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US Customs And Border Protection And Defense Intelligence Agency

Pages: 4 (1149 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:question answer Document #:85676019

… according to the agency, is more so the case given that “the re-emergence of great-power competition challenges U.S. prosperity, security, and the democratic world order we have fought to sustain since world War II” (DIA, 2020). It should be noted that in the past, the U.S. has engaged in various wars and military conflicts. In ……



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1960s Cold War

Pages: 2 (725 words) Sources: 3 Document Type:Essay Document #:32710214

Conceptions of the Cold War
The Cold War was the time period following the end of world War II, when the world was basically divided between Communism on the one hand and Capitalism on the other. The West favored Capitalism and the East favored Communism. … the two powers were only part of the story, however; this was also a war for hegemony. The U.S. wanted to influence the world order just as much as the Soviets did. Each tried to spread their influence—the U.S. throughout Europe via the Marshall Plan (Hogan & Hogan, ……



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John Lewis Gaddis

Pages: 8 (2280 words) Sources: 9 Document Type:Essay Document #:77530466

… witnessed all his life. He wanted to understand deeply his own place and people and time, and thus he immersed himself in the world of Cold War history, approaching without bias or prejudice but rather as one with no loyalties to any side.[footnoteRef:5] He rose above the … was a prime example of Stalin’s totalitarianism. It was this totalitarianism that Stalin and the Soviets were spreading, like a cancer, around the world through their ideological emissaries, according to Gaddis.[footnoteRef:14] [13: John Lewis Gaddis, We Now Know: Rethinking Cold War History (Oxford University Press, 1997), 9.] … of Chinese died under the totalitarian heal of Mao. China had become infected with the brutal spirit of Stalinism, Gaddis explains.[footnoteRef:15] Stalin wanted world revolution. He wanted the world to be remade in his image the way Mao wanted China reshaped in his. Stalin and Mao were more closely united that Gaddis ………



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Strategy For National Defense

Pages: 7 (2014 words) Sources: 7 Document Type:Essay Document #:59270793

… the prosperity of the nation. This strategy goes beyond promoting the interests of America and includes safeguarding the interests of partners/allies around the world. Through the strategy, the United States responds to the increasing military, political and economic competitions encountered world. As part of ensuring suitable response to these competitions, NSS includes a regional context strategy through which the United States tailors it approaches … ensuring suitable response to these competitions, NSS includes a regional context strategy through which the United States tailors it approaches to various regions world to protect her national interests.[footnoteRef:1] The United States requires integrated regional strategies that acknowledge the nature and extent of threats, intensity of rivalry, … west coast of India to the United States’ western shores and represent one of the most economically vibrant and populated regions in the world.[footnoteRef:2] America’s interest in this region, which is currently facing competition between free……



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The Impact Of The Black Death On European Society

Pages: 5 (1628 words) Sources: 4 Document Type:Term Paper Document #:21928849

… abandonment of inherited wealth and property, and the renegotiation of labor.
The Black Death represented in some ways the impact that globalization and world trade had on the spread of goods, ideas, and also diseases. Even without an advanced understanding of how infectious diseases spread, the educated … Even without an advanced understanding of how infectious diseases spread, the educated sector of Italian society—which was at the time the hub of world trade--at least were aware that the disease had originated in the Levant, and recognized its symptoms from the tales told by traveling merchants … heralded a new age of understanding that presaged the downfall of the Catholic Church.
The Black Death led to the breakdown of social order, social norms, and the social contract in European societies no matter how advanced, no matter how wealthy, and no matter how big or … well have originated in the……


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Global Boycott Divestment And Sanctions Movement

Pages: 5 (1417 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:75753246

… For centuries Jews have been persecuted by the West. They have been the victims of hate. Now they have a state and in order to be strong and to defend themselves…[break]…engages in state-sponsored acts of vigilantism against the Palestinian people. It is not interested in a peaceful … the Palestinian people and the only thing preventing the state from achieving this ambition is the fact that so many people around the world have rallied together to raise with one voice their protest against the slaughter being inflicted upon the Palestinians by the Israelis.
Israel wants … against the slaughter being inflicted upon the Palestinians by the Israelis.
Israel wants to be the dominant power in its part of the world. It does not care about human rights abuses. It does not care about the rights of Palestinians or Lebanese. It does not believe … Israel’s antagonism of its neighbors,……



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Ottoman Empire And The Arabs

Pages: 6 (1859 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:40041022

… this time by respecting customs and engaging in favorable construction that improved the lives of the inhabitants. To maintain influence in the Arabic world, the Turks relied on the Sharif of Mecca—and when that balance was upset, the Empire came crashing down. With the support of the ……



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Shareholder Vs Stakeholder Theory

Pages: 11 (3224 words) Sources: 6 Document Type:Research Paper Document #:76323348

… While corporate share buybacks had been banned when Friedman made his comments, his comments made more sense. Executives knew back then that in order to maximize shareholder value they had to deliver as leaders of the company and grow the company through investment in the company, through … out in the public as a result of shareholder litigation. The fact is that Musk is posing as the Messiah of sustainability in order to dupe shareholders. He needs them to keep the Ponzi going.
As the Christian ethic shows, charity is what sustains communities. It is … bogus notion of cars being the death of the environment and the cause of climate change has been sold to the public in order to promote the EV market and the carbon credits market. Tesla makes money be selling carbon credits to other companies that need them … a money-losing company.
Sustainability can……



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Leadership In Spiritual Dimensions

Pages: 11 (3292 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Creative Writing Document #:51024009

… unhealthy habits like drinking too much alcohol or eating unhealthy foods. I understand and believe that a healthy mind-body-and-soul balance is crucial in order to be completely in soul, as John Wesley explains in his holistic style of healing. Christian spiritual formation really is a holistic concept ……



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Adolescent Psychosocial Assessment

Pages: 10 (2865 words) Sources: 8 Document Type:Case Study Document #:54875989

… comprise of traveling and studying until the attainment of ego identity (Reubins&Reubins, 2014).
The stage also manifests a positive relationship with the industrious world. It also marks the start of sexual maturity. These two developments are clear markers of the end of childhood and the onset of ……



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