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Ethical Dilemmas In Counseling American Counseling Association

Pages: 1 (330 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Essay Document #:60128520

This situation, in which a counselor agrees to see a client named Robert, without contacting Robert’s marriage counselor, does not necessarily violate an ethical code of the ACA. The ACA Code of Ethics begins with an extensive overview of appropriate counseling relationships. This section covers professional comportment … to privacy and confidentiality.” Therefore, the counselor needs to consult first with Robert before divulging the intent to see the client personally—the primary ethical obligation is to Robert and not to Robert’s marriage counselor. According to the ACA (2014), the counselor’s primary responsibility is “to protect the ……



ACA (2014). Code of ethics. Retrieved from: 

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Ethical Issue In Public Administration

Pages: 6 (1796 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Case Study Document #:87375741

… professional in the field adheres to the code of ethics because of various factors such as corruption and greed. This paper analyzes the ethical dilemma in the City of Sunville that has left the Deputy Director of Transportation torn apart on what to say during the regularly scheduled … the Deputy Director of Transportation torn apart on what to say during the regularly scheduled monthly City Council meeting.
General Statement of the ethical dilemma
The ethical scenario in the City of Sunville is the lost inventory that was to be delivered to the Sunville Physical Plant surplus warehouse from … a new computer system was installed in the warehouse to track inventory of the city’s agencies.
Key Actors
The key actors in this ethical dilemma scenario are Commissioner Richard Mitchell, his wife, Director of Transportation, Nick Kellogg, Deputy Director of Transportation, the City Council, Department of Transportation staff, ………



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Ethical Issues In Reporting

Pages: 2 (694 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:41848263

Ethics and ethical behavior can be taught, just as one can teach right and wrong to a child. A child without such an education is more … more likely to stumble into deviant behavior, and the same goes for an adult who is not trained in ethics and what constitutes ethical behavior. The whole point of Socrates’ teaching the youth of Athens was to train their minds and wills so that they can pursue … and wills so that they can pursue the higher, nobler truths and live a life that aligned with the Good. Were ethics and ethical behavior incapable of being taught, Socrates would not have succeeded in laying the foundation of Western philosophy, his pupil Plato would not have … and the school of character formation and education (Holyoke, Brown & LaPira, 2015).
Such education would help professionals to evaluate and respond to ethical dilemma they encounter,……



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Legal And Ethical Issues In Healthcare

Pages: 9 (2618 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Essay Document #:17702391

Legal and ethical Issues in Healthcare
Healthcare ethics have to do with the wide range of moral decisions that have to be made in medical practice. … none is as important as health. Technological advancements in the practice of medicine and healthcare, in general, emerge with their sets of moral dilemma. Many of such issues arise from developments in genetic knowledge and reproductive health (Taylor, 2015).
The relationship between the patient and the healthcare … behavioral research, harvesting and transplanting of human organs, abortion, euthanasia, and allocation of healthcare resources and services are other areas that present moral dilemma. In the clarification of moral issues in healthcare provision, and consequently, understood, healthcare quality as it is received and practiced should be improved … consequently, understood, healthcare quality as it is received and practiced should be improved qualitatively (Taylor, 2015).
There is a need to make an ethical decision whenever a……



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Developing Ethical Leaders In Law Enforcement

Pages: 4 (1297 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:54962328

Developing ethical Leaders in Law Enforcement
At any point in time but especially during periods of social and political unrest, American citizens look to law … successfully. It is therefore incumbent upon law enforcement agencies at every level to create an organizational culture that places a high priority of ethical policing practices and to develop ethical leaders that can model the way for their subordinates. To this end, the purpose of this paper is to provide a review of … subordinates. To this end, the purpose of this paper is to provide a review of the relevant literature to explicate the importance of ethical leadership and to identify strategies for developing ethical leaders in law enforcement today. A summary of the research and key findings concerning these issues are presented in the paper’s conclusion.
Review … today. A summary of the research and key findings concerning these issues are presented……



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The Moral And Ethical Implications Emerging Due To Globalization

Pages: 4 (1235 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Essay Document #:84484876

Globalization and Its ethical Implications
The dynamic force of globalization, a phenomenon of interconnectedness and integration of economies around the world, has resulted not only to increasing … global income inequalities and poverty which remains pervasive
Globalization- children's rights nexus is one of the emerging global societal topics with two fundamental ethical issues that pervades in developing countries: child labor and child soldiers. Children are used in some severe forms of child labor and are … by documenting the departmental malpractice of destroying accounting documents.
Buller, Kohls, and Anderson (1991) identify the education approach as a means of addressing ethical conflict. Through the use of education skills, ethical conflicted parties could be persuaded to change their position. As points out, education contributes to our knowledge build-up, which shapes our relationships and … contribute to good or perpetuate the destruction of humanity or the planet. The general education courses enhanced my……



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C Suite Executive Leadership And Ethics

Pages: 9 (2693 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:16009984

Beliefs, Practices, Challenges
Persons in positions of leadership inevitably encounter major ethical dilemma and in fact make ethical decisions on a daily basis. Interviews with senior executives can reveal the complexities of ethical decision making at the executive level, as personal morals frequently disconnect from the ethical culture governing the organization or the industry’s regulatory climate (Bailey & Shantz, 2018). Bandwagon fallacies—the sense that because something is normative it is … culture governing the organization or the industry’s regulatory climate (Bailey & Shantz, 2018). Bandwagon fallacies—the sense that because something is normative it is ethical—predominate in the workplace. An interview with C. Linden (name altered to protect the individual’s privacy) shows how personal ethical beliefs clash with the prevailing norms and values in the field. Employee diversity adds to the complications involved in executive ethical decision-making, according to Linden. The predominant ethical challenges usually relate to balancing two equally compelling……



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Code Of Ethics For Managers In Acquisition

Pages: 11 (3162 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:25977313

… For that reason, it is best practice to have a code of ethics for managers who are involved in acquisitions, purchasing and contracts. ethical lapses contribute to a wide array of issues, including waste, a decline in confidence in the institution of government, and underperformance because the … the training that managers must undergo. Harkrider et al (2012) note that case-based ethics training is one of the most common forms of ethical training. In order to have effective case-based training, however, it is necessary that the training be aligned with some existing standard of ethics. … room for interpretation. Thus, the code of ethics has to be simple enough that it can be understood when confronted with a moral dilemma, but general enough so as to be applied to situations that fall well outside the norm. It is not, after all, an ethical dilemma when there is a clear……



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Foxtrot Phone Scandal

Pages: 6 (1877 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Case Study Document #:53518196

Foxtrot Phone Scandal - Case Study
ethical dilemma and issues are common in different areas in public and private sectors. These dilemma and issues are attributable to the emergence of different situations in the work setting. Therefore, addressing these issues is critical toward promoting a … critical toward promoting a suitable work environment and interactions with others. Cooper (2012) states that a decision making model is essential in addressing ethical issues as it helps in moving from a problem to developing a course of action to resolve the issue. An example of an … issues as it helps in moving from a problem to developing a course of action to resolve the issue. An example of an ethical dilemma or issue relates to Foxtrot Phone Scandal. Foxtrot Company comprises nearly one hundred cadets from all four classes in the United States Coast … the Corps of Cadets. Cadets in this……



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Healthcare Ethics Bioethics Decisions

Pages: 5 (1545 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Case Study Document #:55208071

Problem Statement
Organs are rare and expensive resources. Distributing these resources equitably remains one of the most pressing dilemma in bioethics. Given that the dying patient did consent to organ donation, the primary ethical dilemma in this case arise when determining the recipient. The case presents four different options, two of which (Michael and Mario) seem relatively easy … suitable candidates for the liver.
This case raises several moral questions. If every patient is deemed equally as worthy and valuable, according to ethical principles like equity and justice, then how is it possible to favor one person over the other? The answer to that question would … compatibility and the least likely person to develop further complications after the transplant. Above all, this case illustrates the central importance of the ethical principle of justice in medicine. This case also seriously challenges the healthcare team to apply the principle of beneficence……



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