Healthcare Essay Outline Template

I. Introduction

A. Problem with a profit-driven healthcare system

B. Changing attitudes towards socialized medicine

C. Balancing the need to invest heavily in healthcare research with the need to consider access to healthcare as a basic human right.

D. Thesis: Reforming the healthcare system may be easier than people think, and requires only a concerted effort to reduce the power of private insurance companies.

II. Healthcare ethics

A. Why healthcare is a human right

B. Rebranding socialized medicine for Americans

III. Models of socialized medicine

A. Countries around the world

B. Obamacare and beyond

IV. How to find a happy medium

A. Decide that healthcare is a basic human right and design policies accordingly.

B. Public relations strategies to reduce fears related to socialized medicine.

C. Balancing the need for research and development with the need to provide equitable access to services.

D. Preventative care

V. Conclusions

A. Healthcare reform is still possible in the United States, as attitudes are changing.

B. Create a model that works for Americans.

Healthcare Essay Outline Example

I. Introduction

A. Given the furor over Obamacare, Americans are conflicted about their attitudes towards healthcare.

B. Although Americans view public education as a human right, healthcare remains an area that reveals major socioeconomic disparities. C. Thesis: It is possible to envision a healthcare system that is both profitable and equitable.

II. Universal healthcare can be reframed as being good for the economy, given the way it could reduce wasteful expenditures linked to administrative fees, insurance premiums, and also preventable healthcare problems.

A. A healthy populace is a productive populace, resulting in fewer sick days and a happier workforce.

B. Insufficient access to medical care leads to unnecessary healthcare burdens.

C. Preventative care would also reduce unnecessary costs and create a more efficient system.D. The current system in which insurers control healthcare costs builds a tremendous amount of waste into the system.

III. Changing attitudes towards socialized medicine is necessary if Americans are ever going to welcome a system in which all citizens have equal access to healthcare services and resources.

A. Equitable access to healthcare reflects American values related to social justice.

B. Healthcare can be considered similar to public education, reducing unwarranted fears about socialized medicine.

C. An effective public awareness campaign may be a good way to change attitudes and beliefs about healthcare reform.

IV. Because of the controversies surrounding a universal healthcare system in America, it is important to develop solutions that recognize the difficulties inherent in a sudden massive overhaul.

A. By reducing unnecessary costs in the system, it becomes possible to liberate resources that can make healthcare more affordable—not just for individuals but also for healthcare professionals too.

B. It is critical to focus more attention on preventative care and public health education, to reduce the prevalence of preventable diseases.

V. Conclusion

A. The healthcare system in America is in crisis, reflecting and perpetuating social injustices and inequities.

B. To reform the healthcare system, the United States can build a model that works by taking cues from other countries.

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