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Sex Gender And Work Segregation In Cultural Industries

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… challenged in today’s society and workforce.

For instance, Lena Dunham’s show Girls found an audience for six seasons until it was canceled by HBO. The show had a niche audience but Dunham’s output has not been anywhere near as high as another HBO creator—Danny McBride. The difference between men and women is again displayed in this sense: the male has a higher output creatively than the ……


Works Cited

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Elon Musk And Power At Tesla

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...Hbo Tesla is a company that has had at least a 5 year relationship with its CEO Elon Musk. Up until recently Musk was also Chairman of the Board. He was removed from his role as Chairman as part of a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The settlement resulted from charges filed by the SEC relating to securities fraud when Musk’s public Tweet on Twitter about taking the company private and that he had “funding secured.” The statement was shown to be a lie (Gaydos, 2018). Musk settled with the SEC and paid a hefty fine and Robyn Denholm replace Musk as Chairman of the Board. Denholm had been a Board member for five years up to that point (Porter, 2018). Thus, up until Musk’s run-in with the SEC in 2018, he had been both CEO and Chairman of the Board—which can serve as a conflict of interest,……



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