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Critical Information Literacy

Pages: 1 (280 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Essay Document #:59120688

… Barbosa & Morais, 2017). A typical social engineering attack would be a phishing scam, but others would include hackers tricking people into providing information, which is then used against them (Kaspersky, 2020).
Protecting personal information online where social engineering attacks are concerned means training people in how social engineering attacks work, what the attackers need you to do, ……



Breda, F., Barbosa, H., Morais, T. (2017) Social engineering and cyber security. Conference Paper.

Kaspersky (2020) What is social engineering? Kaspersky Labs. Retrieved April 15, 2020 from 


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Optimizing Health Information Systems

Pages: 12 (3717 words) Sources: 16 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:99273225

Optimizing Merged Health Information Systems
Although the merger of two comparably sized companies competing in the same industry is a relatively commonplace business strategy, the process is … percentage of merged entities fail outright because of these problems (Murphy, 2019). These types of problems are further compounded when there are sophisticated information systems involved that must also be merged successfully. The purpose of this paper is to explicate the responsibilities involved in implementing a health … systems involved that must also be merged successfully. The purpose of this paper is to explicate the responsibilities involved in implementing a health information system (HIS) that meets current Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security and Privacy regulatory requirements. To … and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security and Privacy regulatory requirements. To this end, a discussion……



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NAHQ code of ethics for healthcare quality. (2019). National Association for Healthcare Quality. Retrieved from .


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Intake Information For Mental Health

Pages: 9 (2605 words) Sources: 13 Document Type: Document #:76744601

Case information and intake information
Presenting Problem:
The patient is a Caucasian female that is 29 years old. She presented the symptoms and signs of a mental health … plus some previously learned knowledge, for example, DSM categories, in making their judgments about clients, they are less likely to look for new information, techniques, or strategies that may help them make better judgments or decisions (Khoury, Langer & Pagnini, 2014). Mindlessly focusing on the past can ……



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Ethics And Health Information

Pages: 8 (2462 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:87876213

Managing Medical Records and the Implementation of Tools and Safeguards Required within HIS
Few practices are more important in managing health information systems than managing medical records, safeguarding patients’ medical history, and ensuring that all end users of medical information technology are approved and trained. Some of the biggest factors in security breaches are end users themselves (Rhee, Kim & Ryu, 2009). This … 2017). This paper will discuss the programming language and relational databases that should be used to accommodate security needs for the HIS, the information tools and safeguards required to protect it, the security needed for electronic health records, an applicable code of ethics, and proposals for training … is that they are not type safe languages. In other words, the programmer is responsible for where the type and data go, how information is compiled and arranged, and so on. This makes it far more likely……



Campbell, R. J. (2004). Database Design: What HIM Professionals Need to Know.

Perspectives in Health Information Management 2004, 1:6 (August 4, 2004). Retrieved from 

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Firewalls And Filtering

Pages: 4 (1317 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:22384393

...Information Cyber security tendencies have evolved into systems that are used for data security, mostly for big corporations which can afford the service. System vulnerability is one of the major concerns of organizations getting web servers, firewalls and security measures for their data. Technology companies burn the midnight oil trying to provide the highest level of security to databases, and a breach of security can be deemed a lapse by the technology company or that their security measures being ineffective. Hackers might send unauthorized packets of data including network inhibitors that might stall the ABC servers which contain online payment processing and customer data.
The best firewall recommended for this system is the next-generation system equipped with sophisticated security protocols for the deployment in the ABC system. It combines traditional firewall with other network devices that filter unauthorized network protocols. In a distributed system where traffic is passed through different nodes,……



Anderson, R. O. (1997). EMERGING CHALLENGE: SECURITY AND SAFETY IN CYBERSPACE. In R. O. Anderson, In Athena's Camp: Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age (pp. 231–252). RAND corporation.

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Cyber Crime IT Security Auditing

Pages: 11 (3165 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:36684821

… past, lost much to these crimes and, hence, must come up with plans to prevent such future occurrences. In this paper, the processes information technology security audits entail and how such audits enhance organizational IT security will be dealt with. According to research on the subject, IT … in the form of a methodical analysis by an outside specialist on compliance, for identifying any chinks in the armor of the company's information technology system.
ICT advancements have meant the availability of vast quantities of data, which also creates considerable risks to the data itself, … of data, which also creates considerable risks to the data itself, computer systems, and critical infrastructures and operations it supports. Despite developments in information security, numerous information systems continue to display susceptibility to both external and internal breaches (Suduc, Bîzoi & Filip, 2010). Internal information security auditing enhances the likelihood of implementation of……



Almatari, O. and Helal, I., and Mazen, S., and El Hennawy, S. (2018). \\\\\\"Cybersecurity Tools for IS Auditing.\\\\\\" The 6th International Conference on Enterprise Systems, At Limassol, Cyprus 10.1109/ES.2018.00040.

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Suduc, A. M., Bîzoi, M., & Filip, F. G. (2010). Audit for information systems security. Informatica Economica, 14(1), 43.


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Cloud Computing And Cost Effectiveness

Pages: 5 (1591 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Annotated Bibliography Document #:36737117

Annotated Bibliography
Carcary, M., Doherty, E., & Conway, G. (2015). The adoption of cloud computing by Irish SMEs- an exploratory study. Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation, 17(1), 3.
This article ascertains that the major reason why SMEs in Ireland adopt cloud computing is for cost-effectiveness. The study shows … cloud computing. Different from desktop computing, where hard disk crashes can result in the destruction and loss of the firm’s valuable data and information, the same does not apply in the cloud where data is stored effectively.
The cost-effectiveness of cloud computing is perceptible. Rather than purchasing … IT divisions.
Attaran, M. (2017). Cloud Computing Technology: Leveraging the Power of the Internet to Improve Business Performance. Journal of International Technology and Information Management, 26(1), 112 – 137.
In recent times, cloud computing has emanated as a significant technology that could contribute to the operational efficacy … cloud computing model can render……



Attaran, M. (2017). Cloud Computing Technology: Leveraging the Power of the Internet to Improve Business Performance. Journal of International Technology and Information Management, 26(1), 112 – 137.

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Web 2 0 And Online Studio Education

Pages: 6 (1931 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:53632130

… of content and collaboration over the web (Loannao, 2018). The internet, since then, started becoming the reservoir of knowledge, giving free access to information and educational resources (Loannao, 2018). Because of these developments, online courses and online education began and were incorporated in different educational fields as ……



Bender, D. M. (2006). Using Online Education Technologies to Support Studio Instruction. Educational Technology and Society.

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TikTok Platform And Application Walkthrough

Pages: 4 (1080 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:92988115

… personalization for all its users. The end-users get recommendations based on their view history and the complementors, i.e., content creators and advertisers get information on the latest trends for targeting their content. This system of the network works efficiently because each set of the user affects the ……


Works-Cited List

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Barriers That Prevent Implementation Of IoT Within Small Businesses

Pages: 18 (5252 words) Sources: 37 Document Type:Case Study Document #:25628514

… the IoT.
The use of the UTAUT model is also highly appropriate for the purposes of this study because individual acceptance levels of information technology (IT) have been a key focus of many of the studies concerning new technology implementations to date (Venkatesh, Thong & Xu, 2016). … and Wang (2018), “After the Internet and mobile communication network, the Internet of Things has become an important trend in the development of information technology, greatly promoting the reform of the information industry in the world” (p. 2386). The IoT can be conceptualized graphically as depicted in Figure 1 below.
Figure 1. Representative Internet of … on a software engineer’s drawing board, but is rather transforming the manner in which companies of all sizes and types are managing their information technology resources. As Cubo and his colleagues conclude, “This new Internet has led the evolution of the Ubiquitous Web 2.0, in……



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