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As an aspiring psychologist, I know that my future clients will be tackling a variety of psychological challenges. Some of these may have physical roots, given that many mental health complaints have at least some genetic component. Also, psychological difficulties can create physical problems. Anxiety can cause symptoms like a pounding heart. Eating disorders can cause a host of malnutrition-related concerns, and substance abuse can do so likewise. Mental disorders can interfere with normal, daily cognitive functioning, including the ability to make good decisions, and also impede the individual’s ability to have normal social relationships at work and school. Unfortunately, the fact that mental disorders can interfere with the ability to secure a proper social support network or even to work at all, means that the people who need help the most may be the least able to access it. As a psychologist, an understanding of the complexities of such disorders and their consequences is essential. I must also work with my clients given the time, money, and insurance they have, so they can secure the type of help that will best address their current situation in life. Sensitivity, compassion, and knowledge about the healthcare system will all be necessary.

Psychologists, according to Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), can work in a variety of settings, including in private practice, hospitals, or in the field of social work. Some psychologists may seek out additional qualifications to enable them to work in unique settings, such as a school…

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…also be mentally and emotionally draining.

Completing this course and better understanding lifespan development will help me understand the normal trajectory of human development, and also understand how difficulties can ensue due to a variety of mental, physical, and social factors. Clients may seek assistance for serious psychological problems, or may simply want assistance in improving their everyday lives. I also hope that this course will inspire self-reflection about my own development, so I can better understand my personal biases and experiences in relation to my future clients. I am well aware of the fact that becoming a therapist may take many more years of education, experience, and will require much more time and effort than that of many other professions. Still, I believe the rewards well…

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