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Compare and Contrast Paper on Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership Theory was given by Robert Greenleaf that focuses on the leaders being the servant of their people, serving them in every possible way (Burkus, 2010). The words' servant' and 'leader' are both contradictory to each other, but the subtleties of this relationship, in which the servant leads through serving others, is unique and distinctive, fulfilling the aspects of successful leadership (Rachmawati, 2014). This theory was emphasized and analyzed more by other theorists like Larry Spears, who laid out the character traits of a servant Leader including, understanding, listening, encouragement, health-giving, far-sightedness, stewardship, conceptualization, assurance to growth and progressing the community (Burkus, 2010).

If we carefully look at the servant leadership characteristics, they coincide with the laws of leadership by Maxwell. For case in point, listening, which is very important in servant leadership as their main motive is to serve the people (Burkus, 2010), coincides with Maxwell's fifth law of leadership (Maxwell, 1998). Understanding people and treating them with care and respect is one of the ethical consideration in business (Maxwell J. C.), which the servant leadership fulfills as it is based on empathy, understanding and treating the followers well by putting their needs first (What is Servant Leadership?, 2014)

Traditionally, the word servant is equated with greatness in ancient texts (Rachmawati, 2014), while authentic leadership is influencing others through the ideas and thought process because of which people follow (Maxwell J. C., 1998). However, in some cases today, the companies and organizations themselves do not follow or have those qualities which they want from their subordinates, such as honesty (Maxwell J. C.). In this case, a leadership style that is moral and is charismatic in its endeavor because of the very principle of serving its employees/followers will be the most effective in today's world (Rachmawati, 2014).

Sustainability and Consistency are the key factors in the Servant Leadership Style as it develops a strong foundation within the employees through…

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…in the society by being ethically and morally appropriate in its decision and direction (Maxwell J. C.). This shows that adopting this leadership style will contribute positively to the organization's success, making the employees ethically and morally right.

Leading by being a servant to its employees or followers is a distinctive approach as it encompasses all the laws of leadership (Maxwell J. C., 1998) that are required to make the leadership experience prosperous. This style develops the intrinsic motivation within its employees/followers to follow him as it takes into account all the ethical and moral concerns within the leadership, performs what it advocates, and basis its priority on the growth and development of its followers, inspiring and influencing them to follow him. The characteristics of the servant leadership go well with the fundamental concepts of being a leader as being a leader is not just a position of power, it is a responsibility that comes with the commitment to growth and accountability of the actions and decisions…

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