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The Hollywood Blacklist Dalton Trumbo And Spartacus

Pages: 12 (3721 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:66297682

… Hollywood since the 1930s. Following WW2, Senator Joe McCarthy began his crusade to raise awareness about this specter by flaunting a list of communist that he knew were secretly hiding in the American government. As fear grew that the Soviets had infiltrated American society, the list grew … grew that the Soviets had infiltrated American society, the list grew to include others in other spheres—including Hollywood, where writers suspected of propagating communist ideology and subtly inserting it into American films came under scrutiny. The Hollywood Blacklist actually began in the latter half of the 1940s … the 1940s but it reached its height in the early 1950s. It represented a period of roughly a decade wherein writers accused of communist sympathies were barred from working in Hollywood, though some still managed to write under pseudonyms. This essay will show the Blacklist formed, how … served as a contemporaneous critique……



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Polands Solidarity Movement 1980 1989

Pages: 5 (1353 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Essay Document #:29966337

… note, from the onset, that the groundwork for Poland’s Solidarity movement was set in 1946 following the parliamentary electoral fraud perpetrated by the communist. This is more so the case taking into consideration the resulting civil resistance that went on until Solidarity become prominent – and the … to violent, course of action. Under the able leadership of Lech Walesa, Solidarity was able to facilitate the birth of Poland from a communist country to a democratic society having respect for the freedoms of the masses and promoting the wellbeing of all.
Several times, leaders of … of all.
Several times, leaders of solidarity had their lives threatened – primarily through constant harassment and arbitrarily arrests – especially after the communist regime started fretting over the growing popularity of the movement that had already garnered official membership in excess of 10 million people (ICNC, ……



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Influence Of The PRC With Great Power Competition Globalization

Pages: 6 (1708 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Essay Document #:99402887

… of the PRC
The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is the state that most influences contemporary international security. The globalization of the communist superpower projects brings employment and economic growth. Since joining the World Trade Organization, China has become an increasingly influential participant in the global … region.
People’s Republic of China Context
The People’s Republic of China emerged as the winning side in the post-WWII civil war between the communist party of China and the ruling Kuomintang. The latter was exiled to Taiwan, the PRC invaded Tibet, and the next change to the shape … Chinese map was the return of Hong Kong and Macau to PRC rule in 1997 and 1999 respectively. In the early 1980s the communist party began the process of opening up China’s economy, but did so without opening up much else in Chinese society (“The Internationalization of China’s … section of China……



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Nelson Mandela

Pages: 5 (1632 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:40746883

… his words, signs, and actions, Mandela challenged the national system which denied him his freedom. In the end,…[break]…Unions (COSATU) and the South African communist party (SAC) (Glad & Blanton, 1997). In political terms, Mandela's eventual compromises (like temporary "power-sharing") with the National party were doubted by the ANC's more radical personalities and factions, which included Winnie, his estranged wife. Taking into account the wide array of ……



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McCarthyism Fear Of The Red Menace And The Cold War

Pages: 1 (336 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:response paper Document #:76945842

… Cold War helped to remove some of the obstacles that prevented African Americans from obtaining their civil rights in the 20th century. The communist of the Soviet Union used American racism as a cudgel with which to browbeat America for its hypocritical values and so-called freedom. America … white Americans became fearful and paranoid about the Red Menace, and they turned to leaders like Senator Joe McCarthy for help in uncovering communist in the government and in Hollywood. This led to the era of McCarthyism and the persecution of people just for having sympathies with … the government and in Hollywood. This led to the era of McCarthyism and the persecution of people just for having sympathies with the communist party or for not giving up names to the government of people suspected of being a communist. The threat of nuclear war also frightened many middle class white Americans,……



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Autoethnography On Life In Quarantine

Pages: 9 (2825 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:69295105

… feeling that one has is that in spite of the “serious” nature of the event, life in quarantine is like one big slumber party, where people stay in their pajamas, talk to friends using Zoom, play games, and while away the time reconnecting with family at home. … such as punk rockers, the person’s identity and sense of self will be shaped by his sense of belonging to that group. A communist’s sense of identity will stem from his belonging to the communist party. However, identity can also be formed by seeing what one is not—i.e., not a member of another group, which is typically viewed as ……


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Evaluating The Ideology Of The IRA

Pages: 9 (2717 words) Sources: 15 Document Type:Essay Document #:29993032

...Communist party The Tactics of the British Intelligence against the IRA
History of the IRA
The Provisional IRA formed in response to a war between the Irish Republican Army and the British state in Northern Ireland from 1969 to 1998. The IRA or what is commonly referred to as the IRA in the West was actually a breakaway from the Army and is better known as PIRA in Ireland. However, because it stood as the fighting force and face of the Irish resistance, it is typically referred to as IRA for short. The IRA was a formal fighting force up until the 1970s when fears of British infiltration caused the IRA to become a secret organization with a cell structure. The IRA published its Green Book, which laid out the rules of being an IRA volunteer. Meanwhile, on the political front was Sinn Fein, which negotiated behind the scenes with the British……



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Iron Contra The Covert Action Operation In Iran

Pages: 9 (2708 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Essay Document #:25726659

… coup, but Truman had earlier rebuffed the idea. However, when Eisenhower took charge of the American nation, he was determined to thwart any communist advances by the Soviet Union. He, therefore, ordered the CIA to pursue the secret overthrowing of a foreign government. The aim was to ……



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Calle Ocho Festival Miami

Pages: 4 (1089 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:95685977

...Communist party Miami is the de facto gateway to Latin America, and Calle Ocho has for decades served as the hub of the city’s Cuban culture and community. When it first began more than forty years ago, the Calle Ocho street festival was almost exclusively Cuban in character. Now the Calle Ocho festival reflects shifting demographics and the greater diversity of Latin American people in South Florida. I selected the Calle Ocho street festival as an example of what the overall area has to offer. The festival typically takes place in March. Even during the rest of the year, though, Calle Ocho retains a unique culture, identity, and aesthetic. Landmark establishments like Ball and Chain have recently experienced a revival as younger generations recognize the historical value and worth inherent in preserving such iconic places. The Calle Ocho area has become world renowned, and one of the top tourist destinations in the……


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