online advertising. The study population was staff working in the marketing departments of major motor vehicle dealers in Kenya, and a sample of 101 (30% of the population) was included in the study (Kigunda … Quantitative data was analyzed using SPSS version 20. The study findings are that while automobile dealers in Kenya have significantly invested in digital marketing, there return on investment (ROI) is still insignificant. Digital marketing strategies are mainly used in maintaining the current customer pool for the dealers. The research article is a standard-structured paper that included a ………



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Defending The Practice Of Social Media Marketing

Pages: 3 (969 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:17440556

How to Use Social Media Influencers to Promote Products
Social media marketing has become an important marketing strategy for companies today, as many consumers turn to social media for information on products and for their peers’ opinions on products (Lou … the best way to do this (Lim, Radzol, Cheah & Wong, 2017). This paper will describe the pros and cons of social media marketing and examine an example of a practical application.
Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing
The pros of social media marketing are that it allows the company to directly connect to consumers on platforms that consumers themselves choose to use for the purpose of … grow as consumer confidence in the company’s image increases through this level of direct engagement and interaction.
The cons are that social media marketing is not as easy to control as other forms of marketing. There is always a narrative……



Ki, C. W. C., & Kim, Y. K. (2019). The mechanism by which social media influencers persuade consumers: The role of consumers’ desire to mimic. Psychology & Marketing, 36(10), 905-922.

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Strategic Marketing Plan For Lemon Thirst Energy Drink

Pages: 11 (3288 words) Sources: 10 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:54106401

… energy drinks segment and is different from other energy drink products in the sense that it is healthier. This paper outlines the strategic marketing plan for the drink in the United States energy drinks market.
Mission Statement
The mission statement of the Lemon Thirst Beverage Company is … the needs of the consumer and enhance the community and the society at the same time via the use of eco-friendly production and marketing methods.
The vision of the Lemon Thirst Beverage Company is to become a leader in the manufacturing of healthy and nutritious drinks … entire structure. One of the founders will head the production and operations departments of the Company, while the other will head the administration, marketing, and finance departments of the Company. Because the Company does not have limitless resources, the two founders intend to minimize operational costs and ……



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Pages: 8 (2450 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Marketing Plan Document #:95871630

Company Description
Company Summary
Valiant Marketing is a new conception in marketing. Our marketing agency will be tilted toward gaining clients to work with LGBT consumers and businesses. Basically, Valiant will work towards connecting businesses in America … the endeavor to comprehend, reach, serve and work with the LGBTQ. By conducting extensive market research across the spectrum of this community, Valiant Marketing will provide our clientele with a profound and substantial understanding of how to realistically link with and engage with this increasing, influential, potent …
We shall operate our business with excellence in all facets and at all times, treasure the exquisiteness and distinctiveness within the advertising and marketing industry, and we will purpose to sustain our brand name and reputation in the highest regard possible.
Valiant Marketing prides itself in creating a link between businesses and the LGBTQ community. There are five fundamental services that our company……



NGLCC. (2019). About NGLCC. Retrieved from: 

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Fero Beauty

Pages: 7 (2143 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Marketing Plan Document #:70961218

ABC Marketing Plan (FERO BEAUTY)
The company in question is Fero Beauty. Fero Beauty is a boutique that sells the latest, fashionable and chic … include shoes, accessories such as bracelets and earrings, and clothing for women such as dresses, jeans, and blouses.
In this section of the marketing plan, I will share the company’s pricing and distribution strategy, integrated marketing communications plan, public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling plan, competitive analysis, online and direct marketing plan, and social responsibility/cause-related marketing plan.
Pricing and Distribution Strategy
Pricing alludes to the practice of a business setting the price for retailing its products and services. Distribution … end-user consumption. This section discusses the pricing and distribution strategy for Fero Beauty.
Pricing Strategy
Pricing is one of the components in the marketing mix, and it has a direct impact on the positioning of a product in the market. It is essential……



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Childrens Amusement Park

Pages: 10 (3072 words) Sources: 10 Document Type:Marketing Plan Document #:62460752

Marketing Plan for a Children’s Amusement Park
Executive Summary
The marketing objectives for this paper are to create a strategic marketing plan that considers the situational analysis, target segmentation, marketing mix, financials and controls needed to get the Park to the kids and get parents to buy an annual membership.
The vision for … and that they are getting good value for their money. Marketers must also understand the target segment and be able to tailor the marketing strategy to the needs and behaviors of the target by using models like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
The value chain will be used … the positioning strategy that the firm will adopt based on its approach to differentiation and low-cost services and products. Fourth will be the marketing mix that the company will use to reach consumers. Fifth will be the financial and budgetary concerns. And last will be a discussion ………



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Fero Beauty Boutiques

Pages: 6 (1862 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Marketing Plan Document #:30588715

Marketing plan
Fero Beauty is a boutique that sells the latest, fashionable and chic clothing, shoes, and accessories for women in the market. … bracelets and earrings, and clothing for women such as dresses, jeans, and blouses. The purpose of this paper is to explain a comprehensive marketing plan for the company. The marketing plan will include the mission statement, short-term and long-term goals, and the suitable ways of measuring them, an environmental analysis, and SWOT analysis.
… employee retention and turnover per year
4. Examining the number of consumers entering the store.
Environmental Analysis
PESTEL Analysis
PESTLE analysis is a marketing tool that ascertains the external forces that influence the operations of a company. It helps to gain an understanding regarding aspects of the ……



Boone, L. E., & Kurtz, D. L. (2013). Contemporary marketing. Cengage learning.

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Pages: 10 (2886 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Marketing Plan Document #:99752177

Marketing to a Target Population and Differentiating Services
The New Product
The new product is a spa that services mothers of young children. It … the mental, physical, social and beauty health support they need through spa relaxation treatment at any time of the working day.
Short Term Marketing Objectives
The short term marketing objectives are:
1. To promote the new service—this will include advertising locally with ads online that use targeted marketing
2. To engage the audience—by developing a social media presence and describing what is available at the facility and inviting questions from followers
… all the spa will do is handle the sale and receive a premium for processing the sale.
Target Market
The four basic target marketing strategies are: 1) undifferentiated marketing, 2) differentiated or multi-segment marketing, 3) focus or concentrated targeting, and 4) customized marketing. Undifferentiated marketing refers to the type of approach in marketing……



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