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General Electric Appliance Company Quality Control Instruments

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… Electric. The company was up to that time referred to as GE Appliances & Lighting and GE Consumer & Industrial. However, this year, Haier took majority ownership of the company, obtaining 90 percent shares. Significantly, Haier obtained the right and liberty to capitalize on the General Electric brand name up until 2056 (Flannery, 2016). Becoming a part of this … $97,012 in 2018 to $95,214 in 2019 (General Electric, 2019).
Product or Service Mix
General Electric has different appliance brands, including Monogram, Café, Haier, Profile, and Hotpoint. The products manufactured and retailed by GE Appliances comprise of Refrigerators, Ranges, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Washers, Room Air Conditioners, Wall Ovens, … the implementation affected the plans of the company going forward?
The future of GE Appliances seems to be bright. Having been acquired by Haier, the company has a greater platform of manufacturing great appliances and reaching an even wider consumer market.……



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