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Hospital Corporation Of America HCA

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Hospital Corporation of America
Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) is not only one of the country’s largest hospital companies, but it also happens to be one of the most notable healthcare services providers in the country. At present, HCA manages more … HCA to Singapore Airlines in an attempt to evaluate its readiness to tackle inherent marketplace challenges.
HCA operates outpatient healthcare facilities, psychiatric hospitals, acute care hospitals, and general facilities that offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to, emergency services, diagnostic services, cardiac care services, and … as being welcoming to clients from other races.
Griffin, R. (2007). Fundamentals of Management (5th ed.). New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin Company.
Hospital Corporation of America - HCA……



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Project Management Plan To Upgrade Hospital Equipment

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This project plan is for a hypothetical struggling hospital in the NY Metropolitan area. The hospital is on the verge of bankruptcy but is the only pediatric hospital in the area. It also boasts of some of the most innovative researchers and physicians in the country. The walls are peeling, some … identifying and replacing the outdated equipment, raising the required funds using appropriate strategies.

1.1 Purpose of Project Management Plan

The purpose of the Hospital Equipment Upgrade (HEU) PMP is to identify all outdated equipment in the target hospital, develop a plan of how this equipment will be replaced, and identify the source of the funds required for this purpose.

2. EXECUTIVE … how this equipment will be replaced, and identify the source of the funds required for this purpose.


Hospitals in the U.S. lose a total of $8.3 billion a……



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Hand Hygiene And Infection In Hospitals

Pages: 7 (2096 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Article Critique Document #:82779888

… against healthcare associated infections (HAIs). The study aims to conduct an assessment of the perception towards hand hygiene amid healthcare professionals within the hospital. In particular, the study seeks to ascertain perceptions on HAIs and hand hygiene. The literature review conducted by the researcher was not quite … this regard, the perceptions regarding HAI and hand hygiene were the emphasis of the study carried out at the Ministry of Interior Security Hospitals in the Jeddah Kingdom within Saudi Arabia. Healthcare professionals were included in the sample of the study and in total 87 of them … the results of the study and implications for future research. The study examined the discernment towards hand hygiene amongst healthcare professionals in the hospital setting. The outcomes demonstrated that health care professionals have a substantially high level of knowledge and understanding regarding health care-associated infections and the … were addressed in the study……



Joshi, S. C., Diwan, V., Tamhankar, A. J., Joshi, R., Shah, H., Sharma, M., ... & Lundborg, C. S. (2012). Qualitative study on perceptions of hand hygiene among hospital staff in a rural teaching hospital in India. Journal of Hospital Infection, 80(4), 340-344.

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Staffing For Nurses In Hospitals

Pages: 12 (3617 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:39252116

Proposal for mandatory staffing ratios
Introduction: Reflection
Public Policy Issue
This policy will mandate that mandatory staffing ratios be met by hospitals throughout the nation. This is an important public policy issue because it would oblige hospitals that are part of the Medicare program to create a committee that is partly made of nurses who can discuss the issue of … First, the cost of mandatory staffing will be an increase in labor costs, which is likely to be over one million dollars for hospitals that have to increase staffing to meet the mandatory ratio (Reiter, Harless, Pink & Mark, 2012). These are the direct costs of nursing, … to meet the mandatory ratio (Reiter, Harless, Pink & Mark, 2012). These are the direct costs of nursing, which make up 30% of hospital costs (Reiter et al., 2012). Twigg, Myers, Duffield, Giles and Evans (2015).point out that increased staffing with……



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Change Management In Health Care

Pages: 4 (1231 words) Sources: 5 Document Type:Essay Document #:30752808

...Hospital Personal Changes
A major change among RNs that challenged them and was difficult for them to make focused on implementing a transcultural care model among the nurses that required the nurses to become more educated about different cultures and how to respond to patients of these various cultures. It required of the nurses the need to maintain two different perspectives and sets of beliefs in the minds at once—their own beliefs and an empathetic view of the beliefs of the patient of the different cultural background. As Kodama and Fukahori (2017) noted, the main challenge for RNs tasked with a change of this nature is to develop respect and empathy for others while holding a micro and macro perspective. This paper will describe the different perspective on change by those who like it and those who dread it, explain why readiness for change is so crucial to its success, show……



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Pediatric Nursing And Gastroenteritis

Pages: 11 (3217 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Case Study Document #:91020805

… and may not even seek professional help. While many children who develop gastroenteritis do not need specialized care, still, they end up in hospital facilities and are admitted as inpatients. Such patients are kept in hospital for a significant period. This is a notable strain on the health sector. Admitting these children in the hospital also poses a risk of infecting other children who have been admitted on other issues at the hospital. Some of these at-risk may be highly vulnerable due to their health conditions (Hockenberry & Wilson, 2019).
The recommended approaches for managing Gastroenteritis … are removed from familiar territory. The attachment to parents and other caregivers at home is severed. It does not matter how friendly the hospital may be; it is still a highly strange and discomforting territory to be in for children; a different routine, a different bed, and … react to stress through……



Campos, M. C., Rodrigues, K. C. S., & Pinto, M. C. M. (2010). Evaluation of the behavior of the pre-school one just admitted in the unit of pediatrics and the use of the therapeutic toy. Einstein (São Paulo), 8(1), 10-17.

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Examining The Different Types Of Original Medicare Coverage

Pages: 4 (1211 words) Sources: 2 Document Type:Essay Document #:94226250

… of 65 have the ability to enroll in Medicare part A and Medicare part B. Medicare Part A is what is known as hospital insurance”, and “helps pay for inpatient care in a hospital or limited time at a skilled nursing facility (following a hospital stay). Part A also pays for some health care and hospice care”, according to the Social Security Administration.
The Medicare website outlines some … care”, according to the Social Security Administration.
The Medicare website outlines some specific things within each of these broad categories. For example, under hospital care Medicare Part A covers semi-private rooms, meals, general nursing, drugs as part of your inpatient treatment, and other hospital services and supplies.
In a skilled nursing care unit, you are covered for meals, semi-private room, skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, … medications, medical social services, medical supplies and equipment used in the facility,……


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Transitioning From Student To Nurse Leader

Pages: 5 (1522 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Essay Document #:39548108

… I intend to seek employment with the health care organizations described below, including the respective motivators and detractors for each.
Saint Peters University Hospital, New Brunswick
This health care organization is a 478-bed acute care teaching hospital (About Saint Peters University Hospital, 2019) with much to offer newly graduated registered nurses (RNs). For example, the hospital features a new graduate program for nurses, the staff is well known for being highly supportive of new nursing graduates and they even ……



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Care Plan

Pages: 6 (1764 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Case Study Document #:78842568

… Particularly, pregnant women are further isolated from care. According to a report published in the New York Times (Healy, 2018), since 2010, 85 hospitals in rural America have closed since 2010, which means that fewer than half of American rural counties have a hospital that is equipped to offer obstetric care. The health result for fewer obstetric hospitals is that fewer women in rural America go for doctor’s prenatal care appointments as a result, there are more premature births, women increasingly … America go for doctor’s prenatal care appointments as a result, there are more premature births, women increasingly deliver outside the safety of a hospital, and in case a woman ends up into the emergency room during labor, the likelihood of not receiving obstetric care his very high.
… care his very high.
In the typical childbirth education class un urban areas, educators recommend that the expectant woman……



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Telemedicine And Its Impact On Patient Care

Pages: 11 (3241 words) Sources: 10 Document Type:Essay Document #:26347879

...Hospital Telemedicine: How does it impact patient care?
The modern health care system is better and considerably more complex than what the situation previously was a decade and several decades ago. According to various researchers, the modern health care system is a managed one, and it widely uses technology in contrast to previous health care systems (Conklin, 2002). The many uses of technology in the modern health care system include the use of technology for diagnosis, for minimally invasive treatments, and better monitoring of vital signs and other signs. Moreover, technology is now also being used to consult with medical experts from all over the world remotely. This has led to improved healthcare and has enhanced patent experience.
Furthermore, many mobile applications have been invented to help both patients and doctors specifically. Moreover, they are not only helping patients recover but also improving their quality of life (Tiago et al.,……



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