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Program Logic Model

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… the program seek to address?
The social problem that the program sought to address was the need to reduce risky sexual behaviors among teenage youths. Risky sexual behavior is common among teens (Chapin, 2001) and programs that focus on educating teens about reducing risks associated with sex … adult educators and youths and the idea of using young parents as peer educators to talk to teens about sex and preventing teen pregnancy was the focus of the program in the study by Parekh et al. (2018).
2) Describe the program’s theory of change. (10 points)
… to reduce their exposure to risky sexual behavior; and 3) Teens will be receptive both to authorities on sexual health and preventing teen pregnancy and to young mothers who are close to them in age because they will get to see first-hand what it is like to … context while others might be……



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Public Shame Best Remedy Or Not

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… is utilized as a means to regulate behavior in various areas. For example, public shame is used as a tool to discourage teen pregnancy as it is viewed as a powerful tool in regulating human behavior. The attempt at shaming teen pregnancy is right since this issue is an example of moral disapprobation. Shaming teen pregnancy generates positive behaviors by linking it to negative social norms, which in turn encourage positive behaviors among teenage (Reeves, 2013).
While public shame can generate desired outcomes in certain cases such as reduction of the rate of teenage pregnancy, it can also be damaging based on the principle of harm. On one hand, public shame is a form of moral regulation that … and online.
Reeves, R.V. (2013, March 15). Shame Is Not a Four-Letter Word. The New York Times. Retrieved June 11, 2020, from https://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/16/opinion/a-case-for-shaming-teenage-pregnancy.html
The Virginian-Pilot. (2010, June 23). Public……



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Teaching Sexual Education In Public School

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… those students claiming they used a condom, sexual education can be considered a public health imperative (National Conference of State Legislatures, 2019). Unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are the most important health-related reasons to teach sexual education in public schools. Research has shown that “when sex … Failing Our Students,” 2017, p. 1).
Sexual education is about a lot more than just reproductive health and safe sex, though. Preventing teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases is a primary objective of sexual education, but not the only reason why it is an ……



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Individual Self Esteem Growth And Development

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...Teenage pregnancy Development of Self-Esteem
As self-aware and self-reflective beings, numerous individuals instinctively identify the significance of self-esteem. Self-esteem is, therefore, more of perception instead of a reality. It alludes to an individual’s belief regarding whether one is whether appealing or competent, and it does not necessarily mean anything regarding whether the individual is appealing and competent. Conventionally, the majority of people consider self-esteem to be significant. It is hard, in not intolerable, for people to continue being unconcerned to information that impacts their self-esteem, for instance, being told that they are stupid, ugly, or deceitful. An escalation or decline in self-esteem usually generates significant emotional responses. Furthermore, these changes are usually corresponding with key successes and failures experienced in life. Therefore, self-esteem facilitates happiness, greater performances, and also improved standards of living.
By Maslow (1943), the actions of human beings are motivated to accomplish particular needs. Maslow delineates five various levels……



Baumeister, R. F., Campbell, J. D., Krueger, J. I., & Vohs, K. D. (2003). Does high self-esteem cause better performance, interpersonal success, happiness, or healthier lifestyles? Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 4(1), 1–44.

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