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General Electric Appliance Company Quality Control Instruments Essay

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Quality Control of General Electric Appliance Company

Company background

General Electric Appliances is renowned for designing and building the best appliances across the globe. Ranging from the design process to production and further to service, the main endeavor of GE Appliances is to assist people in enhancing their lives at home. From self-cleaning varieties to ice and water dispensers, to speed cook rotisseries and fridges that make coffee, GE Appliances has electrified and simplified life for over 12 decades with our heritage of innovation (GE Appliances, 2020).

GE Appliances has its main center of operations situated in Louisville in the state of Kentucky, United States. The company has manufacturing facilities operating in Decatur in the state of Alabama. Moreover, GE Appliances has wholly-owned subsidiaries that are situated in Georgia and also in Tennessee (GE Appliances, 2020). Significantly, GE Appliances has ownership of FirstBuild, a multinational co-creation community, and an ultramodern micro-factory that is set in its headquarters. The company set up the second FirstBuild locality in Korea, and a third high-tech micro-factory is situated in India. These platforms guarantee that the company's most ideal conceptions and novel products for the present-day modern home get to the consumers in a faster manner (GE Appliances, 2020).

Notably, up until the 2016 fiscal year, GE Appliances was owned by General Electric. The company was up to that time referred to as GE Appliances & Lighting and GE Consumer & Industrial. However, this year, Haier took majority ownership of the company, obtaining 90 percent shares. Significantly, Haier obtained the right and liberty to capitalize on the General Electric brand name up until 2056 (Flannery, 2016). Becoming a part of this massive multinational organization grants GE Appliances with extra resources to go on partaking in innovation and retailing their products globally (GE Appliances, 2020).

Size of the Company

GE Appliances has an annual revenue of $7 billion. The company has employed 12 000 employees. General Electric has global operations in more than 170 countries across the world. The company has 205,000 employees in total. The revenues of the company experienced a 2 percent decline in the past year to decrease from $97,012 in 2018 to $95,214 in 2019 (General Electric, 2019).

Product or Service Mix

General Electric has different appliance brands, including Monogram, Café, Haier, Profile, and Hotpoint. The products manufactured and retailed by GE Appliances comprise of Refrigerators, Ranges, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Washers, Room Air Conditioners, Wall Ovens, Water Filtration Systems, Ice Makers, Trash Compactors, Laundry Units, Water Softeners and several others (GE Appliances, 2020).

GE Appliances' Competitors in the Market

GE Appliances faced intense competition from other players in the market. These include the following:

1. LG Electronics

LG is a multinational electronics corporation with its main center of operations situated in South Korea. LG partakes in the manufacturing of home appliances comprising refrigerators, washing machines, tumble dryers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, and microwave ovens. Moreover, in recent years, LG has intensified its rivalry in the market through the unveiling of smart appliances that permits users to communicate, control, supervise, and share information with the appliances to function.

2. Whirlpool Corporation

This is a multinational manufacturer, marketer, and retailer of home appliances with its center of operations situated in Michigan in the United States. The company has a yearly revenue of just about over $21 billion and has employed over 90,000 personnel, in addition to operating over 70 manufacturing and technology research facilities across the globe. Some of the company's major brands include Hotpoint, Acros, Amana, Royalstar, Whirlpool, and also Hefei Sanyo.

3. Samsung

Samsung Electronics is a multinational corporation that has its headquarters situated in South Korea. Significantly, Samsung Electronics operates numerous assembly plants across the globe and has sales systems in more than 70 nations and hires approximately 300,000 personnel. It is the biggest manufacturer of consumer electronics across the globe in terms of revenue generated. Also, the company is deemed to be the second biggest technology company in the…

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…the factory guilty from the beginning to the end. This implies an on-site production inspection carried out daily during the production process. In this regard, the inspectors of the company inspect and analyze the factory, implementing the specifications set, choosing units randomly for inspection an ascertaining, and eradicating any found defects. This ensures that GE Appliances is in control of the process as a whole.

Results of the Implementation of Quality Control

The quality control implementation process enabled GE Appliances to win the award of assembly plant of the year in 2019. According to Weber (2019), it was ascertained that in 2019, the hardest working refrigerator factory across the globe is GE Appliances' facility situated in Decatur, AL. Imperatively, it has been part of the OSHA VPP Star program for over two decades, and its products are constantly ranked as number 1 in terms of reliability and quality by consumers (Weber, 2019).

Profit or Productivity Improvement

Owing to quality control processes, GE Appliances has been able to work on its profits and productivity levels. For instance, in 2018, one of the company's plants situated in Mississippi, was experiencing a loss of up to 15 percent of its output as a result of production defects. However, owing to quality control, the company has been able to enable the facility to diminish its losses by over 60 percent thus far, saving millions of dollars (GE Appliances, 2019).

Future of GE Appliances. How has the success of the implementation affected the plans of the company going forward?

The future of GE Appliances seems to be bright. Having been acquired by Haier, the company has a greater platform of manufacturing great appliances and reaching an even wider consumer market. In recent months, GE Appliances proclaimed a $62 million investment to partake in the expansion of its production of appliances in Louisville. This will enable the company to manufacture even more appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and also dishwashers. This investment demonstrates GE Appliances' dedication to continually…

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