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Weapons Of Mass Destruction WMD Antifa

Pages: 13 (3787 words) Sources: 12 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:67320498

… groups should all be collaborating to stop or to reduce the risk of unsecured ports so that an attack by an organization like Antifa in collaboration with ISIS using a WMD could be reduced. Otherwise, the US risks facing a major catastrophe. Collaboration and communication are essential ……



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Domestic Extremism And Terrorism

Pages: 12 (3640 words) Sources: 12 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:16554681

Proud Boys vs Antifa War of Words
Introduction and Research Question
When it comes to domestic extremism, there are groups on both the Right and the Left … And while they may differ ideologically, they can also have a great deal of similarities. This paper looks at two extremist groups in particular—Antifa on the Left and Proud Boys on the Right. The questions this paper poses are: What is the nature of Antifa and how does Proud Boys mirror the group from the opposite spectrum? How can these extremist groups best be countered? The purpose of … political level with the election of Donald Trump, who is popularly perceived by the Left to be a Fascist (Klein, 2019; Koch, 2018). Antifa movements in the US organized in direct response to events sponsored by supporters of the Trump Administration—such as the Unite the Right rally … Right rally in Charlottesville, VA……



Breger, M. L. (2017). Reforming by re-norming: How the legal system has the potential to change a toxic culture of domestic violence. J. Legis., 44, 170.

Beinart, P. (2017). The rise of the violent left. Retrieved from " target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">

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Racial Equality And Justice

Pages: 5 (1742 words) Document Type:Essay Document #:751873

… Several topics will be discussed in this essay, including George Floyd and the riots in Minneapolis. A discussion of Black Lives Matter and Antifa will also show how the society is responding to racism in America. Additionally, this essay will show how the George Floyd incident led … awareness and education. Socially sanctioning racist biases and beliefs is one way to start reducing racial disparities in the United States. Organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter help to raise awareness and educate the public, creating opportunities for the future generations to enjoy a more peaceful ……



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Domestic Terrorism And Extremist Groups

Pages: 13 (3981 words) Sources: 12 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:80039324

… the space is a reflection and facilitator of the level of extremism in the United States.
As both the popularity of groups like Antifa on the Left and Proud Boys on the Right show, young people are the ones most likely to be drawn into extremist groups. … of the main factors that have contributed to the rise of political extremist groups in the US. Beinart (2017) notes for instance that Antifa has developed in the US in response to perceived authoritarianism by the US government. The members of Antifa associate today’s leaders with the Fascists of the 1930s and 1940s. The rise of the Black Panthers in the 1970s came about for … with equally contentious words and actions. The extremist group Proud Boys developed on the Right, for instance, to counter the Leftist extremist group Antifa in the streets, while their political representatives under Pelosi and Schumer……



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Beinart, P. (2017). The rise of the violent left. Retrieved from " target="_blank" REL="NOFOLLOW">


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