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Learning Theory An Assessment Of Applicability

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… occurred when an individual displays a proper response following the presentation of a certain stimulus (Rosser-Majors, 2017).
Behaviorism theory incorporates several ideologies, including operant conditioning, classical conditioning, and associative learning. Classical conditioning is a process by which an individual pairs a naturally existing stimulus and one that was initially neutral to create an association such … breaks, which were once a neutral stimulus, into a conditioned stimulus such that the individual craves a snack anytime a commercial appears.
Conversely, operant conditioning introduces punishment or reinforcement to the stimuli-response associative relationship (Rosser-Majors, 2017). For instance, if a class teacher punishes a student for failing to ……



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...Operant conditioning Problem with Extrinsic Motivation and How Maslow's Theory Can Help
Tesla has been identified as a company that struggles with employee motivation under CEO Elon Musk, who has attempted to push his employees to outperform in order to meet production targets (James, 2019). Rather than using intrinsic motivation to compel employees to self-actualize and reach their fullest and maximum levels of potential, Musk uses extrinsic motivation—which only takes one so far before the trade-off between excessive labor and long hours fails to seem worth it to employees (James, 2019). As Gerhart and Fang (2015) explain, pay, benefits and bonuses are extrinsic motivators that companies use to push employees to meet targets. However, at some point employees will conduct a cost-benefit analysis of their own and determine whether the additional labor and longer hours are worth the extra benefits or bonuses. The reliance by the company upon extrinsic motivators hits……



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Anxiety And Depression Treatment Through Mindfulness

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… reinforcement increases the avoidance behaviors often associated with anxiety.
Negative reinforcement refers to the withdrawal of an unpleasant stimulus to reward behavior. Using operant conditioning in a laboratory experiment, this might be accomplished by the withdrawal of an unpleasant sound when the desired behavior is completed. However, in ……



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