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Experiential Family Therapy

Pages: 7 (1974 words) Sources: 13 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:26144504

Experiential family counseling focuses on role playing and other multisensory techniques, allowing members of the family to step into the shoes of one another through role play exercises to better understand one another, develop empathy and work out issues … exercises to better understand one another, develop empathy and work out issues together (Tuttle, 1998). This paper will identify leading figures in experiential family counseling, historical and current events, assumptions, development of the theory, concepts, and techniques that relate to my own approach to counseling. Similarities and … events, assumptions, development of the theory, concepts, and techniques that relate to my own approach to counseling. Similarities and dissimilarities between the experiential family counseling and other leading theories will be explored and the paper will conclude with a discussion of what new knowledge I acquired.
Leading … explored and the paper will conclude with a discussion of what new knowledge……



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Psychology Counseling And Reflecting On The Process Of Group Dynamics

Pages: 1 (345 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Essay Document #:33926547

… and competencies for mental health practice. Not only do these courses help mental health professionals build their group counseling skills and understand group dynamics better, they also prepare us for working with teams of other professionals whose ideas and views might differ from our own.
Being a … the role gender, race, or background might play in reactions or communication styles. The coursework also brought to light various approaches to specific dynamics and processes in group counseling such as systems theory (Brown, Janousek & Ashley, 2016).
From these challenges, I learned to become more self-aware … can collaborate and cooperate with the best interests of clients and community in mind.
Brown, K.S., Janousek, T. & Ashley, J.L. (2016). family counseling. Encyclopedia of family studies.…



Brown, K.S., Janousek, T. & Ashley, J.L. (2016). Family counseling. Encyclopedia of family studies.


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Motivational Theories

Pages: 1 (424 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Case Study Document #:37832091

There are several motivational issues at work in Sanderson Soaps. Examining the company through the lens of Maslow’s hierarchy, the family members are secure and have little reason to work too hard, but the non-family members have zero reason to work hard because they know that their upward mobility is stifled. This creates a situation where a couple … This creates a situation where a couple of people feel entitled to promotions and opportunity without really having to earn them, and any non-family member would either lack intrinsic motivation or see Sanderson as a stepping stone to success elsewhere. In either case, nobody is particularly motivated … of motivation and where it actually is.
There are other theories that might offer some value here as well. Buckman (2019) notes that non-family members will have the same motivators as family members, which means that there needs to be opportunities for growth……



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Traditional Medicine Usage In African Nations

Pages: 12 (3615 words) Sources: 30 Document Type:Essay Document #:38085332

… on in states like Ghana: they are not dissimilar from native customs (Ngunjiri, 2011).
In societies in places such as Eritrea, one’s extended family is a crucial part of his or her life. Many people in such societies depend on their extended family for social, security, and financial support if they lose their jobs, fall sick, in case of unforeseen circumstances, and when old. It is … lose their jobs, fall sick, in case of unforeseen circumstances, and when old. It is normally regarded as the moral obligation of the family member who has a job to provide financial support to the needy, aged, and sick members of the extended family (Ghebregiorgis & Karsten, 2006: 150). This ethos is even captured in the general language of the country’s constitution. It is no surprise to … country’s constitution. It is no surprise to hear any African person abroad mention that……



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The Origins Of Psychopathology

Pages: 5 (1553 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:52418871

… though they have been able to identify means of controlling it to some extent. Freud sought to explain psychopathology by looking at the family dynamic and the underlying early childhood issues that could be hidden in the unconscious trying to work their way out (Kyziridis, 2005). Some … study of sociology. Psycho-sociological approaches should be studied and used to apply to those with mental issues, and Carl Whitaker’s approach to experiential family therapy could be viewed as a helpful way to discuss pathopsychology (Watson, 2011). The spiritual side of life should also receive some focus, … person has to be understood holistically, and sometimes that means going beyond the person and bringing in others—such as members of the person’s family. The more that we can begin to understand the whole person, the more likely we are to be able to assess the issues ……



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Evolving Public Interpretation Of Gentrification

Pages: 15 (4506 words) Sources: 25 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:63686489

… households” because they voluntarily elected to relocate from a gentrified neighborhood due to other reasons such as new employment opportunities or changes in family dynamics.
In fact, regardless of the actual benefits that gentrification brings to deteriorating neighborhoods, the gentrification process itself is widely regarded by residents and ……



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Pages: 8 (2471 words) Sources: 14 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:75344096

… combination of both that cause a person to become schizophrenic. Freud believed it came about as a result of a problem in the family dynamic (McNally, 2016). However, today, some researchers are focusing on finding a genetic link to schizophrenia, while others look for a physiological explanation, ……



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Medicating Children

Pages: 1 (363 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Essay Document #:71830926

… and familial. In the case of Robin, for instance, his own will and feelings on using Adderall conflicted with his mothers’ and the family struggled to cope with his development into a teenager. Robin’s mother wanted to obtain a court order to force Robin to take the … did not necessarily mean there was anything wrong with his brain. What it likely meant was that there was something wrong in his family dynamic and the relationship, culture, and life that he was living with his parents.

The factor that need to be taken into account ……



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Technology Divorce And The Impact Of Social Inequality On Marital

Pages: 10 (2883 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:95594472

… meaning of divorce and how it has become so popular in the modern world. It also discusses the most significant difficulties for a family that can both lead to and result from divorce.
The fact that family sizes are shrinking and diversifying while half of all marriages end in divorce (Pew Research Center, 2015) shows that something is happening in … shrinking and diversifying while half of all marriages end in divorce (Pew Research Center, 2015) shows that something is happening in the American family that is altering the way families are thought about and the way marriage is viewed. Marriage, love and romance between two people has ……



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Case Conceptualization Group Therapy CBT And Psychodynamics

Pages: 10 (2982 words) Sources: 11 Document Type:Essay Document #:27547144

… the DSM-5. A treatment plan and interventions for the clients are grounded in two primary theoretical orientations including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dynamics. A summary of the treatment, including client reactions, plus future recommendations are also provided. Ethical issues and quandaries are presented in accordance with … to ensure a respectful environment free from micro-aggressions or more overt acts.
Limitations of Treatment and Supervision Needs
The use of CBT and dynamics in group therapy interventions has been well-established, especially effective with a client group with generalized anxiety disorder and depression. However, there are bound ……



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