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Earth Science

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Earth Science
Scientists believe that the current warming of the planet is because of human activity because science has been politicized to a large extent, which has in turn led to … which has in turn led to economic changes. Scientists point to the use of fossil fuels as an explanation for periods of climate warming; this attention allowed the carbon credit system to be put into place, where carbon credits are bought and sold by companies to ensure … contribute more pollution to the atmosphere than do humans. In fact, as Lemonick (2017) points out, “carbon dioxide usually gets the blame for global warming, but methane is about 85 times more powerful when it comes to trapping heat.”
However, it is not even really clear that the … but methane is about 85 times more powerful when it comes to trapping heat.”
However, it is not even really clear……



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Impact Of Globalization On Food And Environment

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Food & The Environment
global has an impact on all aspects of our lives from the environment to food. Foods that are produced in one country are a … a majority of farmers have planted the grain for export to Western countries making it scarce and pricey for the locals to buy. global has led to food from different cultures and countries to be enjoyed in other countries. Nowadays, we find whole cuisines being available in … new country. Travelers have been known to seek out new flavors, which they will then bring back with them when they return home.
global has had an impact on the environment through climate change. Economic losses in one country have a ripple effect on other countries across … losses in one country have a ripple effect on other countries across the globe. This has affected the environment as well. Due to global,……



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Emergency Managers And Climate Risk

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...Global warming Climate change is a hoax [invented by China].
– President Donald J. Trump, July 2019
The epigraph above underscores the fundamental differences that exist between members of the scientific community and many leading policymakers today. Even as the polar ice caps continue to melt at an alarming rate and rising ocean levels are inundating low-lying coastal regions and islands around the world, climate change debunkers such as the nation’s chief executive argue that current changes in the climate are transitory and are simply part of the earth’s natural systems. Against this backdrop, it is clear that emergency managers face a number of significant challenges in preparing for climate change-associated risks, including most especially the need to overcome misguided and misinformed views about these potential risks to communities across the country. The purpose of this paper is to provide a review of the relevant literature to develop a timely and informed……



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Climate Change Outline And

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… the background research I have already conducted, but also my current level of knowledge about the topic, I expect to find out that global warming is responsible for hotter summers and warmer winters in the U.S.]
4. Proposed Field Experience: See Outline below. [I live in the capital ……



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