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Technology Divorce And The Impact Of Social Inequality On Marital

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… use it to obtain an understanding of what sorts of risks or challenges the child may be facing.
The GPS locator is a technology that parents can use to locate their child, literally. It is not a popular idea among many parents but it does provide some … of living in a world where there are dangers around every corner. The GPS locator is perhaps the most egregious example of how technology used by parents to support their style of raising children: it essentially puts the child on a digital leash. It may not allow ……



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Drone Technology

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Acquisitions and Technology
Drone technology is going to impact numerous industries and fronts in the coming years. Amazon is developing drones for last mile delivery (Oswald, 2017) and … a concept plan that resembles a beehive, with drones emerging from it to deliver packages to customers (Yurieff, 2017). The military has drone technology too, except it is not delivering consumer goods but conducting surveillance and dropping bombs on targets (Military, 2019). What all this shows is … it is not delivering consumer goods but conducting surveillance and dropping bombs on targets (Military, 2019). What all this shows is that drone technology has come a long way from being a concept to a reality, and they will likely continue to develop and play a major … be used for heavier goods in the future and it would eliminate a lot of the need for courier services.…[break]…The future of drone technology is……



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Starbucks Use Of Wireless Technology

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… world of technological advancement, companies are trying to gain competitive advantage through using unique ways of reaching out to the customers. Since wireless technology is everywhere, many companies have commercialized and expanded their business through it. Starbucks is one such company.
Starbuck uses GPS (Global Positioning System) ……



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Challenges In Management Facing Transformational Leaders Service

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Annotated bibliography: Management and Accounting Challenges facing Transformational Leaders: Service and Technology
Carreiro, H., & Oliveira, T. (2019). Impact of transformational leadership on the diffusion of innovation in firms: Application to mobile cloud computing. Computers in … as diffusion of innovation model phases, utilizing PLS technique and information from as many as 154 companies, for studying the implementation of novel technology, namely MCC (mobile cloud computing). Factors like corporate vision, supportive leaders, intellectual stimulation, and personal acknowledgment are important when it comes to implementation … construct. The authors conclude that empathetic, efficient leadership, right from the vision stage to the stage of institutionalization, proves crucial to adopt information technology cloud innovation successfully. Superior communication skills, involving ensuring team motivation, personnel being up- to- date on reform and growth, and regular emphasis on ……



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Integrated Waveguide Technologies Preparing For A Public Offering

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...Technology Introduction

Distribution policy is a set of principle stipulating the guidelines for cash dividends payout to the shareholders and stock repurchases. Dividends mean the company's earnings distributed to the stockholders declared during the year, interim dividends, or at the end of a financial year referred to as the final dividend. Dividends account as a source of income for the investors but also have an information signaling effect. Therefore, a dividend distribution is informing the management of the earnings to allocate as dividends and contribute to sharing purchase investment decisions. Dividend distribution policy is informed by multiple factors such as financial flexibility, investment opportunities for the company, tax consideration, contractual and legal restrictions, the volatility of expected future earnings, and flotation costs (Baker & Weigand, 2015).
Dividends may be distributed in the form of stock repurchases or cash dividends. Cash dividends offer investors a stream of income. Stock repurchases entail the……



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Allied Health And Technology Institute Reopening Guidelines COVID 19

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...Technology August 2020
By the end of the month, we hope to reopen:
i) Academic facilities for courses that begin earlier than October
ii) Admissions processing for October 2020
Already open:
i) Several laboratories and associated spaces (phased, where buildings are ready and on the basis of priority)
ii) College house for end-year examination processing (partially open with staff reporting in shifts)
iii) College health center
September 2020
By the end of the month, the school administration will hold a full scale review to determine what areas can be reopened safely
We hope to reopen;
i) The library (weekdays 9am to 6pm)
ii) More academic facilities and departments
iii) Any remaining cafes and shops
iv) Any remaining laboratories
October 2020
we will be reopening some office spaces on reduced capacity for staff and faculty who may wish to work on campus
We hope to begin welcoming some of our students back……



CDC (2019). Operating Schools during Covid-19: CDC’s Considerations. Center for Diseases Prevention and Control (CDC). Retrieved from 

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Web 2 0 And Online Studio Education

Pages: 6 (1931 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:53632130

… eradicating the issue of distance in pursuing education (Bender, 2006). Higher education systems, especially the architectural and design courses, are moving towards integrating technology, transforming the traditional format of studying, but the studio courses have remained constant with the traditional style of education (Bender, 2006). Since distance … changed in order to incorporate the new social, economic, and technological changes (Pasin, 2017). Educational practices have changed due to the integration with technology, proving successful and efficient with the learning procedure and teaching style.
Traditional Design Studio is the kind of teaching environment that has a … (Nottingham, 2014).
Conclusively, as the world is moving towards technological advancement and digital innovation, the educational fields have also realized the importance of technology in making the entire learning procedure more effective. Online studio education has immense benefits for the entire curriculum, learning objectives, course outline, and ……



Bender, D. M. (2006). Using Online Education Technologies to Support Studio Instruction. Educational Technology and Society.

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Firewalls And Filtering

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… afford the service. System vulnerability is one of the major concerns of organizations getting web servers, firewalls and security measures for their data. Technology companies burn the midnight oil trying to provide the highest level of security to databases, and a breach of security can be deemed … oil trying to provide the highest level of security to databases, and a breach of security can be deemed a lapse by the technology company or that their security measures being ineffective. Hackers might send unauthorized packets of data including network inhibitors that might stall the ABC ……



Anderson, R. O. (1997). EMERGING CHALLENGE: SECURITY AND SAFETY IN CYBERSPACE. In R. O. Anderson, In Athena's Camp: Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age (pp. 231–252). RAND corporation.

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Cloud Computing And Cost Effectiveness

Pages: 5 (1591 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Annotated Bibliography Document #:36737117

… and software. Also, a key feature of cloud computing is its capacity to diminish the financial burden that is placed on firms in technology adoption. The authors also demonstrate that cost reduction can be achieved through the capability to shift from a CAPEX cost structure to an … capabilities devoid of incurring the expenses associated with enforcing these systems and applications within their own IT divisions.
Attaran, M. (2017). Cloud Computing Technology: Leveraging the Power of the Internet to Improve Business Performance. Journal of International Technology and Information Management, 26(1), 112 – 137.
In recent times, cloud computing has emanated as a significant technology that could contribute to the operational efficacy of an IT platform through the provision of infrastructure and software solutions for the entire IT … computing model can render numerous instantaneous advantages to companies, including the eradicated necessity for maintaining a server, no need for setting……



Attaran, M. (2017). Cloud Computing Technology: Leveraging the Power of the Internet to Improve Business Performance. Journal of International Technology and Information Management, 26(1), 112 – 137.

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Veteran Benefits Administration

Pages: 8 (2465 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Implementation Paper Document #:56829115

Technology Proposal/Implementation Paper
A: Introduction
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) remains a vital entity in as far as the provision of key services … would also have embed audit trails.
E: Measurement Plan
There are several metrics that I would use to measure the effectiveness of the technology following its implementation. It is important to note that of key relevance on this front is whether the technology solution is technically sound, whether it was achieved on budget, and whether it was completed on time. Two of the metrics, i.e. adherence … the metrics, i.e. adherence to schedule and budget would come in handy in the evaluation of implementation success. The technical soundness of the technology solution, on the other hand, would be of great relevance in the measurement of the effectiveness of the technology following implementation. In this case, the concern would be whether the technology solution has achieved……



Aziz, A.A., Mohammad Y., Mokhtar, U.A. & Ambari, D.I. (2017). Establishing Policy for the Implementation of Electronic Document and Records Management System in Public Sector in Malaysia: The Influencing Factors. Advanced Science Letters, 23(11), 10732-10736.

National Archives and Records Administration (2016). Department of Veterans Affairs Records Management Program: Records Management Inspection Report. Retrieved from 

U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (2020). About VBA. Retrieved from sp

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