Customer Service Essays (Examples)


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Customer Service In The Telecoms Industry

Pages: 8 (2268 words) Sources: 10 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:62761595

… assess the relationship between multiple variables related to consumers’ experience of telecoms in China. The researchers conducted a survey of 118 Chinese telecommunications customer and found that service quality has a direct impact on value perception. Value and customer satisfaction, moreover, were found to determine the extent to which the customer would be loyal to the firm. Corporate image perceptions were also found to impact customer satisfaction. The researchers were able to conclude that customer satisfaction and service quality do make a substantial difference in determining whether customer will be retained or not.
Kim, Park and Jeong (2004) examined how a Korean telecommunications company focused on retaining customer in their article entitled “The effects of customer satisfaction and switching barrier on customer loyalty in Korean mobile telecommunication service.” The researchers found that customer satisfaction played the most significant part in determining customer loyalty. Factors that had a significant impact……



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Customer Persona For Filshie Clip System

Pages: 12 (3656 words) Sources: 11 Document Type:Capstone Project Document #:94593472

Executive Summary

This is a report providing detailed description of Filshie Clip System’s customer persona based on the selected target market. The creation of this persona was based on a comprehensive analysis of the target market and … women who are of childbearing age are the ideal target market for this stylish and effective method of contraception. We have established that customer in the target market are differentiated based on demographic factors, personal histories and expectations. These women are interested in a reversible contraception method … critical toward enhancing the ability of the firm to reach the target market and obtain overall profitability. In this report, we will describe customer persona in detail and provide marketing mix recommendations with respect to the identified target market.


Femcare is best known for manufacturing and … personas in order to ensure that product manufacturing and distribution efforts enhance focus on the ideal……



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Pages: 10 (2886 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Marketing Plan Document #:99752177

Marketing to a Target Population and Differentiating service
The New Product
The new product is a spa that service mothers of young children. It is called Ma Spa and the innovative idea behind the service is that it provides care for her kids while she receives her spa treatment. Most moms with small kids do not have the … Market
There is nothing quite like the Ma Spa in the spa industry. Most spas require a reservation and no spas offer childcare service as part of their standard approach to the marketplace. This spa differentiates itself from other spas because it is completely focused on moms … treatment at any time of the working day.
Short Term Marketing Objectives
The short term marketing objectives are:
1. To promote the new service—this will include advertising locally with ads online that use targeted marketing
2. To engage the audience—by developing a social……



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Quality Improvement Plan

Pages: 8 (2259 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:15328013

The department would want to reduce customer complaints from the current 7% to at least 1%. For the department to achieve this goal, there is a need to have a … least 1%. For the department to achieve this goal, there is a need to have a quality improvement plan that will analyze the service offered by the department from the viewpoint of the customer. The service department must establish the root cause of the customer complaints and institute measures that are aimed at reducing complaints. By focusing on what is truly value-add to the customer, the department can manage to come up with meaningful and innovative outputs that will be suitable to the customer. Using the COPIS model, the department can transform the process by focusing on what the customer would be delighted with (Brown, 2019). This way the department will then consider the new outputs that may……



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McDonalds Quality And Improving Operations

Pages: 8 (2369 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Essay Document #:59085387

… effective operation function. The company has streamlined its operation function from obtaining raw materials to production to distribution of food items/products to its customer. McDonalds Corporation has established a relatively effective operations management framework that helps in handling all its functional areas. In relation to the Operations … share and position, this company still faces stiff competition from other rivals in the market. Throughout its operations, McDonalds Corporation focuses on excellent customer service, response to competition, and utilizing suitable techniques to enhance growth and development (Keller, 2017). As part of providing excellent customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction, McDonalds emphasizes quality as part of its operations management framework. The company’s operations management framework is established on the premise of ensuring … efficiency and effectiveness of its functional areas. According to Ka-Singh (2019), McDonalds’ philosophy statement on quality is to provide high-quality food and excellent customer service to all customer……



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Childrens Amusement Park

Pages: 10 (3072 words) Sources: 10 Document Type:Marketing Plan Document #:62460752

… patronize the Park, buy annual passes, and get their friends to join.
The core competencies needed for this plan to succeed are excellent customer service and people skills so that customer always feel valued and that they are getting good value for their money. Marketers must also understand the target segment and be able … be used to ensure competitive advantage by keeping inventory costs down, converting basic entertainment concepts and materials into blockbuster sales, and enhancing the customer experience by incorporating feedback into the delivery plan.
The overview of this plan is as follows. First, the situation analysis will be provided … factors. Second is the target segmentation of the paper, which provides a breakdown of the demographic, geographic and behavioral traits of the target customer. Third is the positioning strategy that the firm will adopt based on its approach to differentiation and low-cost service and products. Fourth……



Andzulis, J. M., Panagopoulos, N. G., & Rapp, A. (2012). A review of social media and implications for the sales process. Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 32(3), 305-316.

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Using DoorDash To Promote A Restaurant Brand

Pages: 7 (2131 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:85037477

… more attention because OPG gets a ton of traffic, and it would help OPG to break into the catering business by getting its service acknowledged more widely by the public at events.
DoorDash would also be a good partner for OPG, as DoorDash is in the business … public at events.
DoorDash would also be a good partner for OPG, as DoorDash is in the business of delivering local foods to customer. In today’s COVID-19 stricken world, DoorDash can ensure that the pub is getting meals to people who do not want to leave their … staying true to course and keeping fans happy by keeping its OPG Burger the same. Change can come with other menu items but customer want consistency and do not like it when a favorite menu item changes all of a sudden. OPG should have taken better care … Strategies
Two ideas for sales……



Gallardo-Echenique, E. E., Marqués-Molías, L., Bullen, M., & Strijbos, J. W. (2015). Let’s talk about digital learners in the digital era. International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 16(3), 156-187.

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Walt Disney

Pages: 12 (3606 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Case Study Document #:25870152

… the company is doing with its human capital. Intangible assets are human capital—i.e., knowledge, know how, motivation, and ability to deliver products and service at a high quality level.
Intangible assets are incomparably valuable to an organization for they cannot be replaced easily but require time, training, … chain analysis is a systematic way of looking at the company’s functional activities and seeing how well they lead to the creation of customer value. For years, Disney succeeded at doing just that. It revitalized its film industry by developing great scripts into films people wanted to … Disney succeeded at doing just that. It revitalized its film industry by developing great scripts into films people wanted to see and creating customer value in terms of entertainment. However, the company moved to expand too hard and too fast in a direction that was better taken … a direction that was better……



Wheelen, T. L., Hunger, J. D., Hoffman, A. N., & Bamford, C. E. (2010). Strategic management and business policy. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.


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Bolman Deals Human Resource Frame And Disney

Pages: 8 (2254 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Essay Document #:25831013

Overview of the Organization
The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world. Its products and service meet the needs of billions of consumers around the world, through storytelling and the creation of fantasy and entertainment. In order to produce … amount of talent at its disposal, and each employee, especially those with a public-facing role, must be…[break]…position of making a decision regarding a customer experience, they are empowered to deliver the best experience possible. This empowerment lies at the heart of high morale among employees and cast ……



BLS (2020). The employment situation – January 2020. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Retrieved March 2, 2020 from 

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Walt Disney Company (2020) website, various pages. Retrieved March 2, 2020 from


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Logistical Support And Distribution Strategies

Pages: 5 (1607 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Essay Document #:66969526

Logistical Support and Distribution Strategies
Distribution strategies refer to techniques of service/goods dissemination to end customer. Adoption of the ideal distribution technique for one’s organization forms the key when it comes to generating revenue and ensuring client loyalty. Several … the key when it comes to generating revenue and ensuring client loyalty. Several organizations opt for several distribution techniques to cater to diverse end-customer bases. Logistical aspects have always contributed strategically to the organizational business. Within the context of wholesalers and retailers, such organizations go beyond the … the areas of transportation and inventory management for including one among the most crucial components of organizational success—location relative to supply sources or end-customer markets. When it comes to producers, logistics is concerned with basic aspects like manufacturing unit location, customer service quality/standards, and raw material sourcing. Of late, business environmental evolution has coerced large as well as small corporations into focusing……



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