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Impact of Globalization on Food and Environment Essay

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Food & The Environment


Globalization has an impact on all aspects of our lives from the environment to food. Foods that are produced in one country are a favorite in another country. This has resulted in food like quinoa being a favorite for health fanatics (Yu, 01/22/2019). However, this has led to quinoa not being readily available to the local community as they cannot afford to buy it yet it is their staple grain. Bolivia has a good climate for the growth of the grain and this means that a majority of farmers have planted the grain for export to Western countries making it scarce and pricey for the locals to buy. Globalization has led to food from different cultures and countries to be enjoyed in other countries. Nowadays, we find whole cuisines being available in different countries across the globe and people can enjoy the variety of food found in the world in the comfort of their homes. Immigrants tend to relocate with their traditional food cultures and they introduce them to their new country. Travelers have been known to seek out new flavors, which they will then bring back with them when they return home.

Globalization has had an impact on the environment through climate change. Economic losses in one country have a ripple effect on other countries across the globe. This has affected the environment as well. Due to globalization, there is a need for industries to increase their production and this leads to an increase in carbon emissions that affect across the globe (MaClean, JUNE 11, 2016). What…

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…of globalization, instead, there should be a way for the locals to still enjoy the grain as they export it to other countries.

The impact of globalization on the environment has been noted and while not so shocking it is interesting to note that the actions of one country will have direct effects on other countries. The environment is affected by the mining activities in one country and the carbon emission by another country. This makes me think about how interconnected we truly are to one another. While we are miles apart, we still breathe the same air, and pollution in one country will affect us at some time in the future. With governments and private companies working together to overcome climate change we can rest assured that global warming can be maintained at…

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