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Gender And Crime

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gender and Crime
Problem of equality in the Criminal Justice System
Why Women Need Special gender Specific Programs in Prison
Some of the biggest hurdles the criminal justice system faces in implementing programs and policies that effectively address the … are of incarceration. They are mainly non-violent offenders, many of whom have addictions or mental health issues. Yet they are viewed through a gender-neutral lens by the criminal justice system. Rather than focusing on equality, the criminal justice system needs to focus on gender-specific programs that are not programs designed for men that are made women only but that are rather designed for women—but this is a … that has to be accounted for in a system that has largely become for profit.
Bloom, B., & Covington, S. (1998, November). gender-specific programming for female offenders: What is it and why is it important. In 50th annual meeting of the American……



Bloom, B., & Covington, S. (1998, November). Gender-specific programming for female offenders: What is it and why is it important. In 50th annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology, Washington, DC.

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Impact Of Class Gender Ethnicity Culture And Politics As They Relate

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… were not really interested in applying Enlightenment philosophy to its fullest, for they still wished to deny the Negro his fair share of equality. Slavery persisted for nearly another century and it took the Civil War to bring that issue to the fore, with the Great Emancipator … century before the Civil Rights Act would finally ensure protection under the law for all.
Women, too, did not enjoy the kind of “equality” that the Declaration seemed to imply. They did not have the right to vote until the 20th century—but of course neither did those ……



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How Men And Women Experience Leisure Differently

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The gender Leisure Gap
Porter (2014) points out that there is a leisure imbalance between men and women that indicates the continued equality between the sexes. However, as Codina and Pestana (2019) note, there are time differences in the way men and women experience leisure and … activities it would likely not be allocated in the same way men allocate time to leisure. What all this indicates is that the gender leisure gap is really just an expression of the much wider overall gender gap in particular—i.e., that men and women really are different psychologically, emotionally, physically and socially. Thus, with regards to the question, “Is leisure … is most natural for men and for women. If one is trying to politicize the issue and turn it into a matter of equality from a political point of view, one is likely to be missing the point that Codina and Pestana……



Balish, S. M., Deaner, R. O., Rathwell, S., Rainham, D., & Blanchard, C. (2016). Gender equality predicts leisure-time physical activity: Benefits for both sexes across 34 countries. Cogent Psychology, 3(1), 1174183.

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Porter, J. (2014). The gender leisure gap: Why women are losing their time to just chill out. Retrieved from

Vadum, M. (2020). Transgender Trailblazer Legally Reclaims Original Sex. Retrieved from 

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How To Spot Fake News

Pages: 2 (693 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:65111512

Reliability of News Outlets
Debunking the gender Leisure Gap Myth
Fake News
The Pew Research article by Drake (2013) shows that men spend more time in leisure activity than women, … has developed from this news article is that there is a leisure gap between men and women that further shows the state of gender equality in America today. While the data from the American Time Use Survey that the article cites does show that statistically speaking men spend … the leisure gap is real and that men are still taking advantage of women. After all, the title of the article is “Another gender Gap: Men Spend More Time in Leisure Activities”—so it is definitely not a stretch to guess that the author is trying to show … Men Spend More Time in Leisure Activities”—so it is definitely not a stretch to guess that the author is trying to show……



Codina, N., & Pestana, J. V. (2019). Time Matters Differently in Leisure Experience for Men and Women: Leisure Dedication and Time Perspective. International journal of environmental research and public health, 16(14), 2513.

Drake, B. (2013). Another Gender Gap: Men Spend More Time in Leisure Activities. Retrieved from

Media Bias/Fact Check. (2020). Retrieved from

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Bell Hooks On Mass Media

Pages: 3 (1026 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:12593743

However, I tend to be a bit more traditional in my thinking when it comes to roles and I think having clearly defined gender roles in society is not a bad thing at all. I think that the feminist ideology that pushed for equality among the sexes was politically driven and not really driven by familial concerns. The leading feminists of the time were not really interested … is the basis of the family. So I see feminism as somewhat destructive socially speaking and I do not find the argument about equality to be very convincing. On the other hand, a lot of what bell hooks points out about the power of popular culture and … narcissistic culture and it is not a very healthy one.
That is one of the reasons I feel that the media’s nod to equality and diversity is really just a lark and is……



Bell hooks. (2006). Cultural criticism and transformation. Retrieved from 

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Carrie Chapman And The Women S Movement

Pages: 8 (2257 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:61754681

… the 1960s when Friedan was writing. Others like Gloria Steinem followed with Ms. Magazine, promoting new changes in society, women in the workplace, gender equality, abortion rights, and so on.
In the late 19th and early 20th century such steps would have been unfathomable. It was an entirely ……



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Wives\\\\\\' Household Labor, 1850-1880. The Yale Law Journal, 103(5), 1073-1217.

Van Voris, J. (1996). Carrie Chapman Catt: A Public Life. New York City: Feminist Press at CUNY.

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Employee Treatment In The Workplace

Pages: 6 (1926 words) Sources: 10 Document Type:Essay Document #:40062919

… employees against discrimination. Federal anti-discrimination laws or legislative protections were initially enacted to prevent discrimination on the basis of age, race, ethnicity, color, gender or disability. These laws alongside state laws have played a critical role in safeguarding employees from discriminatory patterns or practices in the workplace.
… a federal law that prohibits disparity in payment of employees (Macgillivray, Beecher & Golden, 2010). The legislation prohibits payment of employees of one gender different wages from another when the jobs entail significantly similar skills, responsibility, and effort (Jennings, 2018). As a result, this law prohibits gender-based wage discrimination as it seeks to promote gender equality in the workplace. This anti gender-based wage discrimination law focuses on gender segregation within industries and occupations. An employer can use a factor other than sex to establish employee pay consistently with this law. In ……



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Muhl, C.J. (2001, January). The Employment-at-will Doctrine: Three Major Exceptions. Monthly Labor Review, 3-11. Retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics website:

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The Bell Jar Shows How Shock Therapy Makes Women Strong

Pages: 7 (2016 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:74900001

… be critical, an inquiry must challenge directly underlying human interests and ideologies” (Short, 1991, p. 245). Feminist theory examines the constructed relationship between gender and power in society. Feminist Criticism examines this relationship in terms of literature art. As the original Critical Theorists, particularly those of the … crazy than it is for the female Esther. From a Feminist Criticism perspective, the problem of the perfection crucible is one that reveals gender equality in society, and, since the two charactes are really rather similar in terms of plight, one should not be judged as more heroic … status quo, then it should also be the case that Esther is strong, since the only difference between the two is one of gender.
The gender Stereotype
The “weaker sex” issue is one that…[break]…psychologically, and socially (Codina & Pestana, 2019), the Feminist Perspective posits that these differences are superficial … (Codina &……



Alberga-Parisi, A., & Pope, B. (2018). Loss and the Perfection Crucible in The Bell Jar and The Catcher in the Rye. When Loss Gets Personal: Discussing Death through Literature in the Secondary ELA Classroom, 141.

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Amazon S Code Of Ethics

Pages: 2 (619 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Essay Document #:81537020

… programs include working with Feeding America, Worldreader’s LEAP 2.0 program to promote education among underserved populations, and “Girls Who Code,” to help promote gender equality in the IT industry. Underlying these CSR programs is a Code of Ethics that seeks to promote compliance with all local, state and ……



Amazon Code of Ethics. (2019). Retrieved from 

Amazon Sustainability. (2019). Retrieved from 


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The Nature Of Marriage

Pages: 7 (2040 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Creative Writing Document #:95384548

… be enough for one another. That’s just the way it is. No person can ever fully satisfy the desires of another person, and…[break]…of equality to re-wire themselves and tend to domestic chores since the woman also has a career.
Gerson (2010) shows that what happens next is ……



Bianchi, S.M., Sayer, L. C., Milkie, M.A., & Robinson, J. P. (2012). Housework: Who Did, Does or Will Do It, and How Much Does it Matter? Social Forces; a Scientific Medium of Social Study and Interpretation, 91(1), 55-63. 

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