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Twitter External Internal Analysis Report To CEO

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… (C-141)
1.4.4. As internet access is becoming readily available, the use of social media is also growing especially in countries like India and Indonesia. It is estimated that India has 270 million Facebook users while Indonesia has 140 million (C-143)
1.5. Ecological
1.5.1. Data centres require electricity and total energy use is increasing. (C-142)
1.5.2. In order to access ……



Thompson, Arthur A.,. (2015). Crafting and Executing Strategy: Concepts and Readings..New York: McGraw-Hill Education, (pp. 138-148)

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Servant Leadership Compare And Contrast

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...Indonesia Compare and Contrast Paper on Servant Leadership
Servant Leadership Theory was given by Robert Greenleaf that focuses on the leaders being the servant of their people, serving them in every possible way (Burkus, 2010). The words' servant' and 'leader' are both contradictory to each other, but the subtleties of this relationship, in which the servant leads through serving others, is unique and distinctive, fulfilling the aspects of successful leadership (Rachmawati, 2014). This theory was emphasized and analyzed more by other theorists like Larry Spears, who laid out the character traits of a servant Leader including, understanding, listening, encouragement, health-giving, far-sightedness, stewardship, conceptualization, assurance to growth and progressing the community (Burkus, 2010).
If we carefully look at the servant leadership characteristics, they coincide with the laws of leadership by Maxwell. For case in point, listening, which is very important in servant leadership as their main motive is to serve the people……



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What is Servant Leadership? (2014, November 25). STU Online.


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