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...Polygraph testing Question 1: Construct an assessment of ONCIX strategy, prevention and detection concerning either insider threats, or, economic threats.
Preventing and detecting insider threats is one of the core aspects of the ONCIX strategy. As a new premier counterintelligence and security agency in the U.S. government, ONCIX needs a strong understanding of how to identify and deter insider threats. According to its strategy, “the most effective safeguard against insider threats is a knowledgeable, trusted workforce which is confident that their privacy and civil liberties are respected.”[footnoteRef:2] Making sure that its employees are trustworthy and invested is the first line of defense against insider threats. Gathering data from multiple sources is another line of defense in the ONCIX strategy to mitigate the risk of malicious insiders. The basis of the approach is to use a whole-person, whole-of-career concept that so as to analyze data and to identify anomalies that present themselves. Anomalies……



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Trends In Civil And Criminal Liability In The Private Security Industry

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… of being passed. Furthermore, several federal laws indirectly or directly affect management of the private security industry. For instance, legislation on denying employers polygraph use in pre-employment screening and drug testing have significantly affected the security industry. Future trends indicate that the industry requires extensive knowledge on civil and criminal liability laws. The industry … of violating those rights (Encyclopedia of Security Management, 1993).
Legal liability issues are likely to arise in areas such as sexual harassment, drug testing and client/employee injury. Furthermore, use of contract security forces requires the industry management to properly understand security requirements, legal liabilities and standards of ……


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