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Effectiveness Of In Home Monitoring Of CHF Patients

Pages: 9 (2655 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Essay Document #:76857727

… paper is the effect of home-based monitoring on the rate of re-admission of CHF-diagnosed individuals. The intervention (I) is in-home CHF patient monitoring. Comparison (C) is: control group (non-recipients of in-home tracking). The outcome (O) serves to determine whether or not in-home monitoring reduces the rate of ……



Bashi, N., Karunanithi, M., Fatehi, F., Ding, H. & Walters, D. (2017, January). Remote Monitoring of Patients with Heart Failure: An Overview of Systematic Reviews. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 19(1). DOI: 10.2196/jmir.6571

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Khodaveisi, M., Omidi, A., Farokhi, S. & Soltanian, A.R. (2017, April). The Effect of Pender’s Health Promotion Model in Improving the Nutritional Behavior of Overweight and Obese Women. International Journal of Community-based Nursing and Midwifery, 5(2), 165-174.

Kohn, M. S., Haggard, J., Kreindler, J., Birkeland, K., Kedan, L., Zimmer, R., & Khandwalla, R. (2017). Implementation of a home monitoring system for heart failure patients: A feasibility study. JMIR Res Protoc, 6(3). DOI: 10.2196/resprot.5744

Martirosyan, M., Caliskan, K., Theuns, D., & Szili-Torok, T. (2017). Remote monitoring of heart failure: Benefits for therapeutic decision making. Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy, 15(7), 503-515. DOI: 10.1080/14779072.2017.1348229

Ong et al. (2016, March). Effectiveness of Remote Patient Monitoring After Discharge of Hospitalized Patients with Heart Failure. JAMA Internal Medicine, 176(3), 310-318.

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Impact Of Divorce To Children

Pages: 4 (1273 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Article Review Document #:27510554

...Comparison Adolescent adjustment and well-being: Effects of parental divorce and distress
The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of divorce or separation on an adolescent’s psychological adjustment, investigate if there are any gender differences in the effect of divorce, the impact of time on the adolescent after divorce, and the effect of divorce on the adolescent after controlling for parental symptoms of depression and anxiety (Størksen, Røysamb, Holmen, & Tambs, 2006).
The independent variables for this study were divorce and parental distress. These two variables were selected because the researchers wanted to establish the effect of divorce on adolescents and compare it to those of adolescents whose parents had not divorced or separated. Adolescents who had grown up with one parent were included in the no divorce group since they had only known a single parent. Parental distress was used to determine the impact this would have……



Størksen, I., Røysamb, E., Holmen, T. L., & Tambs, K. (2006). Adolescent adjustment and well being: effects of parental divorce and distress. Scandinavian journal of psychology, 47(1), 75-84.

Study Document

Safety Of SSRI Drug Fluoxetine

Pages: 3 (933 words) Sources: 1 Document Type:Article Review Document #:25106955

...Comparison Summarizing a Research Article
Research Question
The research question for the article by Rossi, Barraco and Donda (2004) was based on the fact that there had been no review of the meta-analyses published on Fluoxetine. Fluoxetine is an important drug that was developed for and prescribed to patients with depression starting in the late 1980s. It is considered the first iteration of the generation of Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) commonly associated with youths suffering from mental health problems. However, though it has been widely studied, fluoxetine is still not completely understood. Thus, the authors of this study set out to answer the question: What do the available meta-analyses on this SSRI actually say? The objective of the systematic review of the literature was threefold:
1. to evaluate the strength of the information available in reviewed meta-analyses
2. to understand if the use of fluoxetine is clinically effective and safe……



Rossi, A., Barraco, A., & Donda, P. (2004). Fluoxetine: a review on evidence based medicine. Annals of General Hospital Psychiatry, 3(1), 2.


Study Document


Pages: 8 (2254 words) Sources: 7 Document Type: Document #:19731108

...Comparison Strengths Perspective Theory
Provide some data specific points on the trends associated with the two oppressed/marginalized population (LGBTC Youth and Homeless Youth). B. Indicate the reason behind your interest in the population, and its direct connection to social work practice.
LGBTC youths are overrepresented amongst the homeless population. In spite of the fact that it is challenging to obtain accurate figures, it is approximated that LGBTC youths constitute 20 percent to 40 percent of the entire homeless youth population but make up solely 4 percent to 10 percent of the overall youth population. It is suggested that LGBTC youths are at greater risk of facing homelessness as compared to other youths (Cray et al., 2013). The inference of this is that they are almost 7 times over represented amongst the homeless community. Research indicates that LGBTC youth have a greater likelihood of running away from their homes as compared to……



Bilodeau, B. L., & Renn, K. A. (2005). Analysis of LGBT identity development models and implications for practice. New directions for student services, 2005(111), 25-39.

Cray, A., Miller, K., & Durso, L. E. (2013). Seeking shelter: The experiences and unmet needs of LGBT homeless youth. Washington, DC: Center for American Progress.

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Dank, M., Yahner, J., Madden, K., Bañuelos, I., Yu, L., Ritchie, A., ... & Conner, B. (2015). Surviving the Streets of New York: Experiences of LGBTQ Youth, YMSM and YWSW Engaged in Survival Sex. Washington, DC: Urban Institute.

D'augelli, A. R. (2006). Developmental and contextual factors and mental health among lesbian, gay, and bisexual youths. American Psychological Association.

Durso, L. E., & Gates, G. J. (2012). Serving our youth: Findings from a national survey of services providers working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Los Angeles: The Williams Institute with True Colors and the Palatte Fund.

Foss, S. (2017). A Guide to Social Work Advocacy for Transgender Adolescents and Young Adults. Texas State University.

Higa, D., Hoppe, M. J., Lindhorst, T., Mincer, S., Beadnell, B., Morrison, D. M., ... & Mountz, S. (2014). Negative and positive factors associated with the well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. Youth & Society, 46(5), 663-687.

Study Document

Depression Among Adolescents

Pages: 12 (3576 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:12294857

External factors may be that teens are hyper-connected, with digital devices over-stimulating them and giving them the means to engage in unhealthy social comparison, as they constantly monitor their social media pages and compares themselves to others. This can result in major depression. Lack of real community ……



Anderson, M. & Jiang, J. (2018). Teens, Social Media & Technology 2018. Retrieved from 

Bandura, A. (2018). Toward a psychology of human agency: Pathways and reflections.  Perspectives on Psychological Science, 13(2), 130-136.

Chester, J., & Montgomery, K. (2008). No escape: Marketing to kids in the digital age. Multinational Monitor, 29(1), 11.

Greenberg, P. (2015). The Growing Economic Burden of Depression in the U.S. Retrieved from 

Grover, S., Raju, V. V., Sharma, A., & Shah, R. (2019). Depression in children and adolescents: a review of Indian studies. Indian journal of psychological medicine, 41(3), 216.

Korry, E. (2015). California Moves To Stop Misuse Of Psychiatric Meds In Foster Care. Retrieved from 

Lim, X. J., Radzol, A. M., Cheah, J., & Wong, M. W. (2017). The impact of social media influencers on purchase intention and the mediation effect of customer attitude. Asian Journal of Business Research, 7(2), 19-36.

Lohmann, R. (2019). What\\\\\\'s Driving the Rise in Teen Depression? Retrieved from

Study Document

Cultural Examination Of Portugal

Pages: 8 (2519 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Essay Document #:50058596

...Comparison Comparative cultures: Portugal
Section I: Concrete Experience
I have been attracted to Portugal for most of my life, because I have some Portuguese ancestry. I was curious, for example, about how much of the culture of family has been influenced by this background, and what elements. But as I got older I also started just to take an interest in the country in general. I would cheer for Portugal at the World Cup and things like that, for example, when I don’t know if I had any reason to. I started to become quite curious about this place that was on one hand a fairly normal Western country that seemed like it would be familiar in many respects to my own life, but on the other hand also seemed to be quite a bit different – slower pace of life, high family orientation, less work-obsessed than one might normally find……



Hofstede Insights (2020) Country comparison: Portugal. Hofstede Insights. Retrieved May 24, 2020 from 

Mudge, E. (2019) Portuguese culture: food, fado and festivals. Retrieved May 24, 2020 from 

Study Document

Digital Forensics Importance Of Hash Values

Pages: 5 (1350 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:47872866

...Comparison Hash Values in Digital Forensics
Hash values denote condensed representations of digitized or binary content within digital material; however, they offer no additional information pertaining to the contents of any material interpretable by an individual. Moreover, the hash function is algorithms that convert variable-sized text quantities into hash values (which are fixed-sized outputs). Also called “cryptographic hash functions,” they facilitate the development of digital signatures, short textual condensations, and hash tables for the purpose of analysis (Fang et al., 2011; Kumar et al., 2012). In this paper, hash functions and their significance will be addressed.
H (hash function) represents a transformation taking variable-sized input „m? and returning fixed-sized strings (h or hash value; i.e., h = H (m)) (Kumar et al., 2012). The hash functions possessing only the above property can be put to various broad computational uses; however, when applied to cryptography, they normally possess a few……



Fang, J., Jiang, Z. L., Yiu, S. M., & Hui, L. C. (2011). An efficient scheme for hard disk integrity check-in digital forensics by hashing with combinatorial group testing. International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications.

Kaya, M., & Eris, M. (2017). Hash-based block matching for digital evidence image files from forensic software tools. World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology, International Journal of Computer, Electrical, Automation, Control and Information Engineering, 11(10), 1068-1071.

Kumar, K., Sofat, S., Jain, S. K., & Aggarwal, N. (2012). SIGNIFICANCE of hash value generation in digital forensic: A case study. International Journal of Engineering Research and Development, 2(5), 64-70.

Netherlands Forensic Institute, (2018a). Technical Supplement Forensic Use of Hash Values and Associated Hash Algorithms. Ministry of Justice and security.

Rasjid, Z. E., Soewito, B., Witjaksono, G., & Abdurachman, E. (2017). A review of collisions in cryptographic hash function used in digital forensic tools. Procedia computer science, 116, 381-392.

Study Document

Learning Theory An Assessment Of Applicability

Pages: 7 (2096 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:32370723

...Comparison The Applicability of Learning Theory
Learning is a complex process by which an individual acquires and modifies their knowledge, behaviors, attitudes, and skills through study, instruction or experience. Theories provide a framework for understanding how learning occurs and the factors that influence its effectiveness. Learning theories are complex and comprehensive principles that explain how individual learn, develop, and progress (Rosser-Majors, 2017). They acknowledge that human beings learn differently and attempt to contextualize the learning process. Four of the most common learning theories are behaviorism, constructivism, cognitivism, and humanism. This text analyzes the learning process as portrayed by these four theories, the ideologies within each theory, and evidence-based application of learning theory to enhance learning.
Behaviorism Theory
Behaviorism theory emphasizes the role of external factors/stimuli in shaping an individual’s behavior (Rosser-Majors, 2017). Behaviorists argue that all behavior is an association between an environmental stimulus and the individual’s response to the same.……



Al-Rawahi, N., & Al-Balushi, M. (2015). The Effect of Reflective Science Journal Writing on Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Strategies. International Journal of Environmental and Science Education, 10(3), 367-79.

Dotson, R. (2016). Goal-Setting to Increase Student Academic Performance. Journal of School Administration Research and Development, 1(1), 44-46.

Harasim, L. (2017). Learning Theory and Online Technologies. New York, NY: Taylor & Francis.

Rosser-Majors, M. L. (2017). Theories of Learning: an Exploration. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education.

Wan, Z., Compeau, D., & Haggerty, N. (2014). The Effects of Self-Regulated Learning Processes on E-Learning Outcomes in Organizational Settings. Journal of Management Information Systems, 29(1), 307-40.

Study Document

Traumatic Stress In Age Of COVID 19 Student Teacher Syllabus

Pages: 9 (2722 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Article Review Document #:56613298

...Comparison Article Review 1: COVID-19
Source: Horesh, D., & Brown, A. D. (2020). Traumatic stress in the age of COVID-19: A call to close critical gaps and adapt to new realities. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 12(4), 331-335.
This article focused on the recent global incapacitation in aspects of finance, transport, government, and other facets of general human existence due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The authors, Horesh and Brown (2020), described the consequence of the pandemic as significantly inconvenient and transformative of the existing structures of organizations, social interaction, and governmental policies across the globe. The rate of transmission and fatality of the novel Coronavirus is also a major concern, especially in view of the apparent inadequacies of current medical knowledge and research at finding a lasting solution to the pandemic. All these escalations and uncertainties lend to increased mental stress for every person across the world. While……



Richmond, A., Slattery, J., Mitchell, N., & Morgan, R. (2016). Can a learner-centered syllabus change students’ perceptions of student-professor rapport and master teacher behaviors? Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology, 2(3), 159-168.

Saville, B. K., Zinn, T. E., Brown, A. R., & Marchuk, K. A. (2010). Syllabus Detail and Students’ Perceptions of Teacher Effectiveness. Teaching of Psychology, 37(3), 186–189. DOI:10.1080/00986283.2010.488523 

Harrington, C. M., & Gabert-Quillen, C. A. (2015). Syllabus length and use of images: An empirical investigation of student perceptions. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology, 1(3), 235.

Wilson, J. H., & Ryan, R. G. (2013). Professor–student rapport scale: Six items predict student outcomes. Teaching of Psychology, 40(2), 130-133.

Cullen, R., & Harris, M. (2009). Assessing learner?centredness through course syllabi. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 34(1), 115-125.


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