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Recruitment and Retention Human Resource Policies Question Answer

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1. Best practices and compliance with recruitment laws

The first step towards filling the request will be to review the various H.R. best practices and compliance to minimize an employee lawsuit's risk. The review will be done on issues such as hiring, wage requirements, and employee classification. To ensure this, the H.R. department will establish a strategy (assuming none exists at the moment) for regulatory reviewing and updating compliance procedures and labor laws that are constantly changing (Breaugh, 2016). The suggested strategy is to have one of the H.R. department staff members as a "point person" to research and update compliance policies.

To ensure hiring and employee compliance for the current post, the H.R. department will first seek to ensure there cannot be any discrimination in the process based on religion, race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, and ethnicity (Patterson & Zibarras, 2018). To achieve this, the recruitment process will not ask some questions, especially in the pre-employment interview, and there shall be the same legal requirements for hiring. At the federal level, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces the anti-discrimination laws (Flynn et al., 2016). The EEOC website will be used to determine some of the critical areas that pose potential legal trouble and how to avoid them. Also, the H.R. department will review state laws to ensure compliance.

Moreover, the recruitment process must ensure no employee misclassification, and there is compliance with exempt and non-exempt status. Misclassification of employees attracts highly punitive fines from the U.S. Department of Labor, IRS, and state agencies, depending on the infraction (Avery, McKay & Volpone, 2013). The recruitment drive will be classified accordingly to prevent the costs associated.

2. Develop and present an organizational statement on diversity Source(s) of recruitment

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

One of the pillars of our success is anchored on diversity. As an organization, diversity is a core part of our culture and how we work as a healthcare organization. Diversity is key to realizing our mission of reaching and helping improve the health of all. The commitment to diversity and inclusion is rooted deeply in our collective values as a healthcare company.

We are adversely aware that differences in race, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, background, and thinking style are a source of and bring richness to our working environment, the reach of our clients. It results in better service delivery to our patients. Through a highly divergent human capital, we are better positioned to connect with the health needs of the people who make up the society in which we operate. We also hold the belief for us to succeed; we need to make and maintain healthy relationships with diverse professional organizations, partners, and suppliers.

As a health care organization, we are genuinely committed to ensuring our staff, operations, and third parties are diverse to reach all members and diversity aspects of the society we operate in. we also believe that visible diversity does not equate to being diverse inclusive. As a result, we seek to ensure that we have a meaningful commitment to diversity and inclusion through a dual and concurrent focus on individualistic behaviors and descriptions and organizational operations and systems. Being open to alternative ways and approaches to a task or issue, revising work processes, and being flexible in design and schedule are essential elements of diversity and inclusion.

3. Accepting of resumes or applications

Once a Job Description has been designed, and the vacancy is made public, it is expected that the application for the job will start streaming in. the application period will be bound to time. Applications will be required to be made online, and no hard copies will be accepted. To do away with storing the expectedly bulky applications and the possibility of misplacing any application, only online applications will be accepted. All application(s) that is/are made through a hard copy will not be accepted and, thus, not screened for this position.

For this particular position, applications to be accepted are those made by persons residing within the state only. The aim of broadening the applicant pool to the state level is to attract the best human capital available for the position (Flynn et al., 2016; Kehoe & Bentley, 2019). The online applications that will be accepted conform to the required and right email subject to be sent to the right recipient, i.e., the H.R. Director. Acceptance of applications will end at midnight of the day indicated in the job advert as the deadline for applications. Any application that is received after this time will be rejected forthwith.

4. The screening process to determine the best-qualified candidates

Before the recruitment process moves to the selection phase, there will be a screening interview. Screening interviews will be done to those applicants whose applications have been accepted. The acceptance of these applications was based on the assumption that the applicants are qualified, at least from the application documents (Compton, 2009). The screening interview will be done after the application documents have been reviewed, and applicants deemed to qualify shortlisted. The purpose of the screening interview is to establish the candidates' suitability and save the organization and the applicant valuable time (Gusdorf, 2008) by not inviting for interview applicants who are considered unsuitable after the screening interview.

Based on this, the screening interview will be done through an interview. The staff member who will conduct the screening interview will be part of the recruitment team and will have reviewed the application details to understand the applicant's details. Therefore, the interviewer will ask a few straightforward questions that are meant to determine whether the applicant is qualified for the job and appropriateness of the Physician's Assistant (Avery, et al., 2013). Applicants who are deemed appropriated and qualified for the job will be invited for the actual interview.

Applicants who are deemed not appropriate and not qualified will be…

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…the job. This will involve sharing everything that the candidate needs to know about the job, both the good and the bad (Gusdorf, 2008; Yu & Cable, 2014). For this job, the candidate will be required to travel to the hospital and reside within the hospital quarters; therefore, it will be communicated that the candidate, once hired, needs to travel. If the job is limiting and provides little chances for advancement, this will also be communicated. In summary, the information shared will be as much as possible, to ensure that the candidate makes an informed decision for long-term employment, and for the organization, this will be a strategy to avoid high employee turnover (Becker, Connolly & Slaughter, 2010).

Whether a job offer is made through a phone call, in person, or through a letter (Becker et al., 2010), it is made by the H.R. Director or by a representation of one of the top-ranking officers in the H.R. Department.

In addition to having the job offer made by the H.R. Department, the offer documents will have to be reviewed by a legal counsel and ensure that the terms and conditions are identified. This means that the details should not be vague, offer general statements and promises about benefits and bonuses, work schedules, and any other dynamic issue that might change with time (Flynn et al., 2016).

10. At what point would compensation and benefits be discussed?

Compensation and benefits are going to be discussed at the job offer phase of the recruitment process. When making the job offer, the job's benefits and compensation will be presented to the selected candidate. The presentation will include the salary, bonuses, and other benefits of the job and hourly or monthly (Gusdorf, 2008). This means the quotations will not be yearly, which has been interpreted by the courts as an indication for a contract for employment that lasts for a minimum of one year.

11. Include a brief guideline for hiring managers as to the requirements of Recruitment Laws (do's and don'ts) and the audit steps to ensure compliance


i. Prepare job description and the person specifications for the role carefully. The job description should include why the job exists, its main purpose, objectives, tasks, and responsibilities. The person specifications include qualifications, experience, skills, knowledge, and behaviors

ii. Do use standard and consistent approaches in the recruitment process to ensure that all candidates have a level playing field

iii. Be extremely careful with what you do with personal information that is obtained in the application

iv. Ensure that you keep careful records for the entire recruitment process and the decisions made throughout the process

v. Determine which applicants you are targeting and choose the platform to advertise accordingly, e.g., social media, internet adverts, recruitment agencies, or referrals (Pritchard, 2007).


i. While conducting an interview, do not ask questions related to age, marital status, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status,…

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