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The Moral and Ethical Implications Emerging Due to Globalization Essay

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Globalization and Its Ethical Implications

The dynamic force of globalization, a phenomenon of interconnectedness and integration of economies around the world, has resulted not only to increasing opportunities for trade diversification but presents inherent risk such as global financial instability, increased inequalities, terrorism. In an increasingly interdependent world, increasing world population, scientific and technology innovation advancement, global human development issues, global governance, peace and security, global environment and natural resources are emerging global issues of interest to both national and international governments and critical for maintaining global stability (Bhargava, 2007).

Forces of globalization have contributed to multilateral trade liberalization, which has an economic value such as increasing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), greater economies of scale and scope and knowledge, and technology spillovers (Bhargava, 2007). It's enabled the development of competitive and comparative advantage in manufacturing by developing countries. The expansion of economic activities across the globe has put pressure on the supply of energy water, fisheries, and forest resources, resulting in their rapid depletion, presenting a risk of future scarcity (Yi. et al., 2012). The expanded economic activity triggered climate change that's evident by the prevalent extreme weather, rising sea levels, and heatwaves that have resulted in declining economic productivity. The forces of globalization triggered the need for addressing global income inequalities and poverty which remains pervasive

Globalization- children's rights nexus is one of the emerging global societal topics with two fundamental ethical issues that pervades in developing countries: child labor and child soldiers. Children are used in some severe forms of child labor and are exposed to hazardous conditions such as chemicals and pesticides in agriculture, mines machinery, and pollution. Moreover, ten of thousands of children are associated with armed terror groups and exposed to acute levels of violence by being engaged as combatants or non-combatants. Children being used in acts of terrorism as suicide bombers have been observed in some parts of the globe. This condition exposes the children to other forms of exploitation, such as sexual exploitation, and condemns them to a life of poverty. It also denies the children their right to education undermining a countries future human resource and contributing top intergenerational poverty.

Globalization has contributed to increasing global inequality and incidences of poverty, which then drives children in child labor. The unbearable situation of impoverished households and the high cost of schooling forces children to work. Forces…

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…that I implemented by documenting the departmental malpractice of destroying accounting documents.

Buller, Kohls, and Anderson (1991) identify the education approach as a means of addressing ethical conflict. Through the use of education skills, ethically conflicted parties could be persuaded to change their position. As points out, education contributes to our knowledge build-up, which shapes our relationships and actions and has the potential to contribute to good or perpetuate the destruction of humanity or the planet. The general education courses enhanced my realm of understanding of the ethical behavior held common by global society. In addition to acquiring new competencies, Bereiter and Scardamalia (2020) note that education enables one to be an ideal critical thinker who is well-informed, analytical, flexible and open-minded, fair-minded in evaluation, and prudent in making judgments. Education has enabled me to make ethical reflections, develop a more general outlook, and enabled me to step beyond my judgments when faced with ethical issues. Such understanding enables me to work in a multicultural environment with minimal conflict enhancing my efficiency in task delivery. The Blogxer (2012) points out that an educated person has the responsibility of educating others, seeks to advance to a better future, creates and maintains…

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