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Physical Disabilities And Other Health Impairments Special Gifts

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Q1. Discuss the relationship between medical advances and the prevalence of physical disabilities.
Due to immense advancement in the field of medical science (Bureau, 2001), a number of diseases have been treated and improved especially the brain injuries and trauma cases which produce in a year more than 80,000 new generation people with a disability. Even the survival rates of less weighing babies have increased, in turn causing physical and mental development impediments (Bureau, 2001). This proves that as the medical science advances, problems like physical disabilities have also increased showing a positive correlation.
Q2. Define the three categories of physical disabilities described in the chapter (neuromotor impairments, orthopedic and musculoskeletal disorders, and other conditions that affect health or physical ability) and provide one example of each. Define each condition.
The three categories of physical disability discussed in the chapter are;
Congenital/Acquired: This classification emphasizes that the person is born……



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Healthcare In The US Vs Healthcare In The UK France And India

Pages: 5 (1534 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:91258753

Comparing the U.S. Health Care System to Other Countries
The US health care system compares favorably to some other countries in terms of long-term costs but unfavorably to others in terms of quality of care. However, statistics about costs can be misleading because there are administrative costs and long-term care costs; there are also tax payer costs in countries like the UK and Japan, where health care has been nationalized. So household expenses may seem high in the US but in the UK they are also high if one takes into consideration how much they are taxed to pay for universal coverage. This paper will compare the health care systems of the US, UK, Japan, France and India to see how they well they stack up.
Coverage in the US is both private and public. The government provides coverage for individuals through Medicare and Medicaid if they meet an……



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A Star Was Born Essay

Pages: 1 (261 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Outline Document #:82090318

A Star was Born
1. Thesis Statement: Fame shapes the public status of an individual but can be characterized by deep personal struggles and pain.
2. Fame is a by-product of hard work and commitment.
a. Ally’s young pop career was as a result of her singing prowess and the time she spent with Jackson talking and sharing songs throughout the night. She worked with Jackson in writing music, which contributed to the growth of her talent and singing career.
b. “… talent comes everywhere, but having something to say and a way to say it to have people listen to it, that’s a whole other bag. And unless you get out and you try to do it, you’ll never know” (Schramm par, 5).
3. Fame has some pitfalls that can result in a downward spiral.
a. Despite being famous, Ally had to contend with challenges in her marriage,……


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Free And Fair Trade Issue

Pages: 3 (910 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Essay Document #:11500705

Proposed Stopgap Spending Bill
Budgetary changes are common in the public administration field. Governments make budgetary changes as part of public governance based on various factors relating to serving the interests of the public. However, the process of making budgetary changes is sometimes characterized by political issues and partisan approaches. Policymakers or politicians differ on the measures adopted by the government or public sector organization when proposing changes in the budget. This paper examines a recent publication regarding proposed budgetary change and how the change affects a particular population. The discussion includes an evaluation of the source as well as a personal opinion on the issue.
Summary of the Article
Cochrane (2020) published an article on the differing opinions between Democrats and Republicans regarding a recent spending bill. The recent looming government shutdown prompted Congressional leaders to enact a stopgap spending bill to mitigate the impacts of the shutdown. Prior……



Cochrane, E. (2020, September 21). Democrats and Republicans Clash Over Spending Bill to Avoid Shutdown. The New York Times. Retrieved October 7, 2020, from  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/21/us/politics/spending-bill-government-shutdown.html 

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Integrated Waveguide Technologies Preparing For A Public Offering

Pages: 7 (1963 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Essay Document #:71352857


Distribution policy is a set of principle stipulating the guidelines for cash dividends payout to the shareholders and stock repurchases. Dividends mean the company's earnings distributed to the stockholders declared during the year, interim dividends, or at the end of a financial year referred to as the final dividend. Dividends account as a source of income for the investors but also have an information signaling effect. Therefore, a dividend distribution is informing the management of the earnings to allocate as dividends and contribute to sharing purchase investment decisions. Dividend distribution policy is informed by multiple factors such as financial flexibility, investment opportunities for the company, tax consideration, contractual and legal restrictions, the volatility of expected future earnings, and flotation costs (Baker & Weigand, 2015).
Dividends may be distributed in the form of stock repurchases or cash dividends. Cash dividends offer investors a stream of income. Stock repurchases entail the……



Al-Malkawi, H.-A. N., Rafferty, M., & Pillai, R. (2010). Dividend Policy?: A Review of Literatures and Empirical Evidence. International Bulletin of Business Administration, 5(9), 38–45.  https://doi.org/10.12816/0037572 

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Is Homegrown Terrorism A Real Threat In The US Chesser Report

Pages: 1 (342 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Essay Document #:38450443

Thoughts on the Chesser Report
My thoughts on the Chesser Report are that I wonder how much of this story is actually true and whether Zachary Chesser isn’t rather an asset for the intelligence community. After all, his father was a US government contractor, and Chesser virtually grew up in the backyard of the intelligence community in Virginia. He attended George Mason for a semester and George Mason is heavily involved with the intelligence community. I find it hard to believe that a kid with this background would become radicalized by a teammate on a soccer club. Why would he even be on a club organized by an Islamic political activist if not for the purpose of infiltration? I find that scenario much more plausible than the one presented in the report. The intelligence community regularly engages in infiltration exercises and develops false narratives for purposes related to covert operations.……



Majority and Minority Staff Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. (2012). Zachary Chesser: A Case Study in Online Islamist Radicalization and Its Meaning for the Threat of Homegrown Terrorism.


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Ottoman Empire And The Arabs

Pages: 6 (1859 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:40041022

Sharif Hussein Ibn Saud and the Fall of the Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire was served by a strong military and centralized political structure, but with territory that stretched into both the East and the West, the Ottoman Empire was also greatly served by its geography and the diversity of this realm. At the heart of its rule was the power of Mecca and the religious significance Mecca held for the Muslims. The relationship among the Ottomans, the Arabs, the Egyptian Ibrahim Pasha and his Sons, the Sharif of Mecca and Ibn Saud in Central Arabia all contributed to the strength of the Ottoman Empire. This paper will examine these relationships, the geographical and diverse characteristics of the Empire and the role that Mecca played in holding it all together. Ultimately it will show that the Ottomans lost the Empire as a result of turmoil among radical factions in……



Anderson, Scott. 2014. Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East. Atlantic Books.

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Wilson, Mary C. 'The Hashemites, the Arab Revolt, and Arab Nationalism' in The Origins of Arab Nationalism (1991), ed. Rashid Khalidi, pp. 204–24. Columbia University Press.

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Assessing And Treating Pediatric Clients With Mood Disorders

Pages: 5 (1587 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:21611951

The client in the present scenario is an 8-year-old African American male who presents with signs of depression. Some of the reported symptoms include; feeling of sadness, occasional irritation, and decreased appetite. The score obtained upon the administration of the Children’s Depression Rating Scale indicates significant depression. This text concerns itself with three decisions relating to the medications prescribed for the 8-year-old.
I. Zoloft
Decision Point 1: Begin Zoloft 25 mg orally daily
Studies conducted in the past have indicated that for children and adolescents suffering from depression, Zoloft (Sertraline) happens to be largely effective. According to Hritzak and Culhane (2004), “Sertraline (Zoloft) is effective and generally well tolerated for the short-term treatment of major depressive disorder in both children and adolescents” (17). In essence, Sertraline, which is essentially an SSRI, impacts unbalanced brain chemicals in persons suffering from anxiety disorders, panic disorders, as well as depression. Low……



American Academy of Pediatrics (2020). Sertraline - Zoloft (Oral Solution). Retrieved from  https://www.aap.org/en-us/professional-resources/Psychopharmacology/Pages/Sertraline-Zoloft-Oral-Solution.aspx 

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Disorderly Conduct By Juveniles

Pages: 1 (369 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Essay Document #:18502466

Criminal Law
A disturbing trend of teens coughing on produce at a grocery store has attracted the attention on police in Virginia (Nexstar Media Wire, 2020). Law enforcement officers have increasingly concerned about the viral video tricks, which are posted on social media. Some of the juveniles questioned by the police about these activities have stated that there was no actual criminal intent in their actions (Lewinski, 2020). The disturbing trend has come at a time when coronavirus continues to spread throughout the country. While some of these juveniles have argued against any criminal intent in their actions, they could be charged with disorderly conduct. In the United States, disorderly conduct is normally classified as a misdemeanor or infraction. People are charged with this type of crime when they act or behave in a disruptive way that disturbs the peace of others. In addition, disorderly conduct comprises extremely offensive behavior……



Lewinski, J.S. (2020, March 22). Police Investigate New Social Media Meme of Teens Coughing on Shoppers. Forbes. Retrieved June 13, 2020, from  https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnscottlewinski/2020/03/22/police-investigate-new-social-media-meme-of-teens-coughing-on-shoppers/#d6c6ba57dd95 

Nexstar Media Wire. (2020, March 21). Police Investigate ‘Disturbing’ Video of Teens Coughing on Produce. Fox 5. Retrieved June 13, 2020, from  https://fox5sandiego.com/news/trending/police-investigate-disturbing-video-of-teens-coughing-on-produce/ 


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Incident Management System For Fire Science

Pages: 1 (322 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Essay Document #:91967309

Incident Management System
From the onset, it is important to note that in all hazardous materials incidents, an incident management system must be utilized (Corbett, 2009). This is essentially a federal law mandate. From a general perspective, an incident management system could be defined as all the attempts to not only understand but also respond to emergency scenarios via the application of various procedures, and utilization of the relevant personnel and equipment. However, in as far as fire science is concerned, we could perceive incident management system as “a system of terminology and organization that provides management tools for responding to and operating at disasters” (Fire House, 2002). In this context, the overall mandate is to ensure not only the efficient, but also the effective management of an incident via the integration of the relevant resources, processes as well as personnel – and ensuring that these function from a common……



Corbett, G. (Ed.). (2009). Fire Engineering\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Handbook for Firefighter I and II. Tulsa, Oklahoma: PennWell Corporation.

Fire House (2002). Introduction to Incident Management System. Retrieved from  https://www.firehouse.com/home/article/10574033/introduction-to-incident-management-system 

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