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Role of the Nurse Informaticist in Systems Development and Implementation Essay

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Nurse Informaticists (NIs) are responsible for aiding computer programmers who develop nursing systems in planning and implementing computerized nursing systems. NIs ought to assist computer technocrats with analyzing issues, and put forward a computerized solution with desired results. SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) represents discrete steps followed by system developers for designing, troubleshooting and executing systems needed by clients (McGonigle and Mastrian, 2015). Within the healthcare domain, system development encompasses needs evaluation that involves doctors and other healthcare practitioners, legal aspects, environmental challenges, and technological elements impacting the domain of healthcare.

Planning and requirements definition

Planning represents the ideal instrument for guaranteeing the success of all operations. The nursing leader within the context of system development presents system developers with the intended system plan. Developers ought to then utilize the details available for planning the ideal system development strategy (Massey and Satao, 2012). Defining of requirements entails identification of the required elements for formulating the desired output. NIs ought to give desired system inputs wherefrom system developers plan system coding (McCormick and Saba, 2015).

SDLC offers a procedural strategy for resolving issues, which facilitates the creation of the ideal computer system for resolving extant and future issues at minimal cost and time (Massey and Satao, 2012). Currently, the issue is: coming up with an impactful and appropriate nurse documentation system for resolving the documentation- related challenge within healthcare. Here, nursing leadership will contribute significantly to guiding system developers across different system development phases (Massey and Satao, 2012). The requirement determination and planning step will entail determination of overall organizational requirements and…

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…documentation functions. The NI ought to train fellow nursing practitioners on system usage in the event it is decided upon that the system developer won't be assuming that responsibility. The NI ought to, further, supervise organization- wide system integration (McCormick and Saba, 2015). Nursing leadership must inform the system developer of all necessary system changes during maintenance.


Information technology has a significant part to play in the present healthcare domain (Massey and Satao, 2012). Isolating the function of nursing documentation, this paper explores the need for a sound system for resolving the nurse information maintenance mystery that proves pivotal to successful healthcare system implementation. SDLC processes have addressed the burdensomeness of manual data handling by nurses. Nevertheless, it is essential to include NIs in the development of nursing documentation systems as they…

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